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Thread: Branta

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    Default Branta


    Large Beast, Unaligned

    Hit Points (65) 5d10+15
    Speed 50ft
    AC 14 (Natural Armour)


    Saving Throws Constitution +6, Dexterity +4, Wisdom +1
    Skills Athletics +6, Perception +3
    Damage Immunities Cold
    Damage Vulnerabilities Fire
    Senses Passive Perception 13
    Challenge Rating 1 (200 Xp)

    Surefooted The Branta has advantage on checks to stay upright, and is not hampered by difficult terrain caused by snow.

    Toss On a successful grapple check on an opponent, the branta can throw its opponent 20ft in any direction, taking 2d6 bludgeoning damage on landing.

    Actions -

    Multiattack The branta can make 1 butt attack and 1 hoof attack

    Butt Melee Weapon Attack, +4 to hit, reach 10ft
    Hit 12 (2d8+4) bludgeoning damage and the branta can make a grapple check as a bonus action. If it succeeds, it can toss the opponent

    Hoof Melee Weapon Attack, +4 to hit, reach 5ft
    Hit 8 (2d4+4) bludgeoning damage.

    Found in the savage north, the branta is a beast that despite its weight, is fleet footed and can move with ease over the frozen realms they call home. With long necks that can reach the foliage on the pine trees that carpet the north, thick fur and footpads that spread their bulk to enable them to walk over snow with ease, the branta is well adapted for life on the frontier.

    Male or female, brantas have two solid ridges of bone on top of their muzzles, and they use these to uproot and knock over small trees, and to toss foes. As the branta are generally flighty until they are forced to fight, and do so with ferocity, nobody has managed as of yet to successfully domesticate these beasts.
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    Default Re: Branta

    Here is my conversion of the Branta, from the Forgotten Realms guidebook Silver Marches and the 3.5 guidebook Frostburn. I've forgotten the animal, but this was based on an extinct mammal. If anyone knows, please tell me.

    This could be used as a mount, but would cost a lot of gold in game thanks to its wild nature, and that it is not a domesticated animal - it can only be tamed.
    Gnome Wizard by DarkCorax

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    Default Re: Branta

    It's based on Brontotherium. Took me quite some time searching before I figured that out; it had been nagging at me when I saw it in Frostburn.
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