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    Lightbulb Cinematic Prologue: Roleplayed

    Hi, all, I had an interesting experiment for a first session that came to mind while reading other threads. I read some DMs complaining about players choosing feats and such without regard for background. My idea is for mid-level-starting campaigns (maybe level 5-10?) where the players have the build they want to create and tell the story of how they got there, but not using backstory. Have the party start as ordinary level 1 PCs and tell the story with the DM of how their characters developed. Why did Grognak multi-class into Fighter for two levels? Why did Erechnia choose this particular feat? I think this would be an interesting way to start of an adventure, where it gives the party potential hooks and relationships similar to those they would have developed as greenhorn adventurers, but captured in an hour or two.

    If anyone would be willing to try this, or to chime in with their thoughts, I would be greatly appreciative; the only systems I know well enough to GM (badly) do not lend themselves well to this kind of exercise very much...
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    Default Re: Cinematic Prologue: Roleplayed

    I've done that previously in D&D games. Mostly when there is one player joining an existing group. It helps avoid a lot of the 'Where did they come from' stuff. The way I handled it is to work with them for what kind(s) of adventures they had, who they met, and how they got to where they are. Other DMs have done the same in game I played in.

    Oddly, one of my most favorite characters (who eventually became a cohort, long story) started out by being kidnapped by a Succubi and dropped in with the party. Had to work out his back story (used to work for an evil empire as the fire support for a recon team) and then avoid sharing it for most of the game. Really fun.

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