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    d6 Overwatch Classes, Reaper -theperfect25

    shadowed veteran

    Description:shadowed veteran are beings of strange origin. Their bodies being mortal, but their powers of evil origin. shadowed veteran glide through the ebb and flow of the battlefield, either as untouchable ghosts or sneaky flankers. With their weapon of choice, shadowed veteran can and will be devastating fighters, destroying any who stand in the path to their goal, and stealing their enemies very souls.

    Combat:shadowed veterans are heavy hitters and difficult to pin down for a kill. A seasoned shadowed veteran faces armies only to walk away unscathed with only a sea of lifeless bodies left in his wake. They specialize with quickly hitting hard and slipping away as if a ghost. If they spill enough blood they could sustain combat for as long as they wish.

    Attribute:A shadow Veteran can use Dexterity or Strength depending on what their main tactic for combat would be. Either way, Charisma helps no matter what style they choose.

    Alignment:shadowed veterans generally are evil in alignment but their are rare occasions that a neutral or good alignment are found.

    Starting gold: 5d6x10 (average 175gp)

    Starting age:Moderate

    level BAB Fort Ref Will Special
    1 0 0 2 0 Soul points, Abyssal weaponry(shotgun, sword), reformation
    2 1 0 3 0 Shadowed Gifted Weapons
    3 2 1 3 1 shadow walk
    4 3 1 4 1 cursed soul, bonus fighter feat
    5 3 1 4 1 Abyssal Weaponry(Scythe)
    6 4 2 5 2 Wraith Form
    7 5 2 5 2 bonus fighter feat
    8 6/1 2 6 2 Death Blossom
    9 6/1 3 6 3 Abyss born weapon
    10 7/2 3 7 3
    11 8/3 3 7 3 bonus fighter feat
    12 9/4 4 8 4 Greater Wraith Form
    13 9/4 4 8 4 Abyssal Weaponry(bomb)
    14 10/5 4 9 4 Hidden in the shadows
    15 11/6/1 5 9 5 Path chosen(Journeyman)
    16 12/7/2 5 10 5 bonus fighter feat
    17 12/7/2 5 10 5 Greater Death Blossom
    18 13/8/3 6 11 6 Path chosen(Expert)
    19 14/9/4 6 11 6
    20 15/10/5 6 12 6 Path chosen(Master)
    Class Skills: (6+int, x4 first level)
    Bluff, Decipher Script, Disable Device, Escape Artist, Gather Information, Hide, Intimidate, Knowledge Local, Move Silently, Search, Sense Motive, Spot, Tumble.

    Main class features

    Weapon and Armor Proficiency
    A Shadowed veteran is proficient with all simple and martial weapons, as well as all light and medium armor. They are automatically proficient with abyssal weaponry provided by this class.

    Soul points: Starting at level 1 a shadowed veteran learns to feed from the life energies of others. Absorbing small fragments of other's life force whenever they strike other living creatures with their abyssal weaponry. For every 3 points of damage the shadowed veteran deals with their Abyssal weaponry they gain 1 soul point to use as they wish. Whenever an Abyssal weapon is used to bring a living sentient creature to their death, they receive an additional 10 soul points These soul points are cumulative towards one another, however as time passes the additional life force is extinguished. A Shadowed Veteran may only keep new soul points for 1 hour until they are lost. These points may be used to activate a shadowed veterans abilities.

    Abyssal weaponry:Starting at level 1 a shadowed veteran may control the dark energies within their body to form weaponry for them to use. At level 1 they may use the energies within themselves to form a shadowed shotgun or long blade. Creating these weapons acts as if drawing a weapon, forming immediately to the location on their body that they wish. Discarding a weapon formed in this way immediately disperses it in a puff of negative energy which is absorbed back into the body.

    at level 1 a shadowed veteran may manifesting your energies into the form of a short range blasting compact crossbow that shoots a loud blast of negative energy in the form of small solid pellets. The weapon deals 2d4 piercing damage, crit 19--20 x2, with a range of 20ft. Whenever these weapons are summoned they come fully loaded with their ammunition, however due to their demonic nature may only ever hold 4 ammunition at once(reloading requires a full round action). Due to the impracticality of reloading the weapon, some shadowed veterans prefer to simply discard their weapon to the side when they have used up the ammo inside their weapons, having the ability to summon another whenever they wish.

    At level 1, another weapon a shadowed veteran may manifest is a long curved blade of physical shadow. The sword itself is as strong as steel and always razor sharp. The sword itself deals 1d8 damage, crit 19-20 x3. Every swing with the sword is silent and makes no noise.

    reformation: Starting at level 1 A shadowed veteran can consume the life forces they have collected to their their bodies of physical wounds. With a move equivalent action they may spend any amount of soul points that they have collected to heal themselves at a rate of 1 soul point for every 1 health point healed.

    Shadowed Gifted Weapons: Starting at level 2 and every 3 levels afterwards, a Shadowed Veteran's Abyssal weapons gain a cumulative +1 Enchantment bonus. This bonus only effects Abyssal weapons that they summon, and they themselves use.

    Shadow Walk: Starting at level 3 A shadowed Veteran may envelope themselves in shadows and use their dark energies to appear in another location of their choice. With a move equivalent action and by spending soul points equal to 1 soul point per 5ft, they may designate a square within sight to which you will teleport to in the following round.

    Cursed soul: Starting at level 4 a shadowed veteran may begin to pull life energies from their own soul to power themselves. Doing so however pulls a great strain on them and may only safely pull total amount of soul points from themselves equaling their shadowed veteran level x charisma modifier per day. A Shadowed Veteran may use this ability as a swift action.

    Abyssal Weaponry(Scythe): Starting at level 5 a Shadowed Veteran may now Materialize a shadowed scythe made from negative energy. It is considered a two-handed slashing weapon that deals 2d4 damage, Crit of 20 x4.

    Wraith Form: Starting at level 6 a shadowed veteran may use the energies they hold in reserve to unravel their physical body temporarily. Doing so turns their body incorporeal, able to move around the world as an insubstantial shadowy mist. their material armor (including natural armor) becomes worthless, though their size, Dexterity, deflection bonuses, and armor bonuses from force effects still apply to them. the Shadowed Veteran also gains a damage reduction equal to 10/magic and becomes immune to poisons and critical hits.
    A Shadowed veteran in their wraith form can not run, but they may fly at a speed of 20 feet (maneuverability perfect). They may pass through small holes or narrow openings, even mere cracks, with all they are wearing or holding in their hands, as long as they assume the Wraith form. A shadowed Veteran may bring themselves into their wraith form with a standard action and 10 soul points. They may stay in this form as long as they spend 10 soul points, in order for them to stay in their wraith form they must spend an additional 10 points or immediately exit out of their wraith form.

    Deaths Blossom: Starting at level 8 a Shadowed Veteran gains their ultimate ability, a devastating art known as a Death Blossom. With a full round action and by spending 50 soul points you may initiate a Death Blossom. When activated you summon the negative energy within your body to summon multitudes of any Abyssal weapon you have access to. These weapons swirl and attack in all directions. When activating this ability the Shadowed Veteran may perform a full round attack against all within the weapons of you. when performing the full round attack you will roll the attacks for your weapon and then compare them to all of your targets, one roll for all targets per attack. you may spend 25 soul points to continue a Death blossom to the next round, as well as make a 15ft free movement. This may be continued as long as you have enough soul points.

    Abyss born weapons: Starting at level 9, Whenever a Shadowed Veteran summons their weapon they may also consume 5 soul points while doing so. If they consume these points the weapon of their choice gains an Abyssal ability depending on the weapon.

    Abyssal shotguns: Whenever the weapon deals damage, their dice now explode in damage. Whenever a dice rolls their maximum number, you may re roll and add the result, repeating if necessary. (Example: while rolling 2d4 I roll a 2, and a 4. I re roll the 4 and get a 3. adding the results I deal 2+4+3=9 damage with my weapon.)

    Abyssal long blade: The blade is near invisible when summoned a dc spot check equal to 10+Shadowed Veteran's sleight of hand skill+d20 to notice that the blade is their. If they the target does not notice the blade, they are considered flat-footed for their attacks. After every attack the target gains a +2 misc bonus to their spot, as their blood begins to cover the blade.

    Abyssal Scythe: This Scythe will gain a more shadowed ethereal appearance and gain Ghost touch ability. While a Shadowed Veteran uses the Scythe, they may gain soul points when attacking undead, but at a rate of 5 damage per 1 soul point.

    Greater Wraith Form: starting at level 12 The dark energy that ripples within a Shadowed veteran senses when they are close to death. Whenever they are about to reach below 0 health points or below from a single attack and have 10 or more soul points. they immediately assume wraith form and retain 1 hp. When Wraith form is activated due to this ability all soul points are consumed as well as the duration is equal to 1 round per 5 soul points consumed.

    Abyssal weaponry(bomb): Starting at level 13 you gain access to the shadow bomb weapon. Unlike other Abyssal weaponry, the shadow bomb may not be used with death blossom as well as requires soul points to create. A shadow bomb is ranged throwing splash weapon with a ranged increment of 15ft, Treat using the weapon as a ranged touch attack. With a direct hit on a target it deals a d6 negative energy damage for every 5 soul points spent. You may never deal more dice damage then half your level.(EX: at level 14 you may deal a max of 7d6 damage.) All creatures 5ft from the hit target will also be dealt half the weapons damage,reflex 10+1/2 Shadowed Veteran Level+Chr modifier to avoid splash damage.

    When using their Abyss born weapon ability on the shadow grenades, those damaged by the attack are unable to move from their location from one round as the souls used to create the bomb grab a hold of and anchor them to their location. A fortitude save equal to 10+1/2 Shadowed Veteran level+ Chr modifier +1/5 soul points spent on the bomb(not including the Abyss born weapon ability.) will negate this effect on the target.

    Hidden in the shadows: Starting at level 14 a Shadowed veteran may consider themselves always hiding while in shadows. When in a dimly lit area they are always considered taking 10 on all hide checks. When hiding they may consume soul points to gain a temporary hide and move silently bonus to their checks for 5 rounds. This is at a rate of 3 soul points per +1 bonus gained.

    Greater Death Blossom: Starting at level 17, whenever a Shadowed Veteran initiates a Deaths blossom they no longer effect allies within range. As well as they may no expend double the normal amount of soul points that they would spend for a Death blossom to have all damage done by their attacks deal negative energy damage and be considered touch attacks.

    Path's Chosen
    At level 15 a Shadowed veteran may choose to specialize down a specific path. Once a path has been chosen then they will receive all of the benefits of that path at the specified level. Once a path has been chosen they may not switch paths unless they undergo a Abyssal ritual that requires 100gp/level in supplies, which is expended during the ritual. The ritual itself only takes 24 hours, interruption of it will cause the ritual to be reset. A Shadowed Veteran gains additional abilities from the path that they have chosen at the levels of 15, 18, and 20, As they progress through their understanding and power of the path that they have chosen.

    Knight of Nevermore
    Journeyman: A Knight of Nevermore is one who embraces the shadows all around them. Using them to protect themselves as well as those around them. At level 15, whenever a shadowed veteran activates Death Blossom Crow like shadows Envelope the area of effect, giving all within it, including the Shadowed Veteran 50% concealment from all ranged attacks. As well as the Death blossom's area of effect is now considered rough terrain for all enemies. This effect can be negated temporarily by a sunlight spell or bathing the entire area in bright light.
    Expert: Though they may stick to shadows, a Knight of Nevermore does so protecting their allies. When activating their Wraith form a shadowed Veteran may bring up to 1 ally/2 shadowed Veteran levels with them. When exiting Wraith form, all allies appear within 5ft of one another.
    Master: A master Knight of Nevermore no longer needs to activate Death Blossom to envelope the area with shadows. By consuming 10 soul points per round, as a free action all within 30ft is covered and consumed by writhing an moving shadow. Giving all allies 50% concealment towards ranged attack, considering the area as rough terrain for all movement. As well as giving all allies an additional 20% concealment towards all forms of attack.

    Plague doctor
    Journeyman: A Shadowed Veteran that chooses the path of a plague doctor experiments with the use of alchemical recipes, infusing their own dark energies with the knowledge they learn. At Level 15 A Plague Doctor gains Craft(Alchemy), Appraise, and use magic devise as class skills. As well as because of the experimentation with their own energies, they may now add +1 acid damage to all of their attacks with Abyssal weaponry.
    Expert: An expert Plague Doctor has learned to use their bodies as a conduit for their alchemy. Learning to become immune to all poisons and diseases, both mundane and magical. As well as the strength of their bond to alchemy gives them the heal skill as a class ability and their abyssal weaponry now deal +2 acid damage per attack.
    Master: A Master Plague doctor uses the power of Alchemy to sustain their own bodies. In their most devastating action, the Death Blossom, they may absorb the decaying matter that their acid damage deals and heal from it. While Performing a Death Blossom, a shadowed Veteran may now heal damage equal to the amount of acid damage others take.

    Head Hunter
    Journeyman:A Head Hunter is a shadowed veteran that has become so malicious towards killing and consuming their souls that their own body begins to become corrupted in their journey to kill more and more. At level 15 the shadowed Veteran gains the Undead Template as well as gains additional Health points per level equal to their Charisma Modifier instead of their constitution. Their bodies radiating an aura of evil equal to their level and now gaining 20 soul points whenever they are to kill a living target.
    Expert:True to their name, A Head Hunter has Learned to transform their Abyssal weapons to a true decapitator. At level 18, a shadowed Veteran gains access to an obsidian two handed long axe. This Razor sharp Axe deals 2d8 slashing damage crit 19-20 x3. When activating their Abyss born weapon ability, the Long axe gains the Vorpal ability.
    Master: A Master Head Hunter consumes the souls of others for with deft brutality and precision. In doing so they have learned to harness the dark energies within themselves to create their own steed to ride into battle on. As a full round action a Master Head Hunter may create a shadowed Nightmare mount for them to ride in. This mount has a total of 1/2 the health points as the Shadowed Veteran and may be commanded mentally by the one who created the mount. The Mount in fact is not a sentient creature but is an extension of the Shadowed Veteran, because of this a Shadowed head hunter gains no penalties while riding the Nightmare and may act and do all actions as if they were not riding a mount.

    This is a class based off of the video game character Reaper from Blizzards: Overwatch. I have made a number of the characters into dnd 3.5 form, basing them mostly off of team work and tactical use on a battlefield. If you would like to see more from the overwatch cast, comment or message me. -theperfect25

    Other Overwatch classes:
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    Default Re: Overwatch Classes, Reaper -theperfect25

    Added proficiency as well as best working attributes to the class. As soon as i can add links to the other classes I will.
    Be Back In Time.
    If you want to see more of my creations or want to request one feel free to message me.
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    Post Re: Overwatch Classes, Reaper -theperfect25

    Finished Version 2 of the Shadowed Veteran.
    -Cleaned up a lot of wording and formating
    -Added Abyssal weapon ability more refined as well as became more relevant later level
    -Significantly changed path chosen abilities and routes.
    -gave the abyssal weapons of bomb, scythe, and axe for more variety.
    -gave another ability to use soul points on as well as make weapons more effective. for using them
    -Gave the hidden in shadows ability to make more stealthier.
    Be Back In Time.
    If you want to see more of my creations or want to request one feel free to message me.
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