This is based off an item the GM allowed me to have in a campaign that was REALLY broken, that being a bag that I could put something in and then pull out as much of that item as I wanted, much like a bag of abundant ammunition, but working for pretty much all ammo and alchemical devices. I made a much more refined version here, with a great many more limitations than the original had (that is, basically none). I'm fairly certain all the crafting rules were followed correctly, at least according to the Pathfinder rules. PEACH, please!

Pouch of Endless Alchemy

Aura: faint Conjuration
Caster Level: 3
Price: 12000GP/special (see text)
Weight: 2 pounds

Description: This special belt pouch has several small slots inside it, designed to hold a specific set of alchemical items. Upon creating this item, the creator must provide any combination of alchemical items, the cost of which may not total more than 150 gold. The cost of these items is not included in the listed item creation cost. Upon putting the items into the pouch, they become locked into place, finishing the pouch's creation. Thereafter, any time one of the items is drawn from the pouch, a new copy of the alchemical item drawn will reappear in the pouch 1d4 rounds later. The pouch will not create more than 30 items in this fashion in one day. Should that many items be drawn in a day, the pouch will become inert and not respawn items for 24 hours, after which it will begin to respawn again, replacing any items missing from the pouch immediately (this counts against the 30 items it may create in the new day).

Construction Requirements: Craft Wondrous Item, Abundant Ammunition, Alchemical Tinkering, 6000GP, necessary alchemical items