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    Default Re: D&D 5e Homebrew Compendium 2



    Rules Tweaks

    Class Stuff

    Death Rules

    Fighting Styles

    House Rules


    Surrealistik's Homebrew Index by Surrealistik

    Eulalios' Random DnD 5e Tweaks by Eulalios

    A couple miscellaneous 5e house rules by Soarel

    Looking For Feedback On My Houserules by Strill

    Tweak Repository by Kane0

    Some adjustments to... everything! by Tarrab

    What house rules do you play with? Started by calebrus

    [D&D 5e] My list of Homebrew & Houserules by Inchoroi

    Houserules List by AmbientRaven

    rules applied to a homebrew campaign by Tarrab

    New Houserule by DracoKnight

    ChaosRonin's Hombrew & Houserule Archive by ChaosRonin

    My Extended Homebrew Signature by Submortimer

    Belac93's extened homebrew signature by Belac93

    Custom rule set by p_johnston

    Tibalt'S rules and homebrew compilation by Tibalt

    Asmotherion's Homebrew Files by Asmotherion

    Houserules and Homebrew by Kane0

    My Homebrew by TheArcaneCaster

    Book of Oddities and Curios by yarrowdeathbloo

    The Misty Shadow’s Absurd Amount of 5e Homebrew

    List of Houserules by pagnabros

    DiBastet’s Houserules by Dibastet

    Heavily homebrewed D&D 5e posted by Trandir

    Houserules and Weapons for a Weird West Campaign by Potato_Priest

    Grod’s General 5e Reference and Houserules by Grod_The_Giant

    Houserules and Fighter Overhaul by GalacticAxekick

    Common Houserules Megathread started by Bjarkmundur

    Daybreak: The Mechanics and House Rules of Æstora by Kio

    5e Balancing Overhaul by Trask

    Bjarkmundur Houserules by Bjarkmundur

    PBR’s Consolidated Homebrew Thread

    Homebrew Collection by Amdy_vill

    Horatio’s Custom Spellbook (Homebrew Hub) by Lord Von Becker

    Rules (New)


    Planar Overlap Zones House Rule by JamesIntrocaso

    So Uhm... Anyone Make/Find A New, Viable Crafting System? by Arracor

    Foraging Potion Ingredients/Alchemy Mini-Game Idea by Freelance GM

    Giving PCs Superpowers in D&D - Free PDF by JamesIntrocaso

    Magitech character alteration by Flashy

    5e Rules for Addiction and a Fantasy Narcotic by JamesIntrocaso

    Party Non Combat Roles With Powers and Responsibilities by FruitOfTheShroom

    Action Point Variant (A non level-dependent variation to the Hero Point option) by Rezby

    Fralex's Expanded Alchemy: Ingredient-foraging rules, extra items, and more by Fralex

    Psychic Powers as Proficiencies by Amechra

    Weapon Maneuvers by Ziegander

    Rules for Outrunning Hazards (explosions, rivers, etc.) by JamesIntrocaso

    Finishing Maneuvers (Martial Combos for Barbarians, Fighters, and Rogues) by SpawnOfMorbo

    New feats and trust-dice (friendship based rules) by Grynning

    Sci-5 - Rules for Sc-fi in D&D 5e by RBVakarian

    Empathy Mechanic and Sense Evil and Good Cantrip by Keundt

    Heroes of Conquest, A System for Small Scale Warfare by Phantos_Argent

    Tides of Battle- "Mass" Combat System by BRC

    New Combat Action: Counter by clash

    Rules on Breaking Things by LastCenturion

    Empathy Mechanic by Keundt

    Pokémon-Themed Creature Capture System by DiceDiceBaby

    Called shots discussion started by 1Forge

    Tarokka deck as random generator by JamesIntrocaso

    Horror and Fear System by Steampunkette

    Boons and Setbacks by JamesIntrocaso

    Naval Combat by Beleriphon

    Panic by Crisis21

    Elemental Affinity by Talderas

    Spheres of Power 5E Conversion by sammyp03

    Quick learning by Grizl' Bjorn

    Fighting Giants by Markoff Chainey

    Birthsigns by recyclops

    Corruption of the Far Realm by Xuldarinar

    Resource Points by Puh Laden

    Tattoos by Crisis21

    Disabilities - Flaws by BRKNdevil

    Perk System by Renduaz

    Character Variants by zeek0

    A collection of mechanical ideas by demonslayerelf

    Rune Magic by Ugganaut

    Rune Magic v3 by Ugganaut

    Weapon Maneuvers by clash

    Massive OSR style 5E rework by tortor

    Alchemist Profession by AshLake

    Alchemist Profession V(5.1) by AshLake

    Combat Manoeuvre System by Composer99

    Combat Manoeuvre System - 1st-Level Manoeuvres by Composer99

    Momentum for attacks started by demonslayerelf

    Momentum System by demonslayerelf

    Runic Magic: Two new subclasses, and a feat by PhoenixPhyre

    Brewing Rules by Sk8ter274

    Social System by Waterdeep Merch

    Off-Screen NPC vs NPC Combat System by Wryte

    Anti-Feats by Crisis21

    Improved Combat: Momentum System by demonslayerelf

    Fleshing Out 5e (featuring animal companions, medicine & grappling) by GalacticAxekick

    Alternate Ruleset: Posture, Advantage, and Grappling by Argothair

    Hunting rules by Ratter

    Injury System by Mole Mage

    Social Conflict System by EbonH4wk

    Drugs and other substances by miinstrel

    Companion System by WarrentheHero

    Nemesis system by Dragonkingofth

    Seafaring by RocksInMyDryer

    Seafaring Supplement (Stormwrack converted) by RocksInMyDryer

    Elder Scrolls style Birthsigns by foL

    Iron as Anti-magic by Potato_Priest

    Equipment Damage by Zhorn

    New Actions in Combat: Guard and Rend by notXanathar

    The Student Mechanic by Vogie

    Bloodborne condition by strett0

    New Rules for Parasites by Deviston

    Significant Wounds by MjolnirBear

    Aiming ranged attacks and charging up spells by 2097

    Crafting System by Bjarkmundur

    Suspicion System by TrashTrash

    Shorter (Simplified) Sidekicks and Leveled NPCs by snafuy

    Wilderness Travel as a series of saves by Bjarkmundur

    Wealth Modifier system by Vogie

    Aim Points by 2097

    Basic Rules for a Summoner by Quintus Vorenus

    Some hulk style grappling rules by Zhorn

    Pain mechanic by Man_Over_Game

    Cooking Mechanics by Nym_P_Seudo

    Revised Combat Manoeuvre System by Composer99

    Sorcery: Alternate Innate Magic system by MoleMage

    Equipment Slots Brainstorm by Bjarkmundur

    Crafting System Update by Bjarkmundur

    Running a Business by Bjarkmundur

    Death From Above by Bjarkmundur

    Intimidation as an attack by mictrepanier

    Martial Combat Expanded by Bannan_mantis

    Modifiable Weapons by JNAProductions

    AngryGM's Fighting Spirit, but it's Max HP Damage Instead by Greywander

    New Movement Speed Type – Teleport Speed by Greywander

    Return of the Teleport Speed by Greywander

    Feats, Sub-Classes, and Multi-Classing character progression (5e E10) by SpawnOfMorbo

    Martial Combat Expanded V3 by Bannan_mantis

    Armor Hit-Dice by Amechra

    Illicit Drug System by Soylentmatt

    Volo’s Guide to Spirits and Specters by Amiel

    SMILE-- a 5e crafting-and-downtime system by Grod_The_Giant

    Angels, Demons, and Devils Homebrew by OmSwaOperations

    Supercharged Crafting by John Out West

    Wild Spell by Greywander

    Phase-Based Combat by GalacticAxekick

    Unchained Alchemy by Mark Hall

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    Default Re: D&D 5e Homebrew Compendium 2

    Rules Tweaks (cont.)

    Rules Alterations/Additions


    Group Backgrounds by JamesIntrocaso

    New Religions for 5e Game by JamesIntrocaso

    Lifting and Carrying Variant: Burden by Laurefindel

    New Forms of Indefinite Madness for D&D 5e in a free pdf by JamesIntrocaso

    Alternate Hit Rules: I SO got you! by Gritmonger

    5e - New Charms for your game in a PDF by JamesIntrocaso

    New Chase Complication Tables in a Free PDF by JamesIntrocaso

    Easy-to-use hazards - Free PDF by JamesIntrocaso

    Overland Round by Laurefindel

    TWF Overhaul by Easy_Lee

    5e Ruleset Rework [Current Version 0.0.1 Incomplete Early Release] by META_mahn

    Dual Wield Fixing Feat by Grynning

    Yet Another Dual Wielder Feat Fix by wayfare

    Condition Adjustment by Philemonite

    Additional Stat System by Steampunkette

    New 5e Downtime Activities by JamesIntrocaso

    new weapon system, let´s see what you guys think by Tarrab

    Expanded Lingering Injuries Options by JamesIntrocaso

    My better weapons list for D&D 5E by Epicbob

    Reworking Base Combat Rules by ThermalSlapShot

    Improved Weapon System by Torched Forever

    Critical failure optional rules and a critical miss table by JamesIntrocaso

    Critical hits effects table by JamesIntrocaso

    No Ability Score Works Alone (Saving Throw Rework) by TopCheese

    Rules for Fiend Summoning Ritual in 5e by JamesIntrocaso

    Ritual for summoning high level celestials in 5e by JamesIntrocaso

    Swamp Chase Complications Table by JamesIntrocaso

    Air and Sea Chase Complication Tables by JamesIntrocaso

    Injury and Exhaustion Table by mephnick

    Holiday Celebration (Downtime Activity) by Grynning

    Love and Marriage - New Downtime Rules by Grynning

    Creature Climbing: A Grappling Expansion by Wartex1

    Alternate TWF System by Talamare

    Mana Point System by Nimlouth

    Moral Compass (replacement for alignment) posted by Llama513

    Attacks and Saves modifications by Deleted

    Troubled Minds Part 1: Rules for Fear, Horror, and Madness by sterling vermin

    Changing Features by Final Hyena

    Two-Weapon Fighting fix by Revlid

    Makin' 5e Look All Old Skool [Silliness] by Amechra

    Alternative Lingering Injuries by Bharaeth

    Wounds Houserule by Steel Mirror

    Requisition (Alternate Wealth System) by Goober4473

    Rest for the Weary—Gritty Realism by sterling vermin

    Injuries and prostheses by Arkhios

    Extra Charms by TurboGhast

    Stealth System by sterling vermin

    Expanded Inspiration Uses by Lonely Tylenol

    Encumbrance Variant: Stone-based by TrinculoLives

    Alternative concentration rule by Dark Sage

    Flanking by JNAProductions

    Remixes Of Existing Mechanics by AvatarVecna

    Revised Greyhawk Initiative by Madbear

    Initiative Remastered by Steampunkette

    Fighting Spirit by JNAProductions

    Fighting Spirit II by JNAProductions

    More Consistent Monster Damage by demonslayerelf

    5 Stats by JNAProductions

    Half-Side Initiative by Octomac

    Critical Hit System by flabbergast

    Replacement for Legenary Actions by demonslayerelf

    Expanding on Inspiration by Artemicion

    Character Creation Rework by gfishfunk

    What if combat healing was efficient? Started by clash

    New monster abilities/traits by PhoenixPyre

    How much on-command burst should a class have? By PhoenixPhyre

    Balance Fixes for Races by snafuy

    Streamlined: Attacks, Saves, and Skills by Deleted

    Armor as DR by SkipSandwich

    Two Steps Further than Greyhawk Initiative by demonslayerelf

    Expanded STR, INT, and CHA saves by Crisis21

    Alternate Learning System by SilverStud

    Fighting Spirit II by JNAProductions

    Low Magic Overhaul by Grod_The_Giant

    Resting and Healing Houserules by EbonH4wk

    Mundane Magic by Maelynn

    Weapons and Armor Revision by NRSASD

    Fixing Exhaustion by Bjarkmundur

    Armor as Temp HP by Grod_The_Giant

    Firearm adjusted rules by FoxWolFrostFire

    Alternate AC Calculation by JNAProductions

    Changing Saves by Moreb Benhk

    Reword of basic weapon rules, fighting styles, and feats by stoutstien

    D&D 5.5 edition by pagnabros

    Adjusted Crafting Rules by Zhorn

    Short Rest Rework by JNAProductions

    5e Lite by Man_Over_Game

    Variant attribute system — remove Con and Wis by Moxxmix

    Expanding Healing Options by jjordan

    Lifestyles and Pillars by Bjarkmundur

    An Alternate Way of Handling Weapons by Amechra

    Gritty Realism vs. 10 minute short rests. Why not both?! by Bjarkmundur

    Remaking Warcaster by Bjarkmundur

    Two-Weapon Fighting change by Bannan_mantis

    Variant Initiative by Tzun

    The d12 System! by Amechra

    Wererat Lycanthropy by Bjarkmundur

    Resting and Exploration Reworks by Lord Von Becker

    Genesys Style Initative by JNAProductions

    Alternate Ability Score Increases by Amechra

    GM Luck: An alternative to GM Inspiration by Chris Hobson

    Making Grappling Better by Zaile

    "Realistic" Damage Rules by Strudel1000

    Moment Rethink by Moxxmix

    Size Based Falling Creature Damage by Zhorn

    Dual Wielder modification by clash

    Grappler feat modified by jjordan

    Damage Vulnerability and Staggering by Lord Von Becker

    Fleshing out the Social Pillar by Amechra

    Downtime Activities by Bjarkmundur

    Rest Activities by Descole

    Optional Reaction Rules by Pablo360

    Comprehensive Combat Tweaks by mer.c

    Adrenaline Surge (Fixing Short Rests, bosses, Hit Die and Warlocks) by Man_Over_Game

    Initiative (Balanced Breakfast = Surprise Rounds) by Man_Over_Game

    New AC Formula for PCs by JNAProductions

    Variant Rules for Using Ability Scores by Composet99

    Two-Weapon Fighting Variant Rules by Auramis

    Heroic Ability Scores by Amechra

    Modified crafting + codified special materials by PhoenixPhyre

    Variant rules: Hold breath, suffocation, breath penalties, constriction, strangulation by itskando

    Sling (and hand crossbow) improvements by Greywander

    Murder and Mayhem: A more Dynamic Combat system by Mith

    Lingering Injuries/Massive Damage in place of Crit Tables by Zhorn

    Weapon Master Feat Reworks by Ironheart

    Exotic Weapon II: Deft Weapons, Double Weapons, and Dual Wielding by sandmote

    Fabulously Fallacious Spells and Features started by Bjarkmundur

    Race-based Traits, Bonds, Flaws, and Ideals by Saintheart

    Simpler Wilderness Travel for Pointcrawl Maps by Yora

    Dagger Throwing fighter started by zinycor

    More Interesting Weapons by Grod_The_Giant

    Downtime Guide for Gms, v. 0.1 by MjolnirBear

    Gem Size – Based on Coins by Zhorn

    Buffing Weaker Feats by Yakk

    True Lycanthropy by Sparky McDibben

    Rest Variant: The Knife’s Edge by Pyrohound101

    Weapon Generator by Composer99

    Revised Weapon Generator by Composer99

    Progressive Grappling Homebrew by Ben Cummings

    Falling Rules Adjustment by KorvinStarmast

    Swapping Racial Ability Scores by LudicSavant

    Scenic Resting by PhoenixPhyre

    Language Ideas by jjordan

    Different levels of Resistance/Vulnerability by Greywander

    Futuristic Weapons Redux by D&D_Fan

    Weapon Diversity by Dienekes

    Improved firearm rules, feat, and subclasses by Grod_The_Giant

    Different levels of Resistance/Vulnerability by Greywander

    Stronger Feats by Yakk

    Skill Alterations

    Spell Stuff

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    Default Re: D&D 5e Homebrew Compendium 2

    Setting-Specific Material

    Zelda D20 Homebrew by Thomar_of_Uointer

    Legend of Zelda 5e: Monsters of Hyrule by Ninjadeadbeard

    Legend of Zelda Races by Yuki Akuma

    Oriental Adventures Races! by Ralcos

    Oriental Adventures for 5th Edition by Rogue Shadows

    Monk Subclass: Jedi by Human Paragon 3

    Magic-Industrial Revolution setting help? by Chd

    Starbound Races by Thomar_of_Uointer

    8 Bit Subclasses (Giving Everyone Nice Things) by Perseus

    Magience(the webcomic) races for 5e. by Rfkannen

    Dragon Age Homebrew for D&D 5th edition by giles92

    Phantasy Star for 5e by Basch

    Westeros Campaign Stats by DracoKnight

    The D&D 5th Edition Monk: Way of the Jedi by Marcelinari

    Grek and Weyroc's Eberron Homebrew by Grek and Weyroc

    Suikoden Rewrite by Philemonite

    Kingdoms of Kalamar - 5e Conversion by arcaneshield

    Dark Sun Preserving and Defiling by Steampunkette

    Call of Cthulhu D&D 5e Style by ChrisBasken

    Covenant Series, Episode #1 The Way of White: An Ongoing Dark Souls Project by Ziegander

    Witcher Potions Feat and Rules by Fortress13

    My Little Pony Races for D&D 5e by DigoDragon

    Star Wars for 5th edition by Terenfel

    Work in Progress Dark Souls-ish Campaign Rules by VelixNobody

    World of Warcraft to 5e conversion by Oerlaf

    Primeval Thule: Player's Guide by Finieous

    5e Spelljamming by JoeJ

    World of Warcraft conversion by Oerlaf

    The Legend of Zelda started by Professor Gnoll

    Spell Alterations - Dark Sun by Dark Sun Gnome

    Skyrim for 5e by DracoKnight

    5e Fire Emblem Extra Rules! By Pyon

    Magic The Gathering 5e overhaul project by MAL1CE

    New fighting styles for a modern game by Gfrobbin84

    Space Fantasy for D&D by sterling vermin

    Adventure Time by thedanster7000

    A Knights in Shining Armor Campaign by JoeJ

    6 Homebrew Revamps of Traditional Races by kardillamo

    Final Fantasy Conversion started by Giegue

    Super Hero Rules by Gfrobbin84

    Dragon Quest by thedanster7000

    The Elder Scrolls by tuturutut

    Sci-Fi rule set by 1Forge

    Sci-Fi supplement/overhaul by 1Forge

    Xen'Drik Hex Map by JungDeviant

    Darkest Dungeon by JNAProductions

    Athasian Character Creation by Steampunkette

    Gothic PC Templates for a Barovian Campaign by Wryte

    Saga Edition to 5e by Llama513

    Earthdawn by Black Jester

    Setting: Neolithic Arcana by R.Shackleford

    Dark Souls by Alkerite

    Weapon Durability in Dying World Setting by EggKookoo

    Darkest Dungeon by JNAProductions

    The Necronomicon: A Lovecraftian Mini-Supplement by Requilac

    Necronomicon Extension by Requilac

    Final Fantasy Classes, Archetypes, & Races by Ramsus

    Acheron Re-Imagined: The Endless Tournament by ThePlanarDM

    Bloodstone Pass Campaign by Cyclops08

    Fire Emblem material by Lil Mordecai

    Homebrew Settings


    Links to other Homebrew Compendiums

    I'll be doing my best to keep this up to date. I hope you find this to be of use.


    If you wish to discuss this thread or post links that I've missed, the thread for that can be found here.

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