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    Post Overwatch Classes, Tracer -theperfect25

    Slipstream Fighter

    Description: a slipstream fighter is a warrior that lives in between the moments and folds of time. Their bodies moving constantly from one point to another within their own timeline. With practice this allows a fighter to place themselves where they would be further in time and even to bend it to place themselves in slightly further positions then they could normally make. For everyone around them this looks to be spontaneous and constant teleporting.
    attribute: main attribute that a slipstream fighter uses are wisdom for saves of temporal abilities, Dex and Str for combat, and Con if you happen to get stuck in a situation you canít escape from.

    Combat:slipstream fighters are known to zip around the battlefield. Because of their usual low health they prefer attacking and running to a safe distance away from the enemy. Using their teleport to evade dangerous enemies or rough terrain.

    Attribute:A slipstream fighter requires either dexterity or Strength to hit in combat. Their fragility makes it so Constitution would not be a bad choice to have high.

    alignment: slipstream fighters generally have a chaotic nature but their are that deviate from this.

    Starting gold: 3d4x10 (average: 75gp)

    Starting age: simple

    Health: d4
    level BAB Fort Ref Will Special
    1 0 0 2 0 Time disparity, time slide
    2 1 0 3 0 Hastened combat specialization
    3 2 1 3 1 evasion
    4 3 1 4 1 Time slip
    5 3 1 4 1
    6 4 2 5 2 Improved time slide
    7 5 2 5 2 Improved Hastened combat specialization
    8 6/1 2 6 2 Time bomb
    9 6/1 3 6 3 Improved time slip
    10 7/2 3 7 3 Stuck in time
    11 8/3 3 7 3 Greater time slide, improved evasion
    12 9/4 4 8 4 Greater Hastened combat specialization
    13 9/4 4 8 4
    14 10/5 4 9 4 Greater time slip
    15 11/6/1 5 9 5 Path chosen(beginner)
    16 12/7/2 5 10 5 Master time slide
    17 12/7/2 5 10 5 Improved Time bomb
    18 13/8/3 6 11 6 Path chosen(journeyman)
    19 14/9/4 6 11 6 Lost to time
    20 15/10/5 6 12 6 Path chosen(master)

    Class skills: (4+int, x4 first level.)
    Climb, craft, diplomacy, jump, listen, spot, move silently, survivor, knowledge planes, knowledge arcana or religion, profession.

    Main class features

    Weapon and Armor Proficiency
    A Slipstream Fighter is proficient with all simple and martial weapons, and with light armor.

    Time disparity:
    A slipstream fighter's body doesn't move through time the same way others do. Through time lapsing magic, their body no longer obeys the basic forms of time. This comes at a cost though, whenever a slipstream fighter is below 1/4 of their total hp, the magic in their body becomes unstable and begins to fade in and out of their current time stream. At the beginning of every round the slipstream is below 1/4 of their total hp roll a d20. If the results is a 11-20 nothing happens. on a 1-10 their bodies begin to fade from reality, all damage taken as well as all damage dealt is reduced by half.

    time slide
    Starting at level 1, A slipstream fighter may control their connection with the magic within them to propel themselves forward in time. Once every round the character may propel themselves forward in a miniature teleport. The teleport is equal to 10 feet and can be used horizontally and not vertically.

    Hastened combat specialization
    At level 2 a slipstream fighter may specialize into a form of melee or ranged combat. Choosing either melee or a ranged specialization sets what abilities the slipstream fighter gains. Choosing melee specialization gives the two weapon fighting feat to the slipstream fighter, regardless if they meet the prerequisites. Choosing ranged specialization gives the rapid fire feat to the slipstream fighter, regardless if they meet the prerequisites. when they choose a specialization, the slipstream fighter gains the dodge feat as well.

    Starting at level 3 a slipstream fighter has learned to use their powers to evade oncoming dangers, gaining the evasion ability. Whenever a slipstream fighter rolls a reflex save for half damage and succeeds on the check, they instead take no damage.

    Time slip
    Starting at level 4 a Slipstream fighter may force their own bodies to be enveloped in their own magical energy. Doing so transfers their body to a previous location they had recently pass through. This ability is taxing on the magical powers in their body and such may be used only once every 2d6 rounds. Whenever they use this ability with a full round action, the slipstream fighter instantly teleport to a designated location that they had passed through the previous round.

    Improved Hastened combat specialization
    At level 7 a slipstream fighter further specializes in their form of combat, as well as gaining the mobility feat the slipstream fighter gains further specialization depending on what they have chosen before. Melee specialization gain the spring attack feat regardless if they meet the prerequisites. ranged specialization gains the shot on the run feat regardless if they meet the prerequisites.

    Improved time slide
    Starting at level 6, a slipstream fighter has gained further proficiency in their ability to slide themselves between time with their inner magic. The range of a slipstream fighters time slide ability is increased to 20ft. The slipstream fighter has also learned how to further burst their magic to perform additional time slides a day. once per day/ two levels, the slipstream fighter may make an additional time slide in a round. This additional jump may be used any amount of times in a round as long as you have leftover uses per day.

    Time bomb
    Moving through time can be dangerous as magical feedback builds within the body. At lvl8 a slipstream fighter may contain these residual effects and unleash its energy in a temporal singularity. By making either a touch attack against a target or an adjacent square they set where the time bomb will be. The square the target occupies and all adjacent 5ft squares are considered in rough terrain as time slows and begins to disrupt. At the beginning of the slipstream fighters next turn the bomb explodes dealing 1d4/2 levels of damage to all within the area effect as living creatures cells are misplaced in the temporal flow of time. A fortitude save for half damage. Dc=10+wis mod+1/2 character level. A slipstream fighter is able to perform a time bomb after they have done 4 teleports due to their own class abilities. These teleportations must have been done within 2x your level amount of rounds before the bomb is activated.

    Improved time slip
    starting at lvl 9, whenever a slipstream fighter uses their time slip ability, their magical energies further displace their body within the time stream. Whenever they are transported back to a location they were at the previous round through the time slip ability. Their HP and status condition is returned to what it was the previous round.

    Stuck in time.
    Starting at 10th level the slipstream fighterís body becomes more attuned with the flow of time, this furthering how long one could live. The expected age to go up an age category for your race is doubled, as well as the time it takes for poisons and diseases to affect the body are now doubled.

    Greater time slide
    Starting at level 11, a slipstream fighter has near mastered their time slide ability, this allowing them to teleport at a distance of 30ft instead of 20ft. They may also activate this ability in the middle of a movement action.

    Improved evasion
    This ability works like evasion, except that while the slipstream fighter still takes no damage on a successful Reflex saving throw, they also only take half damage on a failed save.

    Greater Hastened combat specialization
    At level 12 a slipstream fighters specialization has come to mastery in their own chosen art of combat. When a melee specialized slipstream fighter uses spring attack, they may choose to make a full round attack instead of a single attack during their movement. each attack must be to a different target. When a ranged specialization slipstream fighter uses shot on the run. they may choose to make a full round attack instead of a single attack during their movement, each attack occurring a -2 penalty when doing so however.

    Greater time slip
    starting at level 14 a slipstream fighter has learned how to further master their magical abilities within their body. Now whenever they activate the time slip ability, they may transport themselves to a location they had passed within 1d4 rounds instead of 1 round.

    Master time slide
    Starting at level 16, a slipstream fighter has become a master at transporting themselves with the magic within their own body. The distance they may teleport with this ability is increased to 40ft instead of 30ft as well as they may activate this ability to transport themselves vertically or diagonally

    improved time bomb
    starting at level 17 a slipstream fighter has further mastered using the damaging build up of their magical energies. the range radius of their time bomb is increased to a 10ft radius as well as the slipstream fighter may attach the bomb to a target with a touch attack. The attached target may remove the time bomb from themselves with a move equivalent action.

    Lost to time
    Starting at level 19, a slipstream fighters body is no longer effected by the perils of time. They no longer take any penalties for age as well as can never die from old age. Their body becomes completely immune to non-magical poisons and diseases and become immune to spells and abilities that effect time, such as time stop.

    Path Chosen: At level 15 a slipstream fighter may choose to specialize down a specific path. Once a path has been chosen then they will receive all of the benefits of that path at the specified level. Once a path has been chosen they may not switch paths unless they undergo a magical ritual that requires 200gp/level in supplies, which is expended during the ritual. The ritual itself only takes 24 hours, interruption of it will cause the ritual to be reset. A Slipstream fighter gains additional abilities from the path that they have chosen at the levels of 15, 18, and 20. As they progress through their understanding and power of the path that they have chosen.

    Journeyman:A slipstream who has honed the magic within their body in order to experience time at a slower pace then others. At level 15 the movement speed of a Mach Slipstream fighter is increased by +10ft as well as they may add their dexterity modifier twice to their ac bonus instead of once. This is still limited by maximum dexterity armor restrictions.
    Expert:An expert Mach slipstream fighter further increases their speed by an additional +10ft as their bodies begin to move faster and faster in real time. Whenever using a full round attack, they may count their weapons as having the speed weapon enchantment.
    Master:A Mach slipstream fighter who has mastered the Mach path chosen further increases their movement speed by an additional +10ft. As well as they may take an additional move equivalent per round as time moves slower around them.

    Different age:
    Journeyman:A slipstream fighter who uses the magic in their body to be able to experience life seeing the many possibilities time may bring. At level 15 a slipstream fighter who chooses the path of a different age may catch glimpses of the future and be able to use that information to dodge attacks. The slipstream fighter gains the uncanny dodge ability as well as gains their wisdom modifier to their ac.
    Expert:at level 18 a Slipstream fighter going down the path of a different age may use their abilities to foretell of future mistakes. The slipstream fighter may force themselves to re roll a dice equal to the wisdom modifier a day. They must use the dice roll no matter the consequence of it.
    Master: As they master their own mind, a slipstream fighter of the different age path has learned to how to perceive the world around them at a much faster pace. The slipstream fighter may choose to take 10 on any nonphysical dice roll for a skill check or a will save. As the magical energies flow within their own mind they become able to perceive past even magic anomalies. Becoming immune to all fear, Illusion, and charm effects cast on them.

    This is a class based off of the video game character Tracer from Blizzards: Overwatch. I have made a number of the characters into dnd 3.5 form, basing them mostly off of team work and tactical use on a battlefield. If you would like to see more from the overwatch cast, comment or message me. -theperfect25

    Other Overwatch classes:
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    Default Re: Overwatch Classes, Tracer -theperfect25

    Added proficiency as well as best working attributes to the class. As soon as i can add links to the other classes I will.
    Be Back In Time.
    If you want to see more of my creations or want to request one feel free to message me.
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    Default Re: Overwatch Classes, Tracer -theperfect25

    Finished reworking the class to be better formatted as well as more playable for a campaign.
    Be Back In Time.
    If you want to see more of my creations or want to request one feel free to message me.
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