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    Default Supermassive Black Hole [Invocations]

    Since the beginning of time, the night sky has been a source of wonder, the slow procession of stars and planets inspiring awe and humility. The wise slowly came to understand them, deciphering the patterns of the celestial dance and the rhythms of the planes, finding in them reflections of life below, the images of heroes, and insight into the workings of the cosmos.
    There are always those called by the distant heavens, beckoned by the infinite black. Rarely, they find the means to make the journey - and return touched by strange and powerful forces.

    This is another invocation set commissioned by Cardea, again aimed at the warlock class, but available to any invoker for which they would be appropriate. The theme of this set is space and cosmic forces, such as gravity, black holes, and stars.

    Anchor Blast
    Greater; 6th; Eldritch Essence
    This eldritch essence invocation allows you to change your eldritch blast into an anchor blast. An anchor blast deals bludgeoning damage, and any creature struck by the blast must make a Fortitude save or become entangled and have all of their movement speeds reduced to 0 for 1 minute.

    Cloak of Night
    Least; 1st
    You wrap the night sky around yourself and become a black silhouette, rendering you impossible to recognize by sight. In addition, when you hide it becomes difficult to sense you even with unusual forms of perception. Creatures with senses such as blindsight, scent, or tremorsense do not automatically detect you, and must make a Listen or Spot check to notice you.
    The effects of this invocation last indefinitely, or until dismissed.

    Eldritch Starfall
    Dark; 8th; Blast Shape
    This blast shape invocation allows you to invoke your eldritch blast as a sphere of energy that descends towards your target and detonates in a wide burst. You may aim an eldritch starfall at a specific target within 240 feet as a ranged touch attack. A struck target suffers normal eldritch blast damage and is affected by any essences applied to the blast, but if you miss, the eldritch starfall instead impacts on the nearest corner of the target’s space.
    After the initial impact, the eldritch starfall explodes in a 40-foot radius sphere, dealing normal eldritch blast damage and inflicting essences applied to the blast to all targets in the area (including the initial target). Any creature in the area can attempt a Reflex save for half damage.

    Eldritch Well
    Greater; 6th; Blast Shape
    This blast shape invocation allows you to invoke your eldritch blast as a 10-foot radius, 60-foot tall cylinder centered anywhere within 60 feet. If placed partially submerged on a solid surface, the cylinder forms an extradimensional pit within in it. Creatures that would fall in a created pit are allowed a Reflex save to escape to the edge of the area, otherwise they slide down to the bottom (but do not take fall damage). Anyone within the eldritch well is dealt eldritch blast damage, and is affected by any essences applied to the blast. This is not a ray attack, so it requires no ranged touch attack. Any creature within the area can attempt a Fortitude save for half damage. An eldritch well persists for 1 round, plus an additional round per 5 caster levels, affecting anyone in the area each round at the start of your turn.

    Gravity Blast
    Lesser; 4th; Eldritch Essence
    This eldritch essence invocation allows you to change your eldritch blast into a gravity blast. A gravity blast deals bludgeoning damage, and any creature struck by the blast must make a Reflex save or be pulled 5 feet per 2 caster levels directly towards you. If the creature strikes a solid object, it stops prematurely but does not take damage from the impact.

    Light Leap
    Dark; 7th
    Harnessing the speed of light, you may swiftly travel vast distances. As a move action you can travel an unlimited distance as if you had an infinite fly speed with maneuverability (perfect), and can even pass through transparent or translucent objects, but you must travel in a straight line and cannot pass through any square that would provide concealment or hamper vision, such as fog or darkness, even if you could see normally in such a condition.

    Fusion Heart
    Dark; 7th
    You mimic the power of the stars, turning your magic into a self-sustaining conflagration that provides limitless energy. At the start of your turn, you may benefit from one of the following options:
    • Gain an additional move action this turn.
    • Deal normal eldritch blast damage (with no eldritch essences) to all targets within a 5-foot radius of you at the start of this turn. A Reflex save may be attempted for half damage.
    • Eliminate the fatigue condition, or improve the exhaustion condition to fatigue.
    • Cure nonlethal damage equal to twice your caster level, and wake up if you are sleep or unconscious (unless you still have nonlethal damage in excess of your current hit points).
    • Gain temporary hit points equal to your caster level. These temporary hit points last for 1 minute and do not stack.

    The effects of this invocation last indefinitely, or until dismissed.

    Least; 2nd
    You can put objects into a passive orbit around you and telekinetically wield them to your advantage. When you drop an inanimate object, you can instead put it into orbit around you, causing it to hover in your square and follow you when you move. You can retrieve an orbiting object as a free action. Orbiting objects are treated as attended, and can be disarmed as if you were wielding them. If you place a shield in orbit, you may have it protect you as if you were wielding it. It applies any penalties you’d normally take from wielding it, such as armor check penalty or spell failure chance. Only one shield in your orbit can be used this way at a time.
    You must be able to lift an object in two hands to place it in your orbit, and while you can place any number of objects in orbit, it cannot hold more than 100lbs + 10lbs per 2 caster levels.
    The effects of this invocation last indefinitely, or until dismissed.

    Personal Aurora
    Least; 2nd
    When you use this invocation you gain the ability to shed bright light in a 60-foot radius, and dim light in a 120-foot radius. Creatures that take penalties in bright light take them while in the area of this invocation, but it is not the equivalent of daylight.
    You have fine control over the light you shed, allowing you to stop or start shedding bright and/or dim light in any number of squares within your radius as a free action. You can also adjust the color of your light, causing it to be any color or even multicolored. Your control is detailed enough to allow you to form complex images out of your light as a standard action, though these images are transparent and obviously fake. These images are still unless you concentrate on making them move.
    The effects of this invocation last indefinitely, or until dismissed.

    Planar Attunement
    Lesser; 4th
    Your magic attunes you to the nature and environment of the plane you are currently on.
    You exist comfortably in temperatures between -50 and 140 degrees Fahrenheit, and do not need to make Fortitude saves against temperature dangers within that range.
    You move at full speed through snow, undergrowth, swamps, and other natural conditions, even those created by magic.
    You can breathe without trouble under any condition, even in complete vacuums.
    You ignore penalties to rolls of any kind from weather and environmental conditions so long as they are 4 or less, allowing you to hear normally in a rainstorm or fire an arrow untouched through severe wind.
    You are treated as two size categories larger when determining wind effects on you.
    You also ignore plane specific dangers as if by the avoid planar effects spell.
    Lastly, these situations slide off of you and your equipment with little impact. You can stand through a rainstorm without getting wet or travel through a swamp and come out clean.
    The effects of this invocation last indefinitely or until dismissed.

    Greater; 5th
    With a one minute ritual you may transport yourself through the planes, guiding them across the cosmos through shifting, unpredictable paths. You may transport a number of additional willing creatures equal to half your caster level; each of these creatures must remain in contact with you or a creature that is in contact with you during the ritual to be transported.
    To successfully traverse the planes, you must make a caster level check (DC 20, though some planes may be more difficult, and maps or items might make the task easier). Failure on this check indicates that the paths have lead you astray, leaving you stranded amidst the planes. While you can simply use this invocation again to retry the check and find your way anew, you may encounter perils or distractions when spending time between the planes, whether in the form of monsters, lost and warped magics, or stranger things.
    Success on the caster level check means you arrive within 5 to 500 miles (5d%) of your intended destination. Success by 5 or more on the check allows you to arrive at a precise location if you have visited it before.

    Singularity Chamber
    Lesser; 4th
    By altering and condensing space you can create a portable chamber, opening a spherical portal (which occupies an entire 5 foot square) into an extradimensional space in an empty adjacent square. The portal remains open indefinitely, lasting until you create a new portal, or until dismissed. If the portal is closed while you are inside the chamber, you may recreate it in its previous space.
    In size the chamber is a 10 ft radius sphere. The chamber is entirely featureless and dark, its black walls are indestructible, and it has an unlimited supply of air. Anyone inside the chamber can leave by touching the walls with the intention of exiting. The chamber continues to exist between uses of this invocation, maintaining objects and features brought into it.
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    Default Re: Supermassive Black Hole [Invocations]

    Yet more Vaelock loot.

    Anchor Blast: this gets the same note at Roaring Blast, where I complain about Noxious Blast. Having all speed reduced to 0 is arguably even more lethal than being Nauseated since you can still hobble away even if you can't attack, and Eldritch Blast is naturally ranged. I'd be fine with 1 round, same as I'd be fine with nauseated or dazed 1 round.

    Cloak of Night: Darkstalker in invocation form with an obvious visual effect. I feel that "impossible to recognize by sight" needs more clarification: can they recognize a particular silhouette but just not identify that it's you without prior knowledge?

    Eldritch Starfall: awesome. Also fits well with the magical girl set.

    Eldritch Well: so this seems to be +8d6 damage vs fall-able creatures, plus two rounds of being locked out of the fight and taking extra damage each round (assuming a failed save, obviously). Even creatures with access to good flight need 160' of move to get out in one round. And you can use it to just cover the battlefield in columns of essences. Presumably the point of comparison for this level of battlefield control is Black Tentacles, but large full BAB guys (aka most monsters) can match that much more easily than they can deal with reflex save spam, one failed grapple check deals far less damage and ring-out than this pit, and Black Tentacles doesn't have essences tacked on.

    Fusion Heart: another grab bag, the obvious draws are no-action damage and temporary hp. You may want to specify how much control is available when unconscious. I'd prefer Externalize Soul for survivability but obviously it doesn't have the offensive or mobility options. Combining them is pretty nuts. Hiding your soul gem in an invocation granted extradimensional space is also handy, as would be immunity to suffocation since it's one of the only ways to kill you (unless cutting off your head already works). Lots of combos is what I'm saying.

    Gravity Blast: as reasonable as pushing.

    Light Leap: awesome, and another that seemed missing from the magical girl set.

    Orbit: I could do with some more visual description. Clearly the objects must be able to "orbit" at very low speed if you can position them well enough to wield a shield, but if you don't take that line of thinking it doesn't make sense. Another nice variant on least invocation= item management.

    Personal Aurora: the wording here makes me wonder if Radiant Heart was supposed to be "equivalent to full daylight" for affecting vampires and whatnot, but since it only uses "bright as full daylight" it currently does not. Aurora has some signaling ability but remains mostly fluffy-Ward Torch can do plenty of signaling and is far more powerful (enough that I'd make it Lesser or nerf it to swift generate/standard detonate). I'd still take Personal Aurora over Metabolic Fire though, flashy beats eating dirt.

    Planar Attunement: does the job. I'd rather see Avoid Planar Effects at Least, but if you want to ignore all terrain penalties and suffocation then you'll need Lesser.

    Planewalk: the casting time does annoy me, but I always forget that Path of Shadow is Dark and this also hits any plane. Does the job with room for a few mishaps before your caster level makes it unlikely.

    Singularity Chamber: my first thought was Rope Trick, but with no mention of air I have to assume sleeping in this would be lethal on it's own. My second thought is a five foot cube of indestructable wall, but that doesn't make any sense with a spherical portal. My third is easy kills via capture and suffocate. Actually, how do you even stand inside a chamber that is portal on all sides, or put anything in it at all? Presumably you stand on one foot at the very center where the portal edge is placed against the ground. Also: what if you get something icky all over the walls and watch to just make a new clean space, are you stuck with that one forever anyway? But if it's all portal then everything falls out.
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