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    Default The Invisible Blade [Epic Hypermundane PrC; PEACH]


    • Righteous Desperation class feature.
    • Hide 23 ranks
    • Move Silently 23 ranks

    Level Special
    1st Perfect Stealth
    2nd Truedeath Attack
    3rd Total Mobility
    4th Expert Lie
    5th Truedeath Attack (2 Rounds)
    6th You Will Never Hit Me
    7th Killer Instinct
    8th Truedeath Attack (1 Round)
    9th Collective Stealth
    10th Instant Truedeath Attack
    Alignment: Any
    Hit Die: 1d6

    Class Skills:
    All skills except for Truespeak (Int), Use Magic Device (Cha) and Use Psionic Device (Cha) are class skills of the Invisible Blade.
    Skill Points at Each Level: 10 + Int modifier

    Weapon and Armour Proficiency
    The invisible blade gains no proficiency with any kind of weapon or armour.

    Perfect Stealth (Ex)
    Invisible blades can hide even when they have no concealment to hide in, and can perform any action, even attacking, without revealing themselves. Creatures who are attacked know they've been hit, of course, but they have no idea where the attack came from. The invisible blade can talk, perform ostentatious displays, and so forth, and as long as he does not block a creature from viewing an object that they are looking at or make enough noise to override something that creature is trying to hear, or a creature walks straight into him, he goes totally unnoticed as long as he can keep passing the hide and move silently checks. He also gets a +20 bonus on both of these checks.

    Truedeath Attack (Ex)
    Similar to an assassin's death attack, after 3 rounds of doing nothing but studying a target carefully, an invisible blade of at least second level can simply kill (or destroy, in the case of a construct or undead) that target as a standard action on his next turn (he can also use other actions on that turn, for example to move to the target). This is not a death effect, and it cannot be prevented, resisted or mitigated by any means as long as the invisible blade is in range to make the attack. Further, the target cannot be resurrected in any way; their soul is driven insane by the massive pain caused by the attack and will never again be considered "Willing" to return, short of extreme measures involving a wish or miracle cast in their presence (usually requiring a visit to their soul's plane of existence) followed by a true resurrection spell to restore them. No attack roll is required.

    From 5th level only two rounds are required to make a truedeath attack. From 8th level only one is required. From 10th level, no study is required at all. Irrespective of this, and irrespective of how many standard actions you can take per round, you can only ever make one truedeath attack per round.

    Total Mobility (Ex)
    From 3rd level, the invisible blade cannot be prevented from acting or performing specific actions short of placing a physical barrier in his way. He climbs and swims at his full land speed.

    Expert Lie (Ex)
    From 4th level, the invisible blade can bluff or disguise to convince people of things that are physically impossible. He could disguise as a cat two sizes smaller than him or convince the queen that her castle is under siege as he speaks.

    You Will Never Hit Me (Ex)
    From 6th level, as an immediate action, the invisible blade can negate the effect of any one action upon him. For example, he could prevent an earthquake from hitting him. However, he can't prevent an earthquake from destroying the floor from underneath him and making him fall, or from killing his boyfriend and making him sad: the effect must be directly upon him personally.

    Killer Instinct (Ex)
    From 7th level, the invisible blade can sense any creature within 60 feet, and knows what the creature is doing, and its creature type.

    Collective Stealth (Ex)
    From 9th level, the invisible blade can hide adjacent (or diagonally adjacent) creatures alongside him.

    Code of Conduct
    The Righteous Desperation class feature's effects apply to invisible blade levels.
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    Default Re: The Invisible Blade [Epic Hypermundane PrC; PEACH]

    Truedeath has a typo. It reduces the time needed to one round twice.
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    Default Re: The Invisible Blade [Epic Hypermundane PrC; PEACH]

    Quote Originally Posted by JNAProductions View Post
    Truedeath has a typo. It reduces the time needed to one round twice.
    Ah, yeah, fixed.

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