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Thread: Mutant help...

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    Default Mutant help...

    I'm designing a d20 Modern game where the players are humans living in a world where the mutant rulers have deemed it illegal to be human.

    Here's the thing. As fun as the mutations in the d20 Future book are, they aren't what I am looking for (though a good reference non-the-less). I'm looking for super human type stuff and without access to Mutants and Masterminds, I am forced to create my own rules.

    What I have in mind...there are four main types of mutants: Boosters, Enchanters, Meta-Morphs, and Psions. It takes a whole round to activate the powers and an additional round per power level.

    Booster powers are physically based, boosting either their Strength, Dexterity, or Constitution scores depending on the sub-type.
    Enchanters are where most comic book based super humans would be listed under. More on them in the sub-types.
    Meta-Morphs are half animal mutations. I can use the Moreau stats in the d20Modern book for most of these.
    Psions are self-explanitory. MIND POWERS!

    Booster sub-tupes: Brutes (STR), Runners (DEX), and Healers (CON)
    Enchanter sub-types: Blasters, Manipulators, and Creators
    Meta-Morphs: categorized through individual animals
    Psion sub-types: Telepaths, Kinetics, and Empaths

    All receive +2 to their main stat per power level
    Brutes (STR)
    • Must shoose the Strong class
    • -1 DEX and INT per power level
    • +1 size category per two power levels
    • when powers are deactivated they seem to have slightly flabby skin and stretch marks, -1 to Disguise checks

    Runners (DEX)
    • Must choose the Fast class
    • -1 WIS per power level
    • movement gains +10 feet per power level
    • racial ability adjustment of -1 CHA, always extremely skinny and eating due to sped up metabolism
    • must perform a Will Save DC 10 when around food to keep themselves from being compelled to eat

    Healers (CON)
    • Must choose the Tough class
    • -1 STR and DEX per power level
    • +5 HP per power level (+4 from the power, +1 from the CON mod adjustment)
    • masochists, covered in scars, -1 Disguise

    • choose sound waves or a type of energy
    • blasts of sound and energy cause 1d6 damage at power level 1, raising one die level per power level
    • energy users glow slightly
    • sound users have the shakes
    • -1 CHA racial ability adjustment
    • -1 to Hide and Disguise checks racial modifier plus an additional -1 to Hide and Disguise per power level after first power level

    Manipulators and Creators
    • Manipulate/Create Fine through Diminuative amounts of chosen element as a free action at power level 1
    • Manipulate/Create Tiny through Small amounts of chosen element as an action at power level 1
    • Manipulate/Create Medium through Huge amounts of chosen element as a full round action at power level 2
    • Mainpulate/Create Gargantuan through Colossal amounts of chosen element as two full round actions at power level 3
    • signs of their chosen element (ex: appearing ash covered for fire based), -2 to Hide and Disguise checks

    • adjustments determined by species of animal
    • -2 to Disguise

    Psions (need a LOT of help here...found the MSRD with Psionic stuff, reading now)
    All receive a racial ability adjustment of -1 to STR, DEX, and CON and cannot choose to be Strong, Fast, or Tough Heroes.
    • Concentration VS Will Save

    • Concentrate DC 5 for Fine-Tiny sized objects or creatures
    • Concentrate DC 10 for Small sized objects or creatures
    • Concentrate DC 15 for Medium sized objects or creatures
    • Concentrate DC 20 for Huge sized objects or creatures
    • Concentrate DC 25 for Gargantuan sized objects or creatures
    • Concentrate DC 30 for Colossal sized objects or creatures

    • Concentration VS Will Save

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