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    Default Heroes within the law - D&D5e campaign journal

    Hello giantitp and its denizens. I was lurking around these forums for a long time and now I decided that I will start another campaign journal here. My idea is to share the story with all of you and to gather ideas and other bits of knowledge which you are willing to share with me. I also want to point out some mistakes I did during sessions so others may try to avoid them.

    I had a few years break from being a DM but several months ago I realized I have stories that I want to tell and play with somebody, because in my head all of them are possibly good stories but only with players they have chance to become memorable. So I found 4 players and we started to play D&D 5e which is fairly new for us. It was fitting to my image of a world, where old magic doesn't work anymore and a lot of things has changed.
    We play for a several weeks now and I realized that my DM mojo had lessened a bit so sometimes we got some errors during play, but fortunately we are able to get over them and get along.

    Spoiler: What is it about:
    We play in region which reminds feudal Japan or China. Please bear in mind that none of us has really deep knowledge of this era in these countries, but it is part of my world where no story was yet played and players were excited about the exotic setting.

    About five years ago magic all around the world stopped working. Everything that was based on magic or magically enhanced was destroyed or became ordinary. This caused destruction of big area which was leakage of elemental sphere to material, fall of the moon to the sea and uniting two continents and very near extinction of few races. Almost every nation and their people accuse mages and the like for this.

    The country of Nihonkoku is empire led by one Emperor who is considered to be incarnation of dragon. Main race of the empire are Shifters and all other races are infreior to them. Thus they can not normally attain higher social status. Only exception are dwarves which are bankers and money lenders, because in the Empire gold has no real value and their currency are small iron plates called Bo and Koku. So they oversaw all foreign trade and change gold coins to Koku/Bo and vice versa.
    The shifters are divided to ten main clans and each administer part of land and serve Emperor and twelve minor clans, each of them is vassal to one main clan. Each clan represent an animal into which are their members shifting the most.

    There are also two big organizations which are not really subordinated to anybody but choose to follow Emperor orders.
    First are Sharingans. Formerly druid circles, now they take care of everybody who is magically gifted so they (and Empire) have control over all people that can use magic. They oversee that the nature is in balance with urban areas and nobody is abusing their magical abilities. This is above all else even above orders from Emperor. They are strictly neutral and are forbidden to interact with abyssal or celestial beings. These rules had to be stretched? a little bit because a lot of the members are not druids now. There are ten of them, one for each clan and each represents one element.
    Second one are Koroshiaru. They are mercenary group created long time ago for hunting all kinds of monsters and abominations. Kind of witchers with all pros and cons to it. They are banned to train their ranks from Shifters but otherwise they can recruit almost anybody they want. Their main goal is to protect all people in Empire from supernatural or unnatural beasts, but are also payed by Emperor to fight in his wars if needed.

    The Empire just won a long conflict with their neighbour enemies from Gaosland which was destroyed by cataclysm. This was interpreted as direct intervention by gods and ancestors for their sins. Now they have no external enemy and have time to recover from damage they suffered in cataclysm. But not everything is so peaceful as it seems.

    Spoiler: The Party:
    Players decided that they will be part of one of the minor clans. They decided for the Rhino clan (Their motto is "We are the law.") which are vassals of Boar clan (Motto: "Not a single step back."). They choose this clan, because it seems to be clan that is very concerned about the law but also seems that they do not fear to use harsher ways to enforce the law. Simply they have balls.

    Party consist of:
    Susumu: half elf monk which studied for many years in cloister high in mountains away from civilization. He is well educated in history, calligraphy, customs and everything that includes some kind of decorum. If not adventurer he could be a very good magistrate. He has some suspicions about Koroshiaru targeting specific influential people and marking them as monstrous doppleganger to get rid of them.
    Sasori: human (I think) druid. He is member of the Lightning Sharingan which operates in Boar territory. Knows a lot about nature, wildlife but also knows a little bit about various abominations and monsters that are lurking in these lands.
    Hara Akiru: human rogue. Lived in Lightning Sharingan as a kid of one of the teachers from Sharingan. He is Sasori's childhood friend even if he doesn't have any magical abilities. His father teaches "Public relations" which are very useful in these times for anyone who uses magic. He wants to go to adventuring to find his true love and to gain fame so somebody from upper class will make a note of him and will patronize him.
    Takahiro Jin: Shifter fighter. Young samurai of Rhino clan. His family is lowborn but he wants to rise them to recognition. He had two brothers and sister (maybe also two). Both brothers died in war and his father wanted him to find some quiet job so the family line is safe, but he rebelled against him.
    I didn't know the players before so I was just wondering what they came up with, but they put some effort in their characters which is nice and tried to link them together at least a little bit so it was easier for me to get them together for their first quest. Not every players thinks like that and I was mainly accustomed to things like: "I want to try this class now, so here is my hero and fit me in.". This was a nice change for me.

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    Default Re: Heroes within the law - D&D5e campaign journal

    So for their first quest I decided to gave my players introduction to weird monsters of this part of the world and a little bit of investigation. Son of one of the shifter lords, who was responsible for tax collecting in several villages, became insane and started a killing spree in township which his family administered. Daimyo of the Rhino clan ordered one of his new samurais (Jin) to catch the mad man. Alive if possible but not necessarily. To have everything correctly written down and by the law he sent young monk with him, who was working as a clerk man in his mansion (Susumu). To investigate if there was any magic involved Daimyo asked for somebody from Sharingan. They sent one of their newly trained druid (Sasori) which was accompanied by his never missing friend (Akiru).

    Spoiler: Session no.1 Death by snails.
    It was about a week of walk to the township, where the killing happened. The party asked about some more information about what happened. Messenger told them, that he heard screams from mansion of their masters and when deputy of the masters went to the mansion with some people, they only saw young master Saikuma Decha who was all covered in blood with his katana unsheathed. He was shouting that "They are everywhere and he can't trust anybody." That is all the messenger know, because after that, deputy told to him to immediately go to Daimyo so he sends help.
    Jin remembered the he saw Saikuma several years ago, because he was also training as samurai and after he finished his training he went to war with Gaosland. The chief of local law enforces tell them that after the war he was relieved of his duties in army and went home to protect his father when collecting taxes. But nobody reckognized any odd behaviour.
    All of them received authorization for using Empire roads and to carry weapons openly and because they pushed that time is important here they also got horses. Road leaded them through two other villages. People in those villages knew nothing about the problems in near township but Reeve of one of the villages asked party for help, because their crops of rice are being destroyed by something and few of their oxen went missing. They are afraid that it is some kind of monster but the village doesn't have money to pay Koroshiaru to sent one of their monster hunter. Jin, as leader of the group, kindly refuses to help, because they are entrusted with very important mission and don't have time for this. But he promises that he will say this to his superiors once he will have opportunity to do so, so they can sent somebody to help them.
    In the meantime Akiru isn't idle and is trying to find his true love. Mainly in local senet houses sometimes just anywhere on street. He is successfull in finding love, but none of them is the true love. But that doesn't stop him from trying.
    On the fourth day of their travelling they see first building of the township. All is weirdly quiet and at one time a pack of ravens flew up and starts croaking. After a while they smell sweet-sour odour of death. When they ride inside the township they see dead bodies everywhere on streets, on brim of the houses. They see that all of them were killed by slashing or piercing weapon and most of them were hacked from behind or from side. Everybody is shocked by the amount of dead and none want believe that this was done by one man. But when they realize that everybody was fleeing and unarmed, they can easily imagine mad samurai who is running through the city and killing anybody who gets in his way. In one place they find four bodies of armed men, who were probably local guardians. When they get closer to the mansion of the family, they see a weird grey slug, which height is probably to normal person knees, that is eating one of the dead bodies.* Whole party attacks it in disgust and easily shred it to pieces. After this all of them are carefully approaching the mansion, which is surrounded by hedge fence. Akiru overhear a weird chomping noise. He warn everybody and quietly goes to the entrance of the mansions gardens. In the garden are two dead bodies which are being consumed by four of those weird slugs. He also sees that two of the mansion doors are open and through one of them he saw another dead body and a slug that feasts on it. Jin with Susumu block the entrance to garden so only two slugs at a time can attack them and Akiru with Sasori start to attack the slugs with arrows and spells. This gets their attention and all slugs are coming after them. After first few attacks, they realize that the slugs have pretty hard skin that protects them from harm. Luckily Jin is pretty cool with his nodachi and killing slugs in one mighty blow. After three of four of the slugs are dead, they broke the formation and killed the remaining slugs. I think Jin maybe ended beaten and unconscious, but Sasori got him back on his feet whit his healing magic.**

    *Slaad tadpole.
    ** Actualy this was second try of this fight. Because it was first time for as DM in 5e and I didn't count the encounter xp correctly, so originally I threw at them 8 Slaad tadpoles. They had no formation, they just divided to two teams, each of them killing one gang of tadpoles. Also they totally underestimated them so the monk was waiting for two rounds with the animals and when the fighter was down he went to action just to die two rounds later. With tadpoles resistance, my lucky rolls and unlucky rolls on players side this ended up in TPK on our first session. Just one tadpole was left. It was so awkward and I was very embarrassed. Luckily we just threw this behind us and give it another try. Players didn't want it much easier so I just removed two tadpoles and played them more chaotically (as they are chaotic) so they just don't swarm them. Also this time, I was the one with bad rolls and they with the good ones, so it went pretty well.

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    Default Re: Heroes within the law - D&D5e campaign journal

    Because it is month or more after we started playing the first post will be vague in details but it should get better as I will progress to more recent sessions.
    So our first session was little bit of a blast thanks to few more Slaad tadpoles than a party of 1st level heroes can handle and now I was wondering how other encounters will end up. Anyway party just cleaned up the mansion and it was time for some exploring.

    Spoiler: Truth is slowly revealed and achievments unlocked
    After wounded party members were treated, they decided that primarily they will search township, if there are more of these creatures. Sasori had a good idea of following slime patterns from slugs. All of them led to one place near the mansion. This was first weird thing for them and an alert, that this doesn't seem right. Sasori also managed to recognize that these slugs are just evolution phase of some bigger monster and the more they eat the faster they grow and that they probably came just in time to prevent this. After this they found only more dead bodies but no other monster. Party came back to mansion to take a look in there and found two dead in the garden, which were probably servants and three bodies inside, slashed to death. Two were males, old and very young one and last one was old female. Probably parents and somebody else. Sasori and Susumu were little bit paranoid and were looking what caused their death. Both are skilled medicals and found out, that all cutting wounds were probably caused after death to mask massive bludgeoning injury on their head. With more examination they saw that brain of those persons was carefully taken out.*
    Jin with Akiru were looking around the mansion. They saw that nothing was taken, but found out basement with food supplies and another dead body of young women. This one has only cracked skull and no other injury but was also dead for the longest period of time.
    After this everybody realized that there is really something amiss. Some wild theories were arised, few of them very close to what really happened. One consultation of map and considerable time later, it was decided that they will burn all the bodies to avoid chance of starting infection and after that, they will go to town south of there, where lived relatives of Saikuma clan. With burning the boides they realized, that there are less bodies than it should be, so probably some of villagers survived and also that there is minimum of child/young causalities. For first few hours of their way, they were still seeing dead bodies of fugitives which were slashed or pierced. With burning town** behind their back they decided to take well-deserved rest and were wondering that the Samurai must have been really crazy if he was pursuing all those people outside the town.
    Next two days were spent this town where most of the refugees fled. Jin and Susumu went to local lord to ask about the Saikuma clan and Sasori with Akiru went to city to find the refugees and find out what happened.
    Jin and Susumu were told that the family had taken care of some shifter orphan which they adopted from orphanage it previous, now burned, township and that sister of the crazy samurai was appointed governor of the orphanage. This confirmed their suspicion that the samurai is still alive. They also were lucky and met one of the Koroshiaru slayers. It was slender woman with short white hair, grey fitting clothes and huge claymore sword on her back.
    After a while of respectful pre-talk from Jin and Susumu and a little bit disrespectful pre-talk from slayer side, they told here, what are they investigating and that they are suspicious that some kind of monster is involved. From the details she deducted, that they are probably going against doppleganger. Told some info about them, that they are mostly solitare and can play with your mind a bit. Anyway she just wished them good luck and told that it is better to run if they saw one.
    Meanwhile Sasori with Akiru found some refugees and asked them about the events in the city. From the info they gathered they were able to find out a little bit of what happened before the masacre. Young samurai Saikuma Decha really came out from family mansion covered in blood and confused. He attacked few of the villagers and killed them and was shouting that "They are everywhere". Most of the people were running to hide somewhere at that time, but Saikuma left after some time, still bewildered and vanished in woods north of the township. After that, deputy of the township gathered few people and went inside the mansion. Also kids from orphanage were escorted out of the city because of the danger, that crazy samurai Saikuma will return. The deputy with his people didn't return till the night and then everybody started to hear screaming. After a while, they realized that something is killing people in township and all of them thought, that crazy samurai Saikuma has returned. Some of the people also met a strange rider on a horse with weird clothes and some cargo. Party was now convinced that the stranger wasn't there by accident and that he plant the slugs in the township. They told about their suspicion to the slayers and she promised that she will look into it. Also they deducted that the doppleganger killed Saikumas family and now is hiding as one of them, probably father. Unfortunately they focused on wrong member of the family and still weren't sure about the reason.

    *I tweaked the dopplegangers here a little bit. They need to eat the brain of the victim to get their appearance and memories. Also they can "remember" more person at once.
    ** This earned a comment that in previous campaings, party generally started to burn towns and villages at higher level. But with new editions comes new achievements.

    Spoiler: The original truth. Really a spoiler.
    Truth is that the doppleganger killed Saikumas father on one of their trip for taxes. But original target was his sister, because she was suspicious that Koroshiaru have some influence in the orpahanage and is performing experiments on the childrens. She was right so he had to be exterminated. After that the doppleganger just revealed himself to Saikuma and run away. After a while he returned and just messed with Saikumas head, when he was transforming to dead people so Saikuma doesn't know who was alive and who was dead. To cover the tracks, doppleganger brough Saikuma to a point where he thought that all people around him are dopplegangers and attacked almost everybody on sight. But when he attacked villagers he came to himself for a little bit, so the doppleganger had to finish the work for him. But the party still doesn't know this.

    Count your bodies, especially if they are bodies of persons important to the story. Because now I had there a body of Saikumas father, which shouldn't be there. That ended up unexplained but fortunately also unnoticed . Then I was missing around 4 bodies in the mansion, which were the lost investigation party led by the deputy. In the end those four bodies were considered eaten so the doppleganger can heal and change to more persons. This was noticed.
    And second one, if your NPCs make non-efficient action or action that seems inappropriate or just weird, you can tell that they were acting under stress and uncertainty (why the search party didn't take more people and that nobody was missing them until midnight).

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    Default Re: Heroes within the law - D&D5e campaign journal

    Hello again,

    I am ready to continue so you can read what happened next in the stroy. This one is really long so don't be surprised.

    Spoiler: Grapple like hell
    The party now uncovered some story behind crazy samurai and is now trying to find him so they can bring him to the court. The destroyed township had three roads coming to it. Since they didn't find him on their way there nor on their way to another town, they hoped he will be somewhere around the way the last road is leading. They traced their steps back to the now charred township and get on the remaining unsearched road. They are looking very cautiously if they will see any tracks that can lead them to him. After a day, they come to the ruins of some city or village. All buildings are already overgrown and abandoned long time ago. Sasori spots some beaten grass and some kind of ways in it.
    Sasori: "Hey guys. I think he is somewhere in here. I can see few footpaths in the grass that are not long here and I doubt that animal made tehm."
    Jin: "We can follow them and see if we find the samurai at the end of one of them."
    Akiru: "What if the monster is with him or somewhere here. It would be better, if we first check the surrounding. I can sneak around a little bit and see if I'll find anything odd."
    Susumu: "I will go with you, I can be pretty stealthy if I need."
    Jin: "Ok, go and we will wait here with horses."
    So Susumu with Akiru go around and their rolls are very good for the stealth.* After a few minutes of searching, they hear a faint voice from one of the ruins. They go closer a look inside through one of the holes. They see samurai and his sister in middle of conversation.
    "They killed our family. We must avenge them brother. This cannot continue."
    "I can't. I am tired and hungry. I don't know what to do anymore."
    "They can't escape this. They sent those monsters at us. We must surprise them. They think we are dead"
    "How does this happened?"
    "Avenge us brother. They can't go away with it."
    "Ok sister, but let me rest a little bit."
    Susumu and Akiru look at each other with questioning glance and cautiously go back, making sure, that the couple didn't saw them and get to the rest of the party to tell them what they saw.
    Sasori: "So his sister is the doppelganger. That's weird. But whatever, it doesn't matter now."
    Jin: "If it is here let's try to catch it alive, then we can interrogate it."
    Rest of the party: "You want to catch it alive?!"
    Akiru: "From what the Slayer told us, we would be lucky, if we will be able to kill it."
    Jin: "Just let's try it. I would like to interrogate it. If it doesn't work, then we will kill it."
    Rest of the party reluctantly agrees and they march directly to the house.
    Jin takes his sasumata** instead of nodachi into his hands and shouts in front of the house: "Saikuma-san, our Daymio sent us to catch you and deliver you to the court. Please come out and surrender. We do not wish to resort to violence."
    Nobody steps out from the house and they just hear louder muttering.
    Jin shouts again: "Saikuma-san. We know that your sister is dead. The one who is with you is her doppelganger. She lies to you, you can't trust her."
    This just trigger the anger in crazy samurai and he dash out of the house. Everybody was expecting it but Jin goes first and catch him into his sasumata. The crazy samurai is trying to hit somebody but he has no reach and in his anger is not able to think clearly so he ends up with just waving his katana around. But the doppelganger tries to intervene and joins the fight still in his disguise to do some damage to party. At first they are a little bit surprised but they recover quickly. Akiru ran to the horses and takes out a net they took with them. Susumu with Sasori slows the doppelganger while Jin is trying to trip grappled crazy samurai. Fight is locked up since doppelganger is pretty sturdy and Jin is "dancing" with crazy samurai with his sasumata between them to see who will trip or break free first. When Akiru finally arrives on his horse he throws net on doppelganger. Everybody cheers for a while until it is shredded to pieces. They have one more net but doesn't want to get it destroyed. So they do a little swap. Susumu disengage and grapples crazy samurai and Jin successfully grapples doppelganger. This way Susumu pins and knocks-out crazy samurai within two rounds and the rest beat up the doppelganger to unconsciousness. When unconscious the doppelganger change back to its true form and his purple blood is everywhere. In the end, only the horse on which Akiru arrived was injured, because the doppelganger hit him twice.

    They lock them up in handcuffs and wrap up the doppelganger in both nets. First they wake up the samurai and starts to interrogate him, because they afraid that if they doppelganger would be awake he could still mess up with samurai's head.
    Jin: "Saikuma-san, we need to know what really happened. From information we were able to gather up until now, it is clear that it wans't you who killed all the people in the township, but the thing." and points to tied doppelganger.
    Samurai: "Where is my sister. What have you done to her. You are all same, the Daymio sent you to kill us with everybody else."
    Jin: "We weren't sent to kill you. Your sister is dead, this thing killed her and then was impersonating her. And maybe even some other people."
    Samurai: "I want to see my sister. She was here with me. Until then I won't speak to you."
    They all look at each other, thinking that this is lost cause.
    Jin: "Well, that can't be done, because her body...." now he realizes that it was probably burned with all other bodies in that township " not here right now and it would be difficult to show it to you. We would have to go back to the township and that is a long way. But we can do that. But first you have to tell us what happened and why you think Daymio wants you dead.
    Samurai seeing, that this is going nowhere and that he has no chance finally surrender. "I really don't know. Everything was okay and then one day, everything started to go down the hill. Members of my family were acting strange and were all suspicious that someone wants us dead. Then I thought that my father went missing but he appeared few days later. Same went for my mother and sister. In the end I wasn't able to see all of them together but only one by one. They were all frightened and scared of something and were talking about murders, assassins. They were convinced that whole township is against us, that there are secret agents or even doppelgangers everywhere trying to kill us. And all is Daymio fault he wanted fathers money, why else would he wanted to kill us?" At this moment his sight clear up a little bit. "He is the one to blame. He isn't who you think he is. He wants us all dead. They want us all dead." And he succumbs to lethargy too exhausted.
    "Jin: All right. Thank you for that. I will speak to your benefit at the court."
    Akiru: "Well he was right about the doppelgangers, but the rest is still confusing."
    Jin: "Time for the doppelganger."
    They woke him up and Jin as the leader of the group is again the main negotiator.
    Jin: "Let's see what we have here. You are sure surprised that we caught you aren't you. Well now it is time to give us some answers. And if you don't start to speak I will start to beat you. I can start with breaking your nose as a starter. So tell us, why did you killed Saikuma's family.
    Akiru whispers to Jin: "The lady told us, that they have pretty good regeneration. I don't think this will work."
    Dopp: "Che. Why would I told you. I will be released anyway."
    Akiru: "Told you."
    Jin hits doppelganger and break his nose.
    "I warned you. Now start talking because whether or not you will be released later, right now you are here with me and you are not getting away anytime soon. So again, why did you killed Saikuma's family and everybody in the town."
    Doppelgagner spits out some blood and starts talking. "Well whatever. Why I killed them. Because I like it and was hungry. First I killed and ate his father somewhere on their way. I was hungry and I felt him near so I joined him. I knew he would get me to the city to more food. Then it was just matter of time."
    At this time Jin was really confident that somebody ordered this but rest of the group were against it.
    Jin: "Were there more like you? And why did you kill all the people in village? Who told you to do it."
    Dopp laughs a little: "More of us? I alone am more than enough for this. And why I did this? Because that is what I am. I like it, I like to play with your weak minds and eat your flesh. That's how I live. You eat animals I eat you.
    Susumu: "See, that is it's normal behavior as we suspected. There is nothing behind it."
    Jin: "Ok, than we can give it at least to somebody from Koroshiaru. They will have some use for it."
    Susumu: "I will go ahead to inform our superiors that we managed to catch a living doppelganger and also the samurai."

    With this Susumu leaved and rest of the party went slowly behind him with their captives. They stayed over night in one of the previous villages. Villagers weren't happy to have one of the monster alive in center of the village but Jin promised that they will keep an eye on it so they have nothing to worry about. Next morning he saw, that the doppelganger has his nose healed. When they get to main city one of the Koroshiaru slayers was waiting for them. It was a men with not so tight clothes as the woman before him. He has a lot of little trophies around his body and a big sword on his back.
    Slayer: "Hello lads, I heard that you have some nice package for me?"
    Jin: "Yes sir. We caught doppelganger alive." And showed him the tied body.
    Slayer: "Oh nice man. Very nice. You are good. Ok give him to me, we will have some fun." He smirks.
    Jin: "Can i know sir, what are you going to do with him?"
    Slayer: "Well not that it is your business. But we could catch very few of them alive, because we don't do that, we kill them. So we are gonna examine it a little and then dissect it to know how it works. Good bye lads."
    The party is not so surprised and give him the doppelganger. The slayer just flings the doppelganger over his shoulder and goes away.

    After that, they hand in samurai and have free time until the trial. Jin talks on to samurai's behalf and with all the evidence the court is forced to confess that what happened is not all samurai's fault. But he still wasn't able to act to his samurai code and it was still his hand that killed some people. So he is stripped of all his titles and privileges and is sent to Koroshiaru to become a slayer. This is done partly because of his own appeal and the Daymio agreed on this.

    *Before this season I was wondering how to make this fight interesting and to be a challenge. At first I was thinking that the samurai would stay in building and start to sniping the party with his bow and wait for them to get closer. But then I realized that je just left the township just with the things he had on himself and he definitely had no bow so it would feel like cheating to me. I was still looking at his stats and realized that he can drop anyone to zero with one lucky strike. In the end left as it was. Just close combat with doppelganger as kind of side kick, which will run away when anything goes wrong.

    **Two handed weapon used for catching people. It ends with a broad U with little spear in the end made from metal ideal to catch limb or whole body to it. I made it as two-handed weapon with reach, with small damage but when you hit you automatically start grapple. At the beginning I was like "What the hell he wants to do with that" knowing that his opponent has pretty big strength. The he started to fight with it and my jaw dropped.

    Not knowing that Koroshiaru were all behind this the group just nicely returned their weapon to them and added little bonus to it. The doppelganger was instructed to lie if caught, which was not so hard. But the party shouldn't discover this, they are just suspicious that something about Koroshiaru is not right, but don't know what and that is what I wanted. Player of Jin appeared as really suspicious one and he surprised me, because from the hints I gave them he revealed almost correctly Koroshiaru's deception, but rest of the party hold him back so they provided good service to me here. Anyway this time, my rolls were pretty bad and party rolled very high nubmers so the fight that should be deadly for them ended up being pretty easy. But they were afraid anyway and knew that lady Luck was with them this time.

    I came up with this little journey while listening to "The speed freak" song "Devastator(Aftermath)". It is some kind of music you probably have to listen while you are under infulence of something, but the begining is ok.
    Just like it for the beginning and I imagined the samurai as he becomes the "devastator" of all the guilty people. Of course he will be brainwashed by Koroshiaru and all the guilty people won't be that guildy, but that doesn't matter. So I will see if I will be able to make him as some kind of recurring villain. At least a little bit.

    And if there will be someone who will be able to correct me on some of my grammar mistakes I would be glad. Especially the apostrophes are really tough stuff. Just send me PM. Thanks.
    Write correctly in English as non-native speaker is not so easy as talking.
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