A Monster for Every Season: Summer 2
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    Default Excel sheet for 3.5 (2016-9-25 update)

    The sheet: http://swe.umbc.edu/~woorich1/rrwoods'%20Sheet.xlsx
    Sample character: http://swe.umbc.edu/~woorich1/Alth%2...evel%206).xlsx
    Previous thread: http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showt...r-3-5-(updated!)

    New things in this version:
    * 20 skill columns. Adding the columns is arduous enough that it's worth the visual space used to just always have those there.
    * Skill point totalling.
    * Racial skill points (eg Human).
    * Took away the "current strike" stuff from the maneuver system; it's to arduous practically.

    For those that haven't seen this before

    What this sheet is: (Hopefully) easy to use at the table to manage buffstacks and penalties without having to remember too much. Turning effects on and off and having them "just work" is the primary goal. Managing characters with multiple forms (e.g. wild shape) should also be easy.

    What this sheet is not: Printable, or at all laid out like a real character sheet. Not the goal. Also it has basically no baked-in data -- I want this sheet to automate, but not dictate.

    It's as user-friendly as I can manage, but if anyone has questions or suggestions *please* tell me! Being a spreadsheet, it will probably always be somewhat of a monster, but anything to make the experience smoother is good.
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