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Thread: Imagine Dragons

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    Default Imagine Dragons

    So, im currently running a dungeon for a couple of friends, and as one of the traps in there, I had put hallucination powder. Now this basically gives me the power to make the dungeon as wacky as I want.
    The dungeon has so far been a trap dungeon, with somewhat tuckerish-koboldish elements (I just love the idea) (but at no point do the characters battle the denizens, just a lot of hidden snickering after the players fall into obvious traps and, of course, plenty of traps).
    I kinda want the players, afteir their characters inhale the powder, not to notice much changing, and having the feeling they are still in a dungeon that is becomming slowly more and more insane and exotic.
    I don't want the dungeon to be dark and creepy, more of an insane, colourfuly twisted, happy and later nonsensical place.
    Part of the plan is to make the things they encounter just random stuff at first, but as they discuss them either OOC or IC, it slowly becomes something.
    So how would you handle a hallucinated dungeon? Plenty of random creatures the players remember? Twisting walls and shifting corridors?

    So everything goes as long as it can be rationalized either as a machination, creature or illusion. And even if you have a good idea that can't really be explained, please do share, every bit of creative input is appreciated!

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    Default Re: Imagine Dragons

    A buffet table with mini gelatinous cubes spread over toast.
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    Default Re: Imagine Dragons

    * Things that shouldn't be able to talk are talking and moving (similar to the Animate Objects spell). For example, how about the lit candle anguishing that it is going to burn?
    * When a player looks behind them, they notice the head of a dragon looking at them. The body should logically be in a room which the players know is too small. The dragon head then politely asks for the way to the next loo.
    * Effects from any horror game setting (maybe adjusted to be funny). How about the walls are bleeding... chocolate? Or voices coming from nowhere are whispering horrible things like cooking recipes?
    * Have one PC see the other two with switched places or switched clothes or grow cat ears. When they blink, the illusion is gone.
    * Can you use multiple senses for the effect? Some object in the next room emits a foul odor of death and decay. When they interact with it, the smell disappears and the object turns to be out really mundane.
    * An immovable object in the room (eg a statue) looks the same no matter where you look at it from.
    * Pick some (or multiple) objects. Every time the PCs look at it, it looks like someone has interacted with it since they last looked. An open book has some more pages flipped over as if somebody has been reading in it. The unlit candle has burned down some more despite never being lit. Have a perfectly fresh apple lie on a table in a dungeon where there should be no logical reason for it to be. It keeps gaining bite marks with each new time they look at it. No changes occur when the object is under observation, and the changes are never malicious to the PCs - it just looks like some Unseen Servant with more agency going on about their life when the PCs are not looking.
    * One room is upside-down or flipped on the side as if gravity was directed at the ceiling or the wall. The PCs and everything they have on them (as per the attended objects rules) are not affected.
    * Objects have weird sizes. A spoon fit for a Huge creature next to a cup for a Tiny creature. The chair is way too small for the table it is behind.
    * The room looks like two drunk wizards were in a contest who could use permanencied Prestidigitations in weirder ways. I will leave the details to your imagination. (This thread may be a start: )

    For inspiration, you could use movies like Paprika (the anime movie) or Alice in Wonderland.
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