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    Default Re: Simple Q&A D&D 4e Thread 3

    A 132

    1. Twofold curse paragon feat is the only basically inarguable way I know to do this, and it's only one more target per encounter.
    2. If you have a pact boon somehow, a rod of corruption will work. MCing as both a binder and a warlock gives you a pact boon with a trigger, but don't expect that to fly at a real table, especially since the Binding Initiate feat only says it gives you the pact boon's powers. But maybe it'd go over with a permissive DM.
    3. Arguably, hexer PP's level 11 power hexblast will do the trick, automatically cursing all enemies in a blast5 ... arguably. Even more arguably, it doesn't use up the 1/encounter curse that you get from Student of Malediction.

    No idea about Q131, sorry.
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    Default Re: Simple Q&A D&D 4e Thread 3

    If I have the Divine Channeler: Cleric feat, the Adept Power feat, and the Creation Secret feat whereupon I swap in a L1 Cleric Utility that DOES let me use a Channel Divinity power like Stay the Hand of Death -- could I use Creation Secret as an encounter power?

    Where was Arcane Implement Mastery updated to be a normal power? That's awesome, because this now means that I can recharge Orb of Imposition (with all of the brokenness that creates with Heightened Imposition) but I can't find a smoking gun that it's actually a power, let alone an arcane power. PHB makes it a non-power class feature.
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