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    Default Re: Creative Cantrips - Shape Water

    I once used this cantrip to create a mirror surface out of stale beer that had been spilt, causing a medusa to stone itself.

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    Default Re: Creative Cantrips - Shape Water

    I'm a bit confused about the Pykrete boat thing. From what I understand you can only freeze something for about an hour. And you can only manipulate a 5 foot cube, with 2 effects going on at the same time max. So if you made a boat out of Pykrete and ice made by this spell, you would not only need multiple water genasi/spellcasters to create enough Pykrete to make even a small ice boat, you would need them all to be on the boat recasting this spell every hour to maintain the shape.

    Is there something I'm not understanding, or a rule I misunderstood as to why this Pykrete ship might be permanent?

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    Default Re: Creative Cantrips - Shape Water

    Sheriff: Thread Necromancy is generally prohibited here.
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