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    Default Class Variant: Bard of the Sublime Way

    "Only with iron will the song survive the fire."

    These are the famous last words of Eno, Dragon Chorister, survivor of the massacre at the Monastery of Tolshack. They are also the earliest words of Eno, first of the War Choristers, who stood at the vanguard of the liberation of the Adrigan province, which saw the deaths of over a hundred of Tiamat’s faithful. These words changed the very basis of what the fabled Draconic chanters stood for, forged a brand-new tradition, left an eternal legacy for all who followed in their wake – no retelling of the Legend of Eno Dragonkin is complete without them.

    So of course, there is not one bard that hasn’t heard them, and taken them to heart.

    To a bard, few things are more sacred than a good story. Be it told through song, through dance, through the pensive strains of a violin, it is precious – the most valuable currency and most treasured gift a bard may possess. But as they revere them, so too are there those that attempt to erase stories, who have some reason to want them unheard, unseen, unknown. This is unacceptable.

    In the tradition of the War Choristers, many a bard has sacrificed their prowess in song and spell to embrace the martial disciplines of the Sublime Way. With this they transition in part from tellers to participants, the subject of bardic tales as much as the reciter of them.

    First born of the infamous Death of Colour—King Thaedruin’s infamous war on artistic expression—the Bards of the Sublime Way served as guardians of art, rebelling against the tyranny that would extinguish the vibrant light of life. After the crisis ended, the martial tradition spread, as bards inspired by the tales of their fellows decided that they too wished to be as much a part of the heroic tales as the heroes they sung of.

    To this day, the Bards of the Sublime Way remain a revered collection of individuals, praised in story and etched in history.

    Bard of the Sublime Way

    Class Features

    Bards of the Sublime Way lose the ability to cast spells, or perform Countersongs or Songs of Freedom. In exchange, they gain the following abilities:

    Weapon Proficiencies: Bards of the Sublime Way are proficient with the preferred weapons of the Desert Wind, Diamond Mind, Setting Sun, Shadow Hand and White Raven disciplines.

    Skills: Bards of the Sublime Way gain Martial Lore as a class skill.

    Manoeuvres: Bards of the Sublime Way gain the ability to learn and use manoeuvres and stances with the same progression as a Swordsage. They have access to the Desert Wind, Diamond Mind, Setting Sun, Shadow Hand and White Raven disciplines. Any save DCs for manoeuvres use the bard's Charisma modifier. They can regain expended manoeuvres by making a performance that represents martial prowess, in song or dance or some other medium. This performance requires a full-round action, and refreshes a number of manoeuvres based on the result of a Perform check (to a maximum of five manoeuvres) as detailed in the table below.

    Perform Result Manoeuvres Recovered
    10-19 1
    20-29 2
    30-39 3
    40-49 4
    50+ 5

    New Feat

    Inspirational Martial Focus
    A Bard of the Sublime Way’s combat style is an art unto itself. With appropriate training, they can use this skill to empower their allies while they prepare to strike anew.
    Benefit: When using the Bard of the Sublime Way recovery method, you may use your Bardic Music ability in the same action.
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