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    Default [D&D 3.5 | d20 Modern] Vampire [LA +0]


    Im looking for reviews for a LA +0 vampire template I made for a d20 Modern campaign. As the system is derived from D&D 3.5, I think it should work equally in that system. Is this balanced? Do you think this template would work for NPC, PC or both? Would you use it at your table? Did I make any mistakes or bend any rules in the "mechanical" department? Can the information be phrased in a shorter or more precise way (english isn't my first language)?

    Vampire (LA +0)

    Creature Type: Changes to Undead. Do not recalculate base attack bonus, saves, skill points or feats. Change all current and future hit dice to 1d12, gain Darkvision 120 feet, gain Undead Immunities, lose Constitution score. Vampires as intelligent undead heal damage on their own just as living characters do, are disabled at 0 to -9 hit points and destroyed at -10 hit points (unless slain by sunlight or holy symbols, see below).

    Fangs: Vampires gain a natural bite attack (1d4 Piercing Damage & Crit 19-20 for medium-sized base creatures) and Weapon Finesse (Bite).

    Turn Resistance: Vampires, as free-willed undead, have +4 turn resistance.

    Blood Hunger: Each night, a vampire needs to drink a pint of blood from the body of a living, sapient creature to sustain its unlife. Draining blood requires the victim to be willing, helpless or pinned in a grapple. A blood-drained victim takes 1d4 points of Constitution damage by the loss of blood and mystical life force. If the victim dies due to this damage, it rises as a new vampire during the next night. Each point of Constitution damage dealt to the victim instantly restores one lost hit point to a wounded vampire.

    If the vampire fails to drink blood for more than one day and one night, it takes penalties as if fatigued. If it fails to drink blood during subsequent nights, it remains as if fatigued and gains one negative level for each additional night that passes. Should a vampire accumulate a sum of negative levels equal to the number if its hit dice, it enters a death-like torpor until it is fed with a pint of blood. A single negative level is cured 1d6 rounds after consuming a pint of blood.

    A vampire can abstain from feeding off people and stave off starvation by consuming blood preserves, the blood of animals or the blood of the deceased, but those weak surrogates taste unpleasantly bland, bitter or putrid. The vampire suffers a -1 morale penalty to all attack rolls, saving throws and skill checks during that night and gains no instant restoration of lost hit points.

    Stake Vulnerability: A wooden stake can be driven through the heart of a pinned or helpless Vampire as a full-round action. This instantly paralyzes the Vampire until the stake is removed from its heart with another full-round action.

    Sunlight Vulnerability: The merest sliver of sunlight deals 2d6 points of damage to a vampire. A vampire fully exposed to direct sunlight for 1 full round must succeed on a Will save (DC 20). If the vampire succeeds on the saving throw, it takes 2d6 points of damage. If the vampire fails the saving throw or is reduced to 0 hit points by sunlight damage, it is consumed by fire and destroyed utterly.

    Holy Symbol Vulnerability: A vampire takes a –2 penalty on melee attack rolls against a creature prominently wearing or brandishing a holy symbol. The symbol’s touch deals 1d4 points of holy damage to a vampire, and a vampire reduced to 0 hit points in this fashion is consumed by fire and destroyed utterly.

    Level Adjustment: +0

    Vampire Power (Feat)

    Prerequisite: Minimalist Vampire, Character Level (variable, see below)

    Benefit: You gain four Blood Points. You can spend Blood Points to unlock spells from the list below as at-will racial abilities. This costs a number of Blood Points equal to the spells level (or half a Blood Point in the case of 0th-level spells). Your caster level equals your current character level and each activation of the racial ability costs two Hit Points per spell level [one for 0th-level spells]. You can't activate this ability when you are at half or fewer Hit Points.

    Restriction: You can't unlock a spell with a level higher than half your current character level [rounded down]. This feat can be chosen multiple times.

    Level 0: Burst, Daze, Distract, Message, Touch of Fatigue.

    Level 1: Animal Messenger, Cause Fear, Charm Person, Command, Expeditious Retreat, Feather Fall (self and touched creatures only), Final Vision, Hypnotism, Jump (self only), Pass without Trace, Magic Fang, Obscuring Mist, Summon Nature's Ally I (wolves only), Sleep.

    Level 2: Bull's Strength (self only), Cat's Grace (self only), Eagle's Splendor (self only), Enthrall, Gust of Wind, Hold Person, Speak with animals (rats, bats and wolves only), Spider Climb (self only), Summon Nature's Ally III (dire wolves only), Summon Swarm (rats and bats only).

    Level 3: Arcane Sight, Displacement (self only), Emotion, Gaseous Form, Haste (self only), Greater Magic Fang.

    Level 4: Air Walk, Armor of Darkness, Black Tentacles, Confusion, Dominate Person, Fear, Sending, Zone of Silence.

    Level 5: Greater Command, Mind Probe, Nightmare, Overland Flight, Unhallow.

    Vampire Weakness (Flaw)

    Effect: The vampire chooses one of the following drawbacks and gains two additional Blood Points for use with the Vampire Power feat in return.

    • Garlic Allergy: The vampire must succeed on a Will save (DC 12) to feed off a victim that consumed a decent amount of garlic in the last 24 hours. Doing so entails a -1 morale penalty to all attack rolls, saving throws and skill check during that night.
    • Inviolate Sanctuary: The vampire cannot enter a privately owned residence unless invited in by a resident.
    • No Reflection: The vampire doesn't cast a reflection in mirrors and other reflective surfaces.
    • Running Water: The vampire cannot enter or cross running water on its own (but may be carried across).
    • Animal Enmity: The vampire suffers a -4 penalty to Handle Animal checks and the starting attitude of every animal is worsened by one step.
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