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    Default Homebrew Soulmelds?

    I'm building a ToB/MoI campaign, and looking for more soulmeld options. Does anyone have/seen any homebrew or WotC articles with new soulmelds? Links would be appreciated.
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    Default Re: Homebrew Soulmelds?

    I think the only new soulmelds are in Dragon Magic, and only a few. I think you should try to create your own...
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    Default Re: Homebrew Soulmelds?

    Here you are. Thanks to the Demented One.
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    Homebrew by Krimm Blackleaf

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    Default Re: Homebrew Soulmelds?

    Soulmelds were an awesome system, but sadly, not many more are created. Unfortunately, they are not OGL, and they were (unfortunately) not as popular as ToB, so not many more are created.

    Still, they are an awesome system for those interested.
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