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    Thumbs up monsters from fighting fantasy citadel of chaos

    I'm planning to run the citadel of chaos as a quest and I will be attempting to 3.xify the enemies from that fighting fantasy game book in this thread...

    Gremlin (flying).. imp?

    Ape dog...
    A large dog with the head of a gorilla


    Dog ape...
    A large gorilla with the head of a dog


    Cannibalistic Witch...human witch?

    Half human half goblin...?

    Miniature goblin / snotling. ...?


    Clawbeast. ..?

    Half spider half human...drider

    Sewer snake. ..?


    Half man half rhino...?

    Black elf...drow

    Grey tentacle. ..?

    Ganjee (undead ghost type)...? Genie? and rock golems

    Tall man...elf

    Short man....halfling


    Wheelie...? (Rolling Biscuit shaped knife throwing thing)

    Calacorm...? (Two headed lizard like humanoid)

    Ghost tornado...? (Tornado creature that is also a ghost type thing)

    Fire demon. .. fire elemental?

    Hydra...Hydra (6 heads)

    Balthus dire. .. high level gestalt sorcerer / barbarian that may cast spells while in rage...


    Aaaand... man bear pig for good measure :-)


    Maybe also other odd combinations of animals. .. for example. .. Simon the sorcerer contains an interesting collection of monsters created from mixing animals

    Like zebra bear (a bear with a zebra head and stripes all over)

    And bear zebra (like centaur but instead of upper half human it has upper half bear and lower half is zebra instead of lower half horse)
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