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    Default Skycutter, critique request/balancing.

    Hi! I'm designing a weapon from the Diablo series for my character to wield in my upcoming game.
    I would like everyone's opinions on the weapon. Tyrael's El'druin sword and Azurawrath.

    Some lore around the the two weapons.

    *It can sustain mortals, they do not need to sleep, eat, or drink.
    *It can purge any corruption the wielder might have.
    *It generates a small shield around the wielder.
    *It attacks has a chance to freeze the target.
    *It generates around the wielder that damages undead, fiends, and demons. In the video game Sanctuary also pushes back enemies. It also strips away their resistances, immunites but I feel like that is a bit much.

    El'druin + 3

    Bastard Sword properties:
    1d10 slashing damage. (1d12 slashing damage versatile.)

    El'druin also called Skycutter in the common tongue.

    Skycutter radiates with Angelic light deadly for undead, demons and devils. When these creatures are within 30 feet of Skycutter they take 14 divine damage each turn they remain in the aura.

    Holy Freeze:
    When you land a successful critical hit on an enemy you freeze them for 1d4 rounds. If the enemy is undead, demon or devil they are frozen 1d6 rounds. A creature frozen cannot speak, move, or take any actions.

    Angelic resonance:
    Skycutter can sustain a mortal, allowing them to survive without food, water or sleeping. It can purge mortals of corruption such as diseases, poisons, and curses. If you are attune to this weapon you are immune diseases, poisons, and curses.
    You can use cure corruption 3 times per day after you need to take a long rest.

    Angelic Shield:
    Skycutter can summon up a protective shield around the player or an ally Granting a +2 bonus to AC and all saving throws for 1 turn. This power can be used as a reaction.
    You can use this power 2 times per day after take a long rest.
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