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    Default Re: Simple Q&A D&D 4e Thread 3

    Quote Originally Posted by Storyteller_Arc View Post
    Hmmm... That's fair enough. Guess it really is up to the DM how it works.

    Still, it's not like that trick is worth it. The investment cost is far, far too high for rather it's returns. Not unless your using 4E homebrew or something... And I don't even know where to find good quality 4e homebrew.
    My current Fighter PC has Net Training(attacks slow), World Serpent's Grasp(all slowed opponents hit go prone), Dragging Flail(all proned opponents slide), and Draconic Arrogance.

    Basically, do a ton of attacks, reposition opponents into burst 1 areas for the party's blasters/controllers, and I get some good damage from Draconic Arrogance. If I took Flail Expertise, I'd get to prone targets again when they slid from Dragging Flail. And get an extra +5 damage under the non-abusive ruling. And my PC has generally been really effective before I've gotten the benefit of +5 damage from Draconic Arrogance.

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    Default Re: Simple Q&A D&D 4e Thread 3

    I still think that proning an already prone enemy, or dazing an already dazed enemy is just silly. +5 damage might not seem like much, sure. But if you're applying it round after round, that extra 5 damage is going to rapidly rack up, especially if you're hitting multiple enemies at once.

    Anyway. Q116

    Master of Fire And Darkness: Your Lolthtouched Racial Trait normally lets you use either Cloud of Darkness or Darkfire as an Encounter power. You can use each power once per encounter.

    Lolth Blessed: Any time you use an Action Point, you regain the use of your Lolthtouched racial ability during the encounter if you've used it already.

    From how I read how these feats. Master of Fire And Darkness upgrades my Lolthtouched Racial Trait to allow me to use both powers once per encounter. Meanwhile, Lolth Blessed allows me to regain my Lolthtouch Racial ability if I have already used it during this encounter... does that mean if I have used Cloud of Darkness and Darkfire. Lolth Blessed allows me to recover both powers?


    Redeemed Drow Epic Destiny Level 24 Class Feature. Lift Her Touch: You can expend your Lolthtouched racial power to recharge a previously expended encounter power.

    If I have Master of Fire And Darkness. Does that mean I can expend Cloud of Darkness and Darkfire seperately in order to recharge previously expended encounter powers?


    Radiant One lets me do +Int Fire and Radiant damage to targets I have Combat Advantedge against. If I hit an opponent that I have Combat Advantedge against that Radiant Vulnerability 10 and Vulnerability All 2. Radiant One's damage bonus is increased by 12, correct? 10 from the Radiant Damage, and 2 for the Fire Damage?

    And if I'm already using a power/attack that does Fire & Radiant Damage, I only increase my damage by 12. Radiant's One's damage boost is added together before Vulnerability is applied, correct? And if the Attack does say, Cold Damage, then I don't get another +2 damage from the Cold type triggering the Vulnerability All 2, correct?

    Sorry, that's kind of three questions all thrown into one.
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    Default Re: Simple Q&A D&D 4e Thread 3

    A116: Master of Fire And Darkness simply turns those two powers into independent encounter powers. Their use is no longer granted by your Llothtouched racial ability, but rather by Master of Fire And Darkness.

    Your Lolthtouched racial trait normally lets you use either cloud of darkness or darkfire as an encounter power. Now cloud of darkness and darkfire are two separate encounter powers. You can use each power once per encounter.
    This makes Lolth Blessed useless. RAI I'd permit it to either recharge both, or at the very least one.

    Alternatively, maybe Llothtouched and MoFAD let you use them 3 times total per encounter, if we read the "Now" clause as not removing/changing the Llothtouched-can-let-you-use-these-encounter-powers text.

    A117 You no longer have a Llothtouched Racial Power. You have two independent encounter powers granted by Master of Fire and Darkness. It is unclear to me if by RAW you'd expend the (now otherwise useless) Llothtouched Racial Power encounter use to trigger this (!), or you have nothing to expend.

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