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    Default Mutants and Masterminds 3e - building spells

    Hey all, I'm working on a wizard build in MnM 3e, mostly as an exercise for fun. I'm working at PL10 and am using a standard array of Alternate Effects for my spell list. I'm working under the assumption that the Variable power is banned, and I've got a TON of points to spend because I dumped most of my physical attributes. So far, I've got a spell that bestows speed, a spell that bestows flight, and a couple of blasting spells.

    I'm looking for suggestions for more spells. The more creative the spell, the better! Have fun with it and post your spell ideas below!

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    Default Re: Mutants and Masterminds 3e - building spells

    Here's a bunch of 2E I did for a Solar conversion. The Array is just a fancy way of doing alternate effects, its a container in 2E parlance, I don't recall off hand what the exact 3E equivalent work out to be.

    Spell-like abilities Array 160 [320pp]
    -- at will --
    [dap] [3pp] Aid - Aid Boost [attack bonus] 1 + Healing 1
    [dap] [57pp] Animate Objects Animate Objects 19 (PF: Progression 4 [20 objects])
    [dap] [1pp] Commune Super-senses [Communication link to agent of diety] (F: Limited to yes or no questions; DB: No more than 20 questions -1)
    [dap] [3pp] Continual flame Transform [object into glowing object] (E: Continuous; F: Permanent)
    [dap] [17pp] Dimensional anchor Nullify [Extraplanar travel effects] 19 (E: Continuous, Independent, Total fade)
    [dap] [57pp] Greater dispel magic - Nullify [Magical effects] 19 (E: Burst)
    [dap] [57pp] Holy smite Blast 19 (E: Alternate save [Will], Burst; F: Limited to neutral and evil creatures)
    [dap] [Xpp] Imprisonment Imprisonment Teleport 17 (E: Attack; F: Limited to long range only, limited to deep underground) + Suspended Animation (E: Attack)
    [dap] [4pp] Invisibility Concealment 4 [all visual] (F: Passive)
    [dap] [31] Lesser restoration - Healing 10 (E: Restoration, Total; PF: Persistent)
    [dap] [17pp] Remove curse - Nullify [curses/cursed objects] 19
    [dap] [19pp] Remove disease Healing 19 (F: Limited to healing diseases)
    [dap] [17pp] Remove fear Nullify [fear effects] 17 (F: Limited to willing targets)
    [dap] [6pp] Resist energy Immunity 5 [Common damage descriptor] (E: Affects others +1, F: Limited immunity; PF: Variable descriptor)
    [dap] [84pp] Summon monster VII Summon minion [celestial creature] 12 (E: Fanatical, Horde, Independent, Total fade, Type 2 [broad type]; PF: Progression 3 [5 minions])
    [dap] [1pp] Speak with dead Super-senses 4 [Post-cognition] (F: Limited to knowledge that corpse knew while alive; DB: Requires corpse that has died within 1 week -1, Maximum of 19 questions -1)
    [dap] [30pp] Waves of fatigue Fatigue 15 (E: Cone; F: Limited to fatigue effect)
    -- 3/day --
    [dap] [152pp] Blade barrier Create Object 19 (E: Independent, Total fade; F: Limited to walls of of blades; PF: Affects insubstantial, Progression 3 [fades after 20 minutes] , Stationary) + Damage 19 (E: Aura, Penetrating, Continuous; PF: Affects insubstantial)
    [dap] [105pp] Earthquake Variable power [multiple powers appropriate to an earthquake] 15
    [dap] [78pp] Heal Healing 19 (E: Restoration, Total; PF: Stabilize, Persistent)
    [dap] [38pp] Mass charm monster Emotion Control 19 (E: Burst; F: Limited to love)
    [dap] [114pp] Permanency Empowerment 8 (E: Continuous; F: Permanent)
    [dap] [40] Resurrection Healing 20 (E: Resurrection; F: Limited to resurrection; PF: Progression 10 [10 years per rank; 200 years])
    [dap] [68pp] Waves of exhaustion Fatigue 17 (E: Cone, No save; F: Limited to exhaustion)
    -- 1/day --
    [dap] [61pp] Greater restoration Healing 15 (E: Restoration, Total; PF: Persistent)
    [dap] [134pp] Power word blind Dazzle [visual] 19 (E: Continuous, No save, Perception; F: Permanent; PF: Incurable)
    [dap] [95pp] Power word kill Blast 19 (E: No save, Perception)
    [dap] [114pp] Power word stun - Stun 19 (E: No save, Perception)
    [dap] [Xpp] Prismatic spray
    [dap] [320pp] Wish Variable power [anything] 40

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