Jharaka, Who Gambled and Won

Vestige Level: 6th.
Binding DC: 27. May forgo a normal binding check and roll a die, on an odd number it is a poor pact, on an even it is a good pact.

Legend: Jhakara was a prolific wanderer in life, traveling across not only their native world but the planes of existence themselves. The only things Jharaka did more than travel was gamble… and cheat. In their travels they relied upon their luck, and where that failed them they used their skill. One such time was when they gambled with Ygorl Lord of Entropy, betting their very soul for a piece of the Spawning Stone. Sources agree they cheated and they won and Ygorl gave them the stone with a curse that no good would come of their possession of it if they had obtained it through less than honest means.

That is the start of the Cycle of Jhakara the many stories told of Jhakara’s misadventures and travels plagued and blessed by the chaotic effects of the stone. Among these stories is Jhakara’s meeting with the God of Death and their bet for immortality. There is contention on how this event went down. Some say Jhakara, not trusting honest luck and skill, cheated and was caught, the god cursing Jhakara with immortality as a vestige for their gall, others say that even Jhakara dared not cheat a god and won through honest luck but that the god grew bitter and spiteful. They granted Jhakara immortality, but when Ygorl discovered that the mortal had obtained such a boon the chaos lord decided to retake the fragment of the Spawning Stone by force, sending the slaad to rip Jhakara limb from limb and scatter the mortal across the planes. Even in this state Jhakara did not die till they begged the god of death to extinguish their life. Some say the god could not let Jhakara enter the realms of the dead, Jhakara had won fair and square, but took mercy upon the mortal and released them from their eternal torment by making them a vestige, some say they instead cursed them with the form out of spite. Whatever the truth Jhakara became a vestige despite their luck and many victories.

Of course other stories claim Jhakara was never a mortal at all, but a slaad who grew in power to where they thought they could challenge Ygorl’s control of the Spawning Stone and shatter it thus freeing the slaad to return to their myriad primal forms instead of merely those frog-like shapes decreed by the Spawning Stone. Ygorl struck down Jhakara but as a slaad on the cusp of becoming something infinitely more Jhakara could not truly die a remnant of their will hanging on as a vestige.

Manifestation: Jhakara’s manifestation begins with the sound of rolling dice which rises to a thunderous crescendo. A single stone dice appears within the seal rolling to a stop in the center of it before it cracks open like an egg. Jhakara emerges from within never looking the same twice except that always a hole gapes in their chest and a strangely and fluid and shifting stone sits where their heart should be. They speak to the binder in a variety of gambling metaphors and references until an ‘ante’ is agreed upon treating the depth of the pact like some sort of gamble.

Sign: A stony growth covered your torso over your heart, this is large enough to create a visible lump in tight fighting clothes.

Influence: Jhakara demands that you never pass up a game of luck or skill, and are always willing to bet what you can.

Granted Abilities:
Lucky Blows: Whenever you make an attack you deal +1d6 damage per 6 EBL. For each 6 you roll on these bonus dice roll an additional d6, keep doing so until you do not roll a 6. This does not apply to attacks that do not use attack rolls.

Escape Fortune: Whenever you would take damage you may invoke Jhakara’s luck and or curse to try and shift it back against the one who dealt it to you as an immediate action. When you use this ability roll 1d6. On a 1 you take 50% more damage. On a 2 or 3 nothing happens. On a 4 you take half damage. On a 5 the damage is divided evenly between you and the source. On a 6 you take no damage but the source of the damage instead takes it. Once you have used this ability you cannot use it again for 5 rounds.

Jhakara’s Recovery: Whenever you use a vestige ability which cannot be used for 5 rounds after use you may choose to instead roll 1d8+1. If you do so you must wait the number of rounds rolled instead of 5 rounds before using that ability again. If you have a class feature, feat, or other special ability that would reduce the wait time between uses it reduces the wait time rolled by 1 round per round it would normally reduce your wait, to a minimum of 1 round.

Magic in Chaos: As a swift action you may point at a creature within 30 ft and say ‘Jhakara’ to place Jhakara’s cursed luck upon another creature causing any spell or spell-like ability they use within the next round to go wild. If they cast a spell or use a spell-like ability within the next round they must roll on the table below to see what if anything happens to their spell. Once you have used this ability you must wait 5 rounds before using it again.
# Effect
1 Spell is wasted with no effect
2 Spell fails, and roll again on the Rod of Wonder random effects table
3 Spell targets a random creature(s) within area (if targeted, or ranged touch spell) or roll on grenade-like weapons deviation and roll 1d20 for how many squares away from target for Area of Effect spells or spells that create effects
4 Spell fails, but is not expended.
5 Spell works normally
6 Spell works as normal but then caster and target switch places; if the spell creates a free-standing effect (such as Solid Fog) caster and spell switch places (caster is moved to origin of the spell and the spell is treated as being centered on a corner of the caster’s square)
7 Spell is empowered
8 Spell is cast at caster level 1.
9 Spell is cast with a -1d8 to its caster level.
10 Spell is cast with a +1d4 to its caster level.
11 Spell fails but the caster creates a bolt of magical energy dealing 2d6 damage per spell level to any creature or object within 30-ft with a ranged touch attack.
12 Spell fails and all creatures within the wild magic aura heal 3 damage times spell level squared.
13 Spell is cast with a +6 to its caster level
14 Spell has any saving throw DCs increased by 2
15 Spell works as normal but the caster suffers 1d4+1 Con burn
16 Spell works as normal but the caster suffers 1d4+1 ability drain to whatever stat determines their casting
17 Spell works as normal but the caster gains a +4 enhancement bonus to all ability scores for 1 minute per spell level
18 Spell fails but caster gains flight 60-ft with good maneuverability for 1 minute per spell level.
19 Spell has any saving throw DCs associated with it reduced by 5
20 Spell functions normally but is not expended

Gambled Blast: Pulling back your hand and shaking it as if shaking dice you cast a line of altered fate ahead of you as a standard action. Roll 1d10 and apply the listed effect to all applicable creatures and objects within a line 10 ft long per EBL. Once you have used this ability you must wait 5 rounds before using it again.
Result Effect
1 1d6 Sonic damage per 2 EBL, Reflex halves
2 1d4 Fire damage per EBL, Reflex halves
3 1d6 electricity damage per EBL, Reflex halves
4 1d8 acid damage per EBL, Reflex halves.
5 2d6 cold damage per EBL, Reflex halves
6 Creatures within area must make a Will save or be teleported 10 ft per EBL in a random direction, if they’d appear in a solid object, occupied square, or not on surface that can support their weight they appear in the closest legal square.
7 Any creature in the area which died within the last minute is revived as if with Resurrection but without level lost. This revival lasts 1d4 rounds before they revert to being dead.
8 Nothing happens.
9 Creatures within area must make a Will save or be slowed for 1d6+2 rounds.
10 Creatures within the area must make a Fortitude save or die (this is a death effect).

Gambling Cheat: While bound Jhakara grants you some of their skill at games of chance, bluff, and deceit, as well as some of their penchant for cheating. You gain a +4 competence bonus to Bluff, Profession (gambler), Sense Motive, and Sleight of Hand checks, increasing to +6 when dealing with a game.

For Contractors: You gain Walk the Chosen Path (Doomsayer invocation)
Walk the Chosen Path
Effective Level: 6th.
School: Divination.
Path: Apocalyptic Whispers.
Casting Time: Standard action.
Range: Personal.
Target: You.
Duration: 10 minutes/caster level.
Saving Throw: No.
Spell Resistance: No.
Truename: Yes.
You increase your resonance with the force of doom letting it guide your actions. Focusing on the present and a single goal you let these whispers guide you, their insistent warnings guiding you to the safest path.
This invocation functions as find the path except as noted above.