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    Default [MTG] Adversary: The Vanguard Revival Custom Format

    Hello, and welcome to Adversary.
    Adversary is a custom MTG format specifically designed to allow players to create and play with their own custom cards.
    It is largely based on the official Vanguard of old, but Adversary imposes less restrictions on card concepts and somewhat more restrictions on deckbuilding to offset the obvious balance issues when playing with custom cards.

    We currently have over 75 playable Adversaries in the Main Set alone, and more are being added constantly. We have 3 sets in total, mostly for better management and playtesting. Our community is small but growing at an equal pace, and the vast majority of the people you see in this Discord are active players who will be happy to play against you as soon as you've finished your first Adversary deck.

    If you'd like to know more, here are some links to information you will likely find handy:
    ADVERSARY PREVIEWS (Slightly Outdated):

    Oh, and if you want a more live community, come join us at Discord on , easy to use, web based (with a client available), and we're just here to have fun.

    Feel free to jump in, we got purple cards!
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