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    Default Finishing Maneuvers (Martial Combos for Barbarians, Fighters, and Rogues) (WIP)

    So I was watching my wife play some videogames and I wondered why D&D doesn't work with a combo system.

    Based on the number of martial, non-magical (though strikes with a magic weapon is fine), weapon attacks you hit with you unlock a special maneuver.

    To initiate a maneuver it replaces an attack, uses a bonus action, or uses your reaction depending on the finishing maneuver.

    This will hopefully make things more dynamic and help make battles not drag on.

    You hit meter is reset to 0 if the following happens...
    • You miss with an attack.
    • You perform a finishing maneuver.
    • You are no longer in battle.
    • You become incompacitated

    Spoiler: Finishing Maneuvers

    Quick Strike (Prerequisite: 3 Hits, Prof +2)
    As a bonus action you may make an attack with your weapon. This attack deals 1d4 + str or dex modifier damage (based on your original attack). This attack does not trigger magical effects such as smite or spells but can trigger criticals, rage damage, or sneak attack.

    Devastating Response (Prerequisite: 5 Hits, Prof +2)
    Whenever you make a weapon attack as an Reaction, you may maximize the weapon damage dice against the target (1d6 = 6, 2d6 = 12, etc...). This has no effect on extra damage from sneak attack, smite, or other features (they aren't maximized).

    Superior Shove (Prerequisite: 7 Hits, Prof +4)
    You may use a bonus action to use the Superior Shove Back ability. When you use this ability you may shove a target back without a contest up to a distance equal to your maximum speed. You must move along with the target. This movement doesn't provoke OA on the target or yourself and you may move through other creature's squares. If you reach a solid object (wall, pillar, tree, etc..) and stop before your total movement is reached you deal 1d4 + Str modifier damage to the target.

    (Prerequisite: 9 Hits, Prof +6):

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