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    Default Re: [D&D B/X] PtF&F - Ruined Keep over the Blacktear Lake

    Spoiler: Actions/Rolls
    fires arrow at the first greenskin he see's!

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    Does the game you play feature a Dragon sitting on a pile of treasure, in a Dungeon?
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    You're an NPC stat block."I remember when your race was your class you damned whippersnappers"
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    Default Re: [D&D B/X] PtF&F - Ruined Keep over the Blacktear Lake


    Penny decided that Bob and Jor no longer need to be let in as they'll soon have something to do.Hey! This should be interesting.

    Spoiler: ooc and actions

    ooc: It took me a minute to realize that the two maps were a multilevel view of one tower. I was what? How did we get all the way to a 2nd tower?

    Penny opens the right side hatch - go for the obvious first. If possible, she lifts and kicks it with the side of her foot to keep her bow ready. If there is a target down there, and she has time in the round after opening the hatch, Penny shoots her bow at one.

    to hit (1d20+1)[3]
    damage (1d6)[6]

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    Default Re: [D&D B/X] PtF&F - Ruined Keep over the Blacktear Lake

    "Unplanned trouble, how painfully obvious", mutters Ancy as he runs near Penny, if he sees more than 2 goblins below the hatch he's letting torch and oil flask drop in.
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    "What's this? A railroad? Well, we better cross it now, or the train will come along and sweep us down the tracks!"

    *kills important NPC, avoids entire planned out plot*

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