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    d6 Overwatch Classes, Pharah -theperfect25

    Aerial Artillery

    Description: Their are those in the world that wish to see it from the sky. Their are those in the world that wish to combat their enemies from afar with destructive force. Either through magical aptitude or avian technology, these two views are combined to create the Aerial Artillery. Individuals not afraid to soar the skies and bring death from above.

    Combat: Aerial Artillery are adept at weaving in and out of the air. constantly landing and soaring into the air to avoid direct combat with the enemies. While in the air they maintain good control over damaging and even separating groups of enemies that are together.

    Attribute:An aerial Artillery requires a good Dexterity in order to hit their target more accurately, Constitution to stay in the fight longer, as well as Wisdom to keep their Aim strong.

    Alignment: An Aerial Artillery is generally lawful in alignment, working with the allies and governments to fully employ their abilities. Other alignments are available.

    Starting gold: 4d6x10 (average 140 gold)

    Starting age: any

    Health: d8
    level BAB Fort Ref Will Special
    1 1 0 2 0 Rocket Jet, Rocket blaster
    2 2 0 3 0 ump jet
    3 3 1 3 1 Bonus fighter feat
    4 4 1 4 1
    5 5 1 4 1 Concussive Blast
    6 6/1 2 5 2 bonus fighter feat
    7 7/2 2 5 2
    8 8/3 2 6 2 Rocket Barrage
    9 9/4 3 6 3
    10 10/5 3 7 3
    11 11/6/1 3 7 3
    12 12/7/2 4 8 4
    13 13/8/3 4 8 4
    14 14/9/4 4 9 4
    15 15/10/5 5 9 5 Path's Chosen
    16 16/11/6/1 5 10 5
    17 17/12/7/2 5 10 5
    18 18/13/8/3 6 11 6 bonus fighter feat
    19 19/14/9/4 6 11 6
    20 20/15/10/5 6 12 6
    Class skills: (4+int, x4 first lvl.)
    Climb, Craft, Heal, Intimidate, jump, knowledge(architecture, geography, mechanics), listen, search, sense motive, spot, survival, tumble, use rope

    Main class features

    Weapon and Armor Proficiency
    The Aerial Artillery is proficient with all simple and martial weapons as well as their Rocket blaster. They are also proficient with all light armor and shields.

    Rocket jet
    -Lvl 1. Either through Modified rockets supply on an Aerial Artilleries side and back, or through specilized magic, a Aerial Artillery may is always considered under a constant modified feather fall effect. Whenever they are falling they may activate this ability and instead fall at a rate of 10ft a round. While they retain this ability, it allows them to take no fall damage. This ability may be toggled on and off as a free action.
    -Lvl 6. While falling you may control your descent, gaining a free 10ft move a round while falling

    Jump Jet
    -Lvl 2. As a move equivalent action a character with this class may overcharge their rocket jets to propel themselves upwards. The distance you move upwards is equal to 10ft+10ft/2 levels. This ability may be used once every 1d12+1 rounds
    -Lvl 7. 1d8+1
    -Lvl 12. 1d4+1

    Concussive Blast
    -Lvl 5. When activating your rocket blast you may choose to forego all damage to to instead perform a ranged bull rush attack targeting all targets friendly or foe around the targeted square.
    -Lvl 9. Gain a +4 range bullrush

    Rocket blaster
    / ranged single shot blaster 2d8 crit 20x3 range 100ft
    -Lvl 1. This weapon is a specialized explosive blaster that gains its energy from the rocket jets on their back, or through the innate magical energy within them. To fire the weapon costs a move equivalent action, firing a single shot at your highest base attack bonus. The attack is a ranged splash attack, if you hit the target they take full damage and all within 5ft of the target take half damage. Reflex for no damage from splash. (dc =damage). Damage increases as the Aerial Artillery Level and learn to better harness the energy at their disposal.
    -Lvl 4. 3d8
    -Lvl 7. Add wis to damage
    -Lvl 10. 4d8
    -Lvl 13. Add Dex to damage
    -Lvl 16. 5d8

    Rocket Barrage
    Lvl 8. The Rocket Barrage is the ultimate attack for an aerial artillery, while in the air they may declare a rocket barrage. You will select a 10x10ft area and by bringing your rocket jets to overdrive begin to fire a storm of energy bolts. Since your jet is on overdrive you do not fall 10ft per round as normal. This ability lasts a total of 3 rounds with the damaging varying each round. Once activated the Rocket Barrage cannot be deactivated until finished. Reflex for half damage (dc 10+wis)
    Round one -Barrage does base rocket blaster damage to all within the area
    Round two -Barrage deals a d6 damage per level to all within area as well as the aerial Artillery may move the area of effect by 5ft in any direction.
    Round three - Barrage deals d8 damage per level to all within area as well as move the area of effect by 5 ft in any direction.
    Once the Rocket barrage has been completed they may not use any class ability except for Rocket Jet for 1d4 rounds.
    -Lvl 12. Rocket Barrage changes its range to 15ft aoe
    -Lvl 17. Rocket Barrage may have a 10ft movement of aoe while using rocket barrage instead of 5ft.

    Path's Chosen
    -At level 15 a Aerial Artillery may choose to specialize down a specific path. Once a path has been chosen then they will receive all of the benefits of that path at the specified level.

    -Lvl 15. When shooting your rocket blaster you gain an additional +1d8 electric damage
    -Lvl 18. May choose to substitute all damage from rocket barrage as electric damage and if doing so increase the range of aoe by 5ft
    -Lvl 20. +2d8 electric damage instead of +1d8 for blaster

    -Lvl 15. Movement while doing rocket barrage increases by 10ft per round
    -Lvl 18. Movement while doing rocket barrage increases by an additional 10ft per round
    -Lvl 20. May use their rocket blaster as an attack during a full round attack, but at a -5 attack penalty

    Watcher in the sky
    -Lvl 15. While in the sky you may focus for a concentrated blast. You may spend a move action while in the air to focus on a single target. You may then roll a spot check versus their ac. For every 5 points above their ac that you make you may gain a +1d8 damage and +2 attack bonus from your next Rocket blast.
    -Lvl 18. Gain +5 spot
    -Lvl 20. you gain uncanny dodge as well as +5 spot

    This is a class based off of the video game character Pharah from Blizzards: Overwatch. I have made a number of the characters into dnd 3.5 form, basing them mostly off of team work and tactical use on a battlefield. If you would like to see more from the overwatch cast, comment or message me. -theperfect25

    Other Overwatch classes:
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    Default Re: Overwatch Classes, Pharah -theperfect25

    Added proficiencies, descriptions, and general info. As soon as i can add links to the other classes I will.
    Be Back In Time.
    If you want to see more of my creations or want to request one feel free to message me.
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