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    Thumbs up Framed!!! (Scilight #12)

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    Framed!!! by damonk is a completed metawebcomic. It's mostly B&W and it ran just under two years starting in October of 2000. It packed away the fourth wall in a crate on day one and only dragged it out in order to abuse it. It spent the first ten months exploring things like panel arrangement, the selective use of color and the nature of genre -- all much more interesting than it sounds. Then, it became emboldened by its successes and went around penetrating other webcomics' fourth walls in a massive, three-week-long group orgy of meta. Finally, it returned home and spent the next year finding completely different conventions to violate.

    Pluses & Cautions
    I'm retrospectively unsurprised that I couldn't separate the things that make Framed!!! so awesome from the things that might put people off. It's in the nature of Framed!!! to defy conventions, so it was postdictable that I would have a problem with my categories.

    I've been wanting to plug Framed!!! from the beginning. I kept on putting it off because I recognize that Framed!!! is relatively inaccessible, as in difficult art. When I say art, I'm talking about something beyond the drawing and the writing. I believe that in its manic gyrations of meta, Framed!!! transcended its nature as a webcomic and become a kind of Internet performance art. I think it's brilliant. However, some of you will be left cold. Some of you will actively hate it. I'm aware of the difficulty and I promise to warn you if I ever plug another one like that.

    For that matter, Framed!!! is also difficult art in the conventional sense. The line art is so highly stylized that it's downright sketchy. It's not pretty. In fact, I hated it at first. Eventually, I came to appreciate its effectiveness as a wire coat hanger for the performance art.

    Framed!!! is also relatively inaccessible in the literal sense of being hard to reach. Internally, it was moved from to at some point after its completion and many of its self-links are still broken. That wouldn't be such a big deal if it weren't for the brilliant time travel storyline and other exotic storytelling techniques that featured a lot of cross-referencing. I had to manually edit the URLs and insert the "prime/" (or maybe "/prime") in my browser. Externally, it's difficult to follow the (in)famous Framed!!! Great Escape† megacrossover event. Aside from its complexity and sheer size, some of the participants have since moved or are simply offline now.

    The flip side of difficulty is that success feels rewarding. In the end, I felt like I really *GOT* it and the achievement was deeply satisfying to me. For those who are in a very specific, relatively narrow band of jadedness, Framed!!! will be awesome. For everyone else, I apologize and promise to spotlight a pop webcomic next week.

    † In a punnish irony, that link is a de-framed page of The Webcomic Crossover & Cameo Archive. Hee! I crack myself up sometimes.

    Scilight #11: Rogues of Clwyd-Rhan
    Scilight #10: Indefensible Positions
    Scilight #9: Sorcery 101
    Scilight #8: Magellan
    Scilight #7: Emergency Exit & Parallel Dementia
    Scilight #6: Hero by Night
    Scilight #5: The Dreamwalker Chronicles
    Scilight #4: Estancia
    Scilight #3: Juathuur
    Scilight #2: Inhuman
    Scilight #1: Gravity

    Damonk made a more attractive sequel, Naught-Framed! (alternatively Naught Framed! or possibly even Naught Framed!!!).

    As always, I'm interested in your feedback, what you thought of my recommendation, requests for future genres and so on.
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    Default Re: Framed!!! (Scilight #12)

    This one looks fun, if a bit silly. I like the premise. I've seen it used before, but this is done better than I've ever seen it done. I love stuff like this; simultaneously surreal, nonsensical, and rediculous.

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