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    Default Re: Lolth, Lady Luck

    Have you done a writeup on Gruumsh as well that I have missed? I imagine he plays an important role in any Howling Seas campaign.
    I might attack your points aggressively: nothing personal. If I call out a fallacy in your argumentation, it doesn't mean I think you are arguing in bad faith. I invite you to call out if I somehow fail to live by the Twelve Virtues of Rationality.

    My favourite D&D session had 3 dice rolls. I'm currently curious to any system that has a higher amount of choices in and out of combat than 5e from the beginning of the game; especially for non-spellcasters. Please PM any recommendations.

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    Default Re: Lolth, Lady Luck

    Never got around doing it so doing it now : THANK YOU for these new nuggets of creativity. I very much would love to see anything you have on Vecna and Bahamut, no matter how badly formatted.

    Was there anything about "vengeful wrath" in your Bahamut ?

    Also, if you had a divinity hiding from enemy gods, and they suddenly discovered whe he was and what his plans were, HOW would their intervention manifest (besides granting cool stuff to their PC clerics ?)

    Finally, did you have a specific idea (or many non-specific ideas, I'll take all you have and then ask for more) about what the real reason was behind Lolth helping Vecna ascend ?
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