I'm in the process of getting a feel for the forum's quite healthy WW membership so I can catch on to things the regulars now see as obvious that they could conceivably forget that a newb wouldn't know.

To that effect I've got some black books dedicated to terms, strategies and player profiles.

I've gotten through the online mafia thesarus: http://http://wiki.mafiascum.net/ind..._Abbreviations

So if I ever read something weird like "WIFOM" I can go look that up and see what's what. Cool.

But I have three questions about how it all goes down here in the general sense:

1. Why is a tied lynch vote leading to a random lynchee between the frontrunners considered a pro wolf event? I'd assume there would generally be at least as many wolves as masons so a "stay away from randomness" vote would ping as "possible wolfy vote masquerading as a town move" to me. What am I missing?

2. Are there any reputations certain posters have that would be good for me to be aware of going forward? Ex, the hairbrained schemer, someone who has built a level of trust by roleclaiming truthfully consitently through multiple games... etc.

3. What question should I ask next?