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    Default Warlock Fiend Patron - Alternate Expanded Spell Lists

    One of my favorite classes so far in 5e is the Warlock. However, looking upon the expanded spell list for the Fiend, I was somewhat disappointed. It's not that I dislike the expanded spell list, and I understand to put more than one expanded spell list in would be unnecessary, but I feel it doesn't fit some of the major fiends you would forge a pact with. So, I have taken it upon myself to make some alternative expanded spell lists for the Fiend patron, to better fit some of the powerful fiends you may be selling your soul to.


    When choosing the Fiend Patron, a Warlock may either choose the normal Fiend expanded spell list, or choose one of the ones below.

    Spoiler: Baphomet
    1st Level: Heroism, Hunter's Mark
    2nd Level: Alter Self, Darkvision
    3rd Level: Conjure Animals, Haste
    4th Level: Dominate Beast, Stone Shape
    5th Level: Passwall, Wall of Stone

    Spoiler: Demogorgon
    1st Level: Command, Create or Destroy Water
    2nd Level: Alter Self, Protection from Poison
    3rd Level: Conjure Animals, Tidal Wave
    4th Level: Confusion, Evard's Black Tentacles
    5th Level: Dominate Person, Maelstrom

    Spoiler: Fraz-Urb'luu
    1st Level: Disguise Self, Silent Image
    2nd Level: Alter Self, Phantasmal Force
    3rd Level: Feign Death, Nondetection
    4th Level: Confusion, Phantasmal Killer
    5th Level: Mislead, Seaming

    Spoiler: Graz'zt
    1st Level: Command, Sanctuary
    2nd Level: Calm Emotions, Enthrall
    3rd Level: Counterspell, Sending
    4th Level: Compulsion, Greater Invisibility
    5th Level: Dominate Person, Telekinesis

    Spoiler: Jubilex
    1st Level: Chromatic Orb, Ray of Sickness
    2nd Level: Melf's Acid Arrow, Protection from Poison
    3rd Level: Slow, Stinking Cloud
    4th Level: Blight, Vitriolic Sphere
    5th Level: Cloudkill, Contagion

    Spoiler: Yeenoghu
    1st Level: Animal Friendship, Hunter's Mark
    2nd Level: Beast Sense, Spiritual Weapon
    3rd Level: Conjure Animals, Haste
    4th Level: Dominate Beast, Mordenkainen's Faithful Hound
    5th Level: Awaken*, Wall of Stone
    *May only be used on animals

    Spoiler: Zuggtmoy
    1st Level: Entangle, Ray of Sickness
    2nd Level: Detect Thoughts, Protection from Poison
    3rd Level: Speak with Plants, Stinking Cloud
    4th Level: Confusion, Grasping Vine
    5th Level: Cloudkill, Contagion
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    Default Re: Warlock Fiend Patron - Alternate Expanded Spell Lists

    These are pretty cool, and it seems pretty much impossible to really break balance by adding only these few spells, so I would definitely allow these almost out of hand.

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    Default Re: Warlock Fiend Patron - Alternate Expanded Spell Lists

    Creating new spell lists for respective Patrons is a fun concept (if not one I've seen multiple times), but the difficult part about them is that certain spells go nuts when given to a Warlock.

    For instance, you should be cautious with giving the warlocks most minionmancy spells.

    Conjure Animals becomes broken when you can cast them multiple times per short rest as a 5th-level spell. You should probably neg that from the list, add in something else, and instead homebrew an Eldritch Invocation (Pre-requiste: Your patron is Baphomet or Yeenoghu or some other patron related to beasts) that allows you to cast Conjure Animals once per day.

    Also, isn't Counterspell already in the generic Warlock spell list? I don't think it has any meaning to include it in the expanded list.
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    Default Re: Warlock Fiend Patron - Alternate Expanded Spell Lists

    Oh, alright. I wasn't thinking of how crazy it could get. I'll try and replace those and counterspell. Many thanks for pointing those things out!

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