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Thread: Half Demon Race

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    amused Half Demon Race

    I made this race with some of my favorite anime and book series in mind. I also purposefully tried to balance this race to avoid LA by making in unfavorable in all social environs and including the state of weakness (which would be so fun to DM). Any feedback or suggestions would be welcome. Also feel free to use this race in any campaigns you have going forward, or to adapt it to another edition. Image courtesy of the series "Yu Yu Hakusho"

    Alternate race: Half demon

    The Mazoku king, Rizen, roused himself
    from his slumber and looked down upon his half breed spawn.
    “So” he thought. “He’s finally here, the one to replace me as the
    head of the Mazoku tribe…” Rizen cast his gaze down at his
    great grandchild as he ran towards the throne, energy brimming
    from his fist. The starved king lifted his hand. Suddenly the young half
    demon’s body was thrown back. “Hmm…” Rizen pondered
    gazing lazily upon the collapsed form of his successor.
    “We have a lot of work to do.”
    —A literary interpretation of Yu Yu Hakusho

    Whether The result of a secret Love affair with a
    human princess or a long latent gene that decided to
    surface Half demons are common wherever humans
    and a compatible species exist.

    Not human, Not demon

    Half-demon is a general term for any mix
    between humans and creatures of magic.
    As of such, the general appearance
    of Half-demons has a much
    greater range than any other race.
    However Half- demons often
    resemble humans (as some demons do)
    with a few choice pieces of anatomy that
    denote their demonic heritage. Although
    they have a much greater range of heights
    amongst them, they are almost always
    human sized. Your size is medium.

    Outcasts of two worlds

    Half-demons can be said to take the worst
    of both worlds, having only a fraction of the
    strength of a demon and being alienated in human
    society, they often become scapegoats for crop failures
    and other calamities, or simply
    objects of ridicule. Amongst demons
    Half-demons are often viewed as a mockery of
    Demon kind and are often hunted for sport. Even if
    they prove their strength half-demons are still seen as
    outsiders by full demons
    Often the only people a half-demon can trust or love
    are their parents, who, ironically, are often seen as
    despicable by their respective race and become
    outcasts themselves. Because of this Half-demons
    develop defensive characteristics. Because of this
    half demons often choose to kill their offenders instead of
    resorting to more humane methods. Pun intended

    Without a home

    Half-demons can neither live as humans or demons
    and often have to either live in the wilderness or
    dominate a group of humans or demons
    in order to gain respect. There is no natural role
    for half demons to play amongst the races as a diplomat
    or as a symbol of peace as with half orcs and half elves.
    Thus the occurrence of a Half-demon hero is rare.

    Half - demon Names

    Half-demons usually are named by the parent, or
    in good cases, parents who raised them and are given
    either a human name or a demon name. Occasionally
    they end up with one of both, each for dealing with
    it’s respective race.

    Male Demon Names: I have no Idea what to put here

    Female Demon Names: Nor here, I don’t know any demon names….
    San? Maybe?
    Male Human Names: John?

    Female Human Names: The human name list is
    just too d#@$ long choose one from that list or something.

    Half - Demon Traits

    Your Half-demon character has certain traits deriving from
    your demonic ancestry.

    Return to mortality: For at least
    one 12 hour period each month (DM may increase duration
    for up to 24 hours) you lose all your
    racial bonuses (including your demon language)
    and temporarily take a -1 to strength, dexterity
    and constitution modifiers. During this period you
    are fully human and none can tell you are
    a half demon. NO ONE.
    These disadvantages end when
    the time of weakness ends. Talk to your DM
    about when your time of weakness should be.
    Generally it’s something that happens every
    month and relates to your specific nature.

    Variant: Extended weakness: Some half demons
    spend a much greater amount of time in their human
    form, transforming into formidable creatures when
    their humanity abates. Talk to your DM about
    extra racial bonuses and an extended human period.

    Age. Half-demon aging varies depending on the
    Demonic parent. Often they mature at the same rate
    as humans, if a little faster and some can live to be
    hundreds of years old while others age the same
    way as normal humans.

    Alignment. Although their human blood cancels
    out any alignment skew Half-demons might have
    they are most often chaotic due to the harsh
    environments they are often raised in.

    Size. Half-demons range in height with a bit more
    variety than humans but not by much.
    Your size is Medium.

    Speed. Your base walking speed is 30 feet.

    Darkvision. Thanks to your demon blood, you have
    superior vision in dark and dim conditions. You can
    see in dim light within 60 feet of you as if it were bright
    light, and in darkness as if it were dim light. You can't
    discern color in darkness, only shades of gray.

    Demon parent. You count as either a fey
    fiend or aberration as well as human. You can
    pass through barriers that normally restrain
    your kind but must make a saving throw (default constitution)
    or enter a return to mortality for 1 hour.

    Languages. You can speak, read, and
    write Common and the respective tongue
    of your demon type

    Demonic appearance. You have a piece
    of demon anatomy that sets you apart. Your
    subrace determines this trait. When this trait
    is visible the DM can, at their discretion,
    impose disadvantages on charisma checks made
    to sway a creature’s emotion. Full blooded
    demons of your same type can tell that you
    are a half demon. Creatures with enhanced
    smell or an ability to determine race
    can tell you are not human but cannot
    easily tell what your other half is.

    Subrace. Several sub races of Half-demon
    exist, each showing the characteristics
    of their demonic parent.
    Choose one of these subraces.

    Beast Demon:
    As a Beast Demon demon your demonic
    heritage shows it’s ugly head through
    demonic anatomy that grant inhuman abilities

    Ability Score Increase. Your Strength score
    increases by 1. And your Dexterity increases by 1

    Demon anatomy ability.
    Because of your heritage you have
    pieces of anatomy that give extraordinary
    Choose two:
    • Demonic resistance: You gain resistance
    to one type of damage (This can be taken
    multiple times for a different damage type
    each time).
    • Demonic Claws: You have an anatomical
    weapon such as teeth, horns or claws. You gain
    proficiency in unarmed strikes and they deal 1d6
    of the appropriate damage, Slashing, bludgeoning
    or piercing. Choose when you gain this ability to
    use dexterity or strength for these strikes (these
    count as magical after you reach 7th level)
    • Demonic shielding: Your demonic anatomy
    Includes some kind of unusually durable
    Material. Your AC increases by 1
    • Otherworldly senses: Your demonic anatomy
    grants you blind sight in a 30 foot radius
    • Devilish Resilience: Your hitpoint maximum
    increases by 2 for every level you have
    • Infernal vitality: You are immune to
    Non-magical poison
    • Devilish talents: You gain proficiency
    In one skill, tool, weapon. You can take
    This feature multiple times for a different
    Skill tool or weapon each time.
    • Fey mobility: When you use the
    Dash or disengage action you can
    Ignore difficult terrain. Additionally
    While dashing your speed increases
    By an extra 20 feet.
    • Fey grace: You gain proficiency in
    Dexterity saving throws
    • Demonic strength: You gain proficiency
    In strength saving throws
    • Monstrous constitution: You gain
    Proficiency in constitution saving
    • Fey smell: You can add twice your
    Proficiency bonus to perception checks
    That rely on smell.
    • Gills: You can breathe underwater and have
    A swim speed of half your movement speed

    Possibility: Every three levels you gain
    another demonic anatomy feature

    Demonic Appearance:
    Beast demons often have
    multiple pieces of anatomy that denote
    their demon heritage. Despite this they
    can often pass as humans to those who don’t
    have much experience with demons. You must
    make a disguise check to hide your demon attributes.

    Possibility: At 10th level (every 5 levels?) you gain one of the
    Following greater demonic abilities. These abilities can only
    Be taken once each.

    • Wings of the demon: You grow wings and
    gain a flight speed of 60 feet
    • Strength of hide: You gain immunity to
    one kind of energy damage.
    • Full demon blood: You can temporarily
    become a full-fledged demon, double your
    demon anatomy bonuses and damage. You
    can do this for 5 minutes each day, they
    do not have to be consecutive. This cannot
    be activated during your period of humanity
    • Demonic advantage: You gain permanent
    Advantage on either strength, dexterity
    or constitution saving throws.

    Mutation Half-demons show more
    demon traits than human ones and
    often appear monstrous or in some
    cases hideous. Often the result of
    an aberration spawn it can also be the
    result of a bad mix between genetics.
    these half demons are the most despised
    by both humans and demons as they are
    often hideous mockeries of both races.

    Ability Score Increase. Your Constitution score
    increases by 2 your Strength score increases by 2

    Disfigured armor. Your demonic biology
    covers you in hardened skin or muscle and allows
    you to add your constitution modifier to your armor class
    in place of your dexterity.

    Demonic strikes. Your misshapen anatomy grants you one
    Natural weapon with which you are proficient. This weapon
    Deals 1d8 of the appropriate type (piercing, bludgeoning or

    Demonic Appearance. Mutations look
    almost nothing like humans and your demonic trait is
    obviously visible to others. Sometimes they are huge beasts
    with ox heads, other times they have thorny red skin coating their
    body. Talk to your DM about what your appearance should be.

    Half spawn are half –demons who represent
    their general stereotype, resembling humans
    on a day to day basis but becoming monstrosities
    in battle. Beast demons their demonic
    heritage shows primarily through their psychic
    abilities rather than physical features.

    Ability Score Increase. Your Dexterity score
    increases by 1 and your Intelligence score increases by 1

    Demonic casting:
    Half spawns have the ability to channel
    their demonic energy and cast spells.
    Intelligence (charisma?) is your casting ability.
    You gain two demonic abilities*
    (Ignore components)
    • Demonic wings: You can cast Feather fall targeting only yourself once per day
    • Demonic leap: You can cast Jump targeting only yourself once per day
    • Demonic speed: You can cast expeditious retreat on yourself once per day
    • Demonic speed 2: You can cast Long-strider on yourself once per day
    • Demonic sight: You can cast detect magic once per day
    • Demonic understanding: You can cast comprehend languages once per day
    • Demonic resistance: You can cast protection from evil and good on yourself once per day
    • Succubus’ enchantment: You can cast charm person once per day
    • Succubus’ deceit: You can cast disguise self once per day
    • Devil’s curse: You can cast Bane once per day
    • Devil’s order: You can cast command once per day
    • Devil’s intuition: You can cast detect evil and good once per day
    • Fey empathy: You can cast speak with animals once per day
    Note* You must complete a long rest before using a demon ability again.

    Possibility: Every three levels you gain
    another demonic power or can choose to
    be able to cast a demonic power twice more per day.

    Possibility: At 10th level (every 5 levels?) you
    Gain a greater Psychic ability.
    • Choose one 3rd level spell, you can cast this
    Spell once per day

    Demonic Appearance. Half-spawn have very little
    demon anatomy on a day to day basis. Often they’ll
    have an extra eye or horns. However when they take damage
    they have to make a wisdom saving throw
    against the damage +5 or
    reveal their full demon nature.
    Using a demon ability causes you to
    take full demon form. If you are in full
    demon form you cannot disguise yourself
    without fully covering yourself.
    When you rage this automatically
    activates. Talk to your DM
    About what you look like in full demon form.

    To be a demon or not to be:
    Half- demons half a unique perspective
    on life, having literally the worst possible standing
    point in society. Many of them decide to try and
    become a full demon through magic, some try
    to become human, however a precious few embrace
    their mongrel nature and use it to become incredibly
    powerful. There are ways to turn a half demon
    into a full demon and vice versa however they are
    extremely rare and difficult to acquire and use
    even after they are discovered.

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    Default Re: Half Demon Race

    This seems extremely powerful, almost at the level of a class rather than a race.

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    Default Re: Half Demon Race

    I have to agree. There are some really cool ideas in here but unless the whole party is playing as this race it really wouldn't make sense for a DM to incorporate into their campaign.

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    cool Re: Half Demon Race

    Remember that anything with the "Possibility" tab would be an alternate feature that could be added into a campaign. Also, the race is supposed to be powerful, I wanted it to model the kind of anime hero powers that give main characters their edge.

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    Default Re: Half Demon Race

    As pointed out, it's definitely too powerful unless the entire party goes with it, but given the variety within the race that's not a big deal. However at higher levels when you get to pick more of the choices it does cut down on that variety a bit. My other concern is it does add a lot of complexity for just a race, but plenty will love that.
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    • Giving a direct link to your content.

    Thank you.

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    Default Re: Half Demon Race

    To powerful, and a "default con save" isn't a thing in 5e

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    Default Re: Half Demon Race

    Quote Originally Posted by EnderDwarf View Post
    To powerful, and a "default con save" isn't a thing in 5e
    Some barriers are just straight up barriers and don't have saving throws, in this instance use a constitution saving throw. The value of this throw would either be that of the caster, or 10, whichever is higher.

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    Default Re: Half Demon Race

    I like some of the abilities, but the package is way too powerful and it includes many things that IMO need to be left out...

    Either you are a demon or not a demon... this whole "return to mortality" thing is a nightmare to handle for the DM and when it should be a real disadvantage, it should trigger when the player does not want it.

    When you are a half-demon, you should logically be affected by things that effects demons, even if you don't like it. If you want to introduce them as a race, you need to be careful of spell effects like banishment. - This can easily end a PC career early.

    A demon is not a fey, nor an abberation, this needs to go. If you like, make a different race for those, but do not mix them up with demons. A demon is also not a fiend. - In the D&D universe, there is a strict and inherently logic differentiation.

    By the book, a Tiefling is a half-fiend (and a half-demon version exists too in SCAG). When you want to model a half-demon, I would make the Tieflling the baseline, maybe mix it with Shifter or Changeling from the UA.

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    Default Re: Half Demon Race

    Quote Originally Posted by Markoff Chainey View Post

    A demon is not a fey, nor an abberation, this needs to go. If you like, make a different race for those, but do not mix them up with demons. A demon is also not a fiend. - In the D&D universe, there is a strict and inherently logic differentiation.

    I know how the typing classes work, I read the monster manual (three times). I meant the word "Demon" to be the stereotypical all encompassing term used by commoners that entails all things scary and bad.
    Believe me, I have some insight to the ways of the world.

    After all, not many can truly speak to truth.

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