For tired of “go Variant or go home” humans, or for campaigns in human-only settings, I present alternative human race with subraces divided by environment they inhabit.
I made it with some goals in mind. First, to not make it cherry-pick proficiencies and ASIs “most versatile” race – that’s overdone. Second, it should be good enough to compete with non-humans – thought about giving humans single Expertise, but that is not the most original idea, and invades Bard/Rogue territory a little, so it ended as kinda half-expertise Inclinations feature. Finally, to not let it overlap with background features and Rangers overland utility.
I personally like the result, and hope you’ll like it too. Opinions are as always welcome.

Age, alignment, size, speed, languages. As in PHB.
Ability score increase. One ability score of your choice increases by 1.
Pushing the boundaries. One of your ability scores cap is increased to 22. In addition, all your ability scores minimum required to multiclass is lowered by 1.
Inclinations. Add half your proficiency bonus (rounded down) to any skill check relying on your ability score, which was highest at the end of character creation step 3 (if more than one of your ability scores are highest, chose either of them – you cannot change it afterwards). This bonus does not stack with Expertise feature.
Subrace. Choose one from subraces below.

Somewhat separated from wilderness and nature, city dwellers spend most of their lives dealing with other people, coming from multitude of foreign places and cultures. Life in the city is quite forgiving to those without bodily advantages, and rewards those most clever and smart with prosperity.
Ability score increase. Your Intelligence and Charisma both increase by 1.
Extra language. You can speak and write in one additional standard language (PHB p. 123) of your choice.
Chary. Deception checks against you have disadvantage.

It’s hard to live on arid grounds of rocky mountains, through harsh winters and among capricious winds. Everything has to be paid for with great effort, and to let go is never an option, so most highlanders are stubborn and hardy.
Ability score increase. Your Constitution and Wisdom both increase by 1.
Fortitude. You have advantage on Constitution checks and saving throws against exhaustion.
Mountaineering. Climbing on natural surfaces does not cost you extra movement.

Striders of vast plains are used to self-reliance. Accustomed with discomforts of constant travel, they hardly ever complain and do not show weakness.
Ability score increase. Your Strength and Constitution both increase by 1.
Eagle eye. You have advantage on Perception checks to spot distant objects.
Caravaneer. You are proficient with land vehicles.

Through everyday struggle with environment, people of coasts become stark and hardened. Frequent necessity to take risk for make a living presses mark of pride and boldness on them.
Ability score increase. Your Strength and Charisma both increase by 1.
Weather resilience. Your ability checks are unaffected by weather conditions.
Child of the sea. You gain waterborne vehicles proficiency, and swimming does not cost you extra movement.

For their inhabitants, forests are both reliance and threat. They learn since the childhood how to use nature’s gifts, while avoiding numerous dangers and not becoming prey of beasts that truly rule the woodlands.
Ability score increase. Your Dexterity and Wisdom both increase by 1.
Hunter weapon training. You have proficiency with spear, javelin, shortbow, and longbow.
Superior cover. Half cover gives you benefits of three-quarters cover, and three-quarters cover gives you benefits of total cover.