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    Default [PEACH]Warlock love and the heebie-jeebies[Invocations]

    There's always seemed to be more than a few functional holes in the warlock's abilities. I started out by trying to fill them, but ended up just making a bunch of fun little invocations.

    I'm a little shaky benchmarking the equivalent spell level. I could see Cloak of the Deceiver as either a 2nd level least or a 3rd level lesser invocation. I chose to err on the side of caution and make it a more powerful ability. It could be pretty rife with abuse. I suppose it could be done using "alter self" as a base instead of "disguise self", but then it would be nudged up into the high end of lesser/low end of greater. same problem, different power level. So here we go, without further ado...

    New Invocations:

    Chain Devil's Boon
    equivalent spell level 4th

    The warlock gains the "Dancing Chains" special ability. This ability is functionally identical to the ability listed under the Kyton except that the warlock may only command 1 chain. This increases by an additional chain at 10th warlock level and every 5 levels thereafter (a maximum of 4). The duration of this invocation is 24 hours.

    Cloak of the Deceiver
    equivalent spell level: 3rd

    The Character using this invocation may cast a glamour over his appearance equivalent to the spell "Disguise Self" Further more, the magical veil disguising the warlock is extremely convincing, slightly enhancing the warlock's natural social graces. Warlocks under the cloak of the deceiver gain a +2 circumstance bonus to one of the following skills: Bluff, Diplomacy, Gather information, handle animal, hide, intimidate, sleight of hand. A new skill bonus may be chosen each time the invocation is cast.
    The duration of this invocation is 24 hours

    Eldritch Sign
    Greater, Shape
    equivalent spell level: 6th

    You may charge an object with destructive power following the basic guidelines of the spell "Glyph of Warding" with the following alterations:
    -Eldritch signs are not normally permanent, they last for one hour before fading away harmlessly. A warlock may choose to make it permanent, but must use the material components specified in the "Glyph of Warding" spell description. (Powdered diamond worth at least 200 gp)
    -The only effect the warlock is capable of storing within an eldritch sign is his own eldritch blast, doing normal damage modified by any essence invocation he knows.

    Visage of the Damned
    Equivalent spell level: 8th

    The warlock taps into a level of infernal power undreamt of by any sane man. Unholy power floods his body. The warlock sprouts thick, dark scales. His muscles bulge obscenely and his eyes blaze with hellish flames brimstone wafts from his footsteps and crimson lightning crackles in a bloody haze around him.

    Warlocks using the Visage of the Damned gain the following benefits
    -a +2 enhancement bonus to Strength, Dexterity, and Charisma.
    -Damage reduction warlock class ability is increased by 2
    -elemental resistance granted by warlock class abilities are increased by +5
    -Thick hide and scales grant the warlock a +1 increase to natural armor.
    -the warlock gains a natural bite and claw attack based on his size (medium creature 1d6 bite, 1d4 claw)
    -the warlock's natural weapons are treated as magic for the purposes of overcoming damage reduction.
    -The warlock temporarily gains access to one essence or shape invocation of choice from the least or lesser category.*This last one might be too much.

    -When all of that dark energy flooding into the warlock begins to ebb away, it also tries to suck away the warlocks own power in recompense. The warlock must succeed in a will save vs his own invocation or take 1d4 negative levels after the invocation ends(either when the duration expires or when ended prematurely . these levels heal at a rate of one per day and aren't subject to causing permanent level drain. Any creature with more negative levels than hit dice dies.
    -DC's to track the warlock by smell are halved due to the ever-present odor of brimstone. This penalty persists for 24 hours after the invocation ends.
    -Warlock receives a -10 penalty to hide and move silently when in this form. The swirling lights and crackling thunder make stealth nearly impossible.

    Visage of the Damned lasts for 24 hours.
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