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    Default Over the Wall: a true me! (language)

    This strip started as an exchange that I occasionally have with my best friend, Jason (who will be getting a cut on any profits from “Over the Wall”, and whose own webcomic, “Café Thoughts”, should be coming out any day now)… Basically, we send each other notes whenever something especially funny happens--like dumb comments in meetings, funny typographical errors in emails, cafeteria menus, and the like. I have always wanted to do some kind of comic, but my artistic and creative skills weren’t up to the task. Then, one day, I figured that I could create a static framework and then just post new dialog into that framework as appropriate (in the tradition of some of the great old print comics)…all I needed was some dialog…which I hear every day. A few hours later, the template was done (it’s based on an actual snapshot of my office (although that’s changed), which adds to the intense, dream-like quality of the strip, I think), and I started by retrofitting some of my old notes into the glorious new format.

    Without further ado:

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    Default Re: Over the Wall: a true me! (langu

    Nice idea.

    I would check it out, but you forgot a link to the site....

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    Default Re: Over the Wall: a true me! (langu

    So what's the point of the art portion if it's totally static?

    You could do the same with just quotes or funny phrases, as the art adds nothing due to the lack of sight gags...
    "So...the orphan attacked you?
    "And so you cut him down with your axe in self defense."
    "I don't believe you."
    "Damn...would ye believe that th' orphan was an alien?"

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    Default Re: Over the Wall: a true me! (langu

    5tephen, no site exists yet (which technically negates the web-ness of it, in retrospect), but I'm seriously considering one. I've got about ten of these 'drawn' at this point, but my schedule's even more erratic than someone who knows what he's doing, IYKWIMAITYD...

    Alchemistmerlin, that's kinda the point--that image is (representationally) exactly what I see when I hear/say the things in the 'comic'... And, yes, I could ditch the 'art' (which would technically negate the comic-ness of it, wouldn't it?), but who wants to read a bunch of lines of text that claims to be a comic? ;)

    Regardless, thanks to both of you for the feedback!

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