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    Default Re: My Homebrew Races

    Spoiler: Clugs
    40' Climb speed? No. Make it Athletics proficiency and double proficiency when climbing.

    Darkvision actually should be buffed a little, to make it on par with normal Darkvision.

    That gives you advantage on pretty much EVERY SINGLE PERCEPTION CHECK. Nerf it.

    Four Arms is ludicrously powerful-advantage on grapple checks? People dip barbarian for rage to get that, and you get it as a racial? No. Also, +6 AC from three shields is goddamn ridiculous.

    Innate spellcasting is WAY TOO POWERFUL. Make it one spell of levels 1, 2, and 2, once per long rest. That's the standard.

    Mulitple Magickal Hands is also way too powerful. That doubles your power at low levels, and craps all over action economy.

    No one owns a 1d5. More than that, you have more attacks than a monk at the same damage die. Nerf that.

    Arguing Heads is just kinda dumb. How would it affect the party? They could just ignore you and drag you along with.

    HOLY CRAP! You're giving, at level 3, +1 attack and damage. That is powerful. And it INCREASES EVERY THREE LEVELS? Just give them proficiency!

    Spoiler: Half-Golem
    This was all good, until you granted proficiency in a saving throw. That should never be given as a racial.

    In addition, why on earth can't you fall over? Golems can fall over just fine.

    Tackle Attack is too much. It's an unarmed greatsword-combine that with Monk and you can do 4d6+2*Str MOd at level 1.

    Darkvision needs a buff.

    Stone Golem Contagious slowness should be once per short rest.

    Overall, this race just feels confusing. It doesn't fit well with existing fluff, and is pretty OP.

    You know my thoughts on Jupote.

    Spoiler: Phykke
    Nocturnal Stealth is too much. First off, it makes no sense (what if you're indoors?) and second off, it's too powerful.

    HOLY CRAP! Brute is OP as all hell-this doubles damage on a single die weapon, which is literally everything except greatsword and maul.

    Darkvision needs the usual buff.

    Spoiler: Shadowborn
    Speed, I would only give +5'. +10' is a little much.

    Shadow Spellcasting should follow the usual racial casting-1, 2, 2. You give them far too many and too powerful spells.

    Darkvision should just be straight 90'.

    Overall, this is actually close to balanced-just reign in the spellcasting.

    Spoiler: Blizzardmen
    Dense Fur should be 12+Dexterity. As it stands, it's literally better than any form of Unarmored Defense that exists right now.

    Cold Aura is far too strong. That's +30% DPR at level one, and while it decreases slightly as you level, it's still a massive bonus.

    No advantage on grapple checks. First off, it makes no sense-plenty of things have claws, none of them have advantage on grapples. Second off, it's OP.

    Spoiler: Ktropo
    Actually balanced. Good job! They're a bit niche, but nothing seems out of place-they might actually be able to use a buff.
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    Default Re: My Homebrew Races

    Ktropo's seem interesting but the lay out of that page is very disorientating.

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    Default Re: My Homebrew Races

    Let's have a look, then.

    Spoiler: Clug
    Overall, it looks much too powerful. When your premise is 'two heads and four arms', you're always going to be pushing it; some kind of major negative feature is probably necessary.

    2 ASI
    1 Climb speed
    0.5 Darkvision - strongly suggest you bring this into line with the standard darkvision
    1 Two heads
    ? Four arms - way too broken to rate, as-is
    0.25 Languages
    Subtotal: 4.75+?

    0 ASI
    3 Innate spellcasting - strongly suggest you drop or nerf this
    4 Multiple hands - almost too broken to rate, as well
    0.5 Skill
    TOTAL: 12.25+?

    0 ASI
    2 Barrage of fists - kind of pointless compared to what you already get from the base race, though
    -0.5 Arguing heads
    0 Dual personality
    0.5 Weapon proficiencies
    ? Scaling attack/damage bonus - too broken to rate.
    TOTAL: 6.75+?

    So yes, both are broken... but the magical subraces much more so. Before you do anything, you need to rework the 'four arm' mechanics - where that ends up will determine how much of a nerf the rest of the race needs (most likely a significant one, but fix the arms first).

    Spoiler: Thoughts on how you might change four arms
    So, first up, I'd cut down the options (for clarity as much as anything): give them a choice between standard equipment + 2 free hands, dual-wielding two-handed weapons (non-heavy weapons only) and quad-wielding (light weapons only). When quad-wielding, allow two attacks as an action and two more when using the bonus action to use TWF (with the standard 'no ability mod to damage' drawback, plus disadvantage on the bonus action attacks). That's already an awesome ability, easily 3 points on the Musicus scale and it should be the only 'major' ability the race gets unless it also has a big negative ability (so no innate casting).

    I'd ditch the 'multiple shields' idea, but add a two-handed (extra tall) shield to the game, that can be used alongside a non-heavy two-handed weapon only. Probably a flat +3 AC.

    I'd give no special bonuses for grappling; being able to equip a weapon and shield while still having free hands is good enough in that respect.

    Have you considered moving Four Arms to the brute subrace, dropping Multiple Magical Hands, Barrage of Fists and the scaling bonus, and moving the Arguing Heads thing to the base race? That might help rebalance the subraces, and make it so you could keep 1/3/5 casting on the magical one.

    Spoiler: Half-golem
    Honestly, this is pretty good. You have to get rid of the save proficiency, obviously, and the tackle is probably too strong. 1d8 for that would be fair.

    The contagious slowness is also strong; I'd make it once/short rest and cost a bonus action.

    Otherwise, the numbers check out.

    Spoiler: Jupotes
    That innate spellcasting mechanic is not a winner. It *might* be workable as part of a class, but it is far too involved, powerful and dangerous (8d6 damage to self at ECL 5?) to work within a race. Cut it to standard 1/3/5; there's no compelling reason to do anything else.

    I kind of like the Cold Blood feature - I do actually keep track of daily mean temperature in my games - but I suspect most DMs would not be bothered, in which case this could become a bit contentious.

    Reptilian Senses should probably use the word 'tremorsense'.

    So yeah, change the casting to 1/3/5 and I'd call this balanced.

    Spoiler: Phykke
    I don't have a problem with nocturnal stealth, but brute is not suitable for PCs. It's just too much of a boost, especially for d12 weapons. I'd swap it for the half-orc's Savage Attacks and call it good.

    Spoiler: Shadowborn
    Shadowborn senses is kind of pointless. It only really applies deep underground, it's a small bonus, and it doesn't do anything at all if you have proficiency (which a lot of people do).

    That's a ludicrous amount of spellcasting, which doesn't belong in a race. This is what classes are for. Cut it down to Minor Illusion, Disguise Self, Invisibility at levels 1, 3 and 5.

    Again, just use the standard darkvision rules. There's nothing wrong with giving these guys superior darkvision, and no reason to overcomplicate things.

    Spoiler: Blizzardmen
    Not a mechanical thing, but you don't have to understand other people's culture to have an alignment. Perhaps they lean neutral because the harsh environment they live in forces them to prioritise survival over ethical concerns?

    Why does heat make them bad navigators? That's weird, and I think it would work better as a purely positive feature. I also agree that the grappling advantage is unwarranted.

    Overall, this is probably too much stuff. Maybe cut the cold damage to d4, lose the grappling, and allow and-of-turn saves against the fear?

    Spoiler: Ktropo
    That poison stuff is gooood, but it's all they really get. Balance is probably okay.
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