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    d20 Fantasy Power Armor

    Armor Cost Armor Class (AC) Strength Stealth Weight
    Frame 35,000 gp 19 19 Disadvantage 130(0) lb.
    Shell 90,000 gp 20 20 Disadvantage 200(60) lb.

    Power Armor

    Power armor reduces the wearer’s speed by 10 feet an only the weight in parentheticals applies to wearer’s carrying capacity. The wearer’s strength score is equal to the score in the Strength column. Feats and abilities that apply while wearing heavy armor apply while wearing power armor as well.

    You must also be attuned to and wearing the armor’s control circlet for the armor to function correctly. You can become attuned to the circlet in the manner typical to magic items, but must also be in wearing the armor during the short rest in which you become attuned to the circlet.

    Failure to attune the circlet will cause the armor to seize in threatening or intense situations such as a combat encounter. A seizing suit of power armor reduces the wearer’s speed to 5, and imposes all the usual effects of non-proficiency with the armor in addition to preventing the use of the Dodge, Dash, and Help action.

    Frame armor

    This armor consists of a metal frame housing a complex system of hydraulic lines and actuators. The wearer buckles into the frame using a specifically designed suit of heavy mail, which has been reinforced in vital areas with substantive plating. The armor includes simple gantlets, boots, and a full helm. The frame is motivated by a control circlet worn by the operator. The circlet uses sympathetic magic to communicate to a centralized pumping system which via a series of cams and alchemically treated hoses powers the frame’s actuators.

    Shell armor

    Shell armor is similar to frame armor, but uses plate armor sections integrated directly to the frame to better protect the wearer. Additional care is used for crafting each set for a particular user to ensure a better fit and allow for more intuitive operation when compared to frame armor.


    Power armor is assumed to have existed only briefly or in very niche circumstances. As such no class has power armor proficiency by default. DMs using the optional feat rules may have characters gain the ‘power armored’ feat below to acquire proficiency, or simply grant it to characters that meet the prerequisites when they become sufficiently trained/instructed during the course of the campaign.

    Power Armored
    Prerequisite: Proficiency with heavy armor
    You have trained to master the use of power armor, gaining the following benefits:
    • Increase either your Dexterity or Constitution score by 1, to a maximum of 20
    • You gain proficiency with power armor.
    • Apologies from the designer for this incredibly boring feat.

    Sample Magic Item

    Kinetic Core
    Wondrous item, Very-rare
    A Kinetic Core is a small metal cylinder that supplements the abilities of a suit of power armor. Once installed over the power source for the armor the Kinetic Core gradually saps radiated magical energy and heat from the power source that would otherwise be lost to the environment. The core becomes charged after a long-rest; the wearer can then release the energies as a bonus action with the following effects: Each adjacent creature must make a DC 14 strength saving throw or be pushed 10 feet away from the wearer; creatures that fail the saving throw by 5 or more are also knocked prone. Creatures that make the saving throw with advantage cannot be knocked prone by this effect.
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