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    Default Body outside Body, SMASH! [Epic Feat, PEACH]

    Sōru-gai tamashī[EPIC]
    With your knowledge and power, you are able to imbue your clones with your own personal power, giving them the ability to use your special abilities.

    Prerequisite: Ability to cast Body outside Body and initiate a 9th level maneuver.

    Benefit: Your clones gain a portion of your martial prowess. When you cast Body outside Body, you may assign each clone a readied maneuver from your unused readied maneuvers. You lose access to that maneuver as long as the clone is alive. If the clone initiates a maneuver, it is used and it can regain lost maneuvers as you can normally. All clones may use any stance you can. Using this feat, halves the duration of the spell and lowers your initiator level (as well as your clones) by 2 for each clone that has maneuvers.
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