I don't know how many of you are fond of video games (particularly Legend of Zelda), but I'm on a Zelda forum (the Forest Haven on Zelda Central) where I've been making a Sprite Comic for over a year. It has recently reached Episode 100, and a lot of people like it, I guess... Here's one of the latest episodes. I make most of the backgrounds myself, and while I could spend time working on them and making them wonderful, I think it looks more comical this way (also, I don't really feel like doing that much work, either). The characters are from various video games (not just Zelda), which is partly why you see Mario, Edgar (from FF VI), two Links, and Sonic together:

Comic 097: Dumbo

I have a link in my sig which will direct you to the 100th Episode on FH. In case you're confused at all, I'm known as Linkmaster30000 on there. I can post the comics here if anyone wants me to, though, so that you don't have to find me every time you want to read them. Let me know what you think.