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    Default Druid True Ritual - Dawn Racerís Swiftness

    Could I please get some feed back on my two questions about balancing this?

    I based this primarily on the true ritual rules for Relics and Rituals, with some modifications. As far as I can tell, the rituals from that book have no consequence for a failed attempt and no risk of failure other that enemies disrupting the ritual. I am adding these risks partially for flavor, and partially in hopes that they will offset the need for high XP costs that the book called for.

    I envision an organization that successfully completes this ritual every year in the leadup to the winter solstice (making multiple attempts as necessary.

    What should the DC for the wisdom checks should be? It needs to be high enough that the failure effect provides actual risk, while being low enough that a group of 5th and 6th level druids could reasonably be expected to succeed at least once in seven attempts. Keep in mind that it can only be successfully completed a maximum of 3 times per year due to cool down...

    Also do I need an XP cost, and if so how high?

    Dawn Racerís Swiftness
    Level: True Ritual Ė Druid 5
    Components: V, S, M, DF
    Casters Required: 6-12
    Proxy: Yes: 10 nature casters (druids, rangers, etc.) or 15 literate non-casting nature types (wilderness rouges, spell-less rangers, etc.) per caster
    Casting Time: 12 hours
    Range: Within the Druid Circle
    Effect: Casters (Full Effect); Proxies and all friendly creatures within the Druid Circle (Lesser Effect); intelligent creature closest to center of circle (Failure Effect)
    Duration: 12 days (Full and Lesser Affects); 4 days (Failure Effect)
    Cool Down: 4 months (Success); 24 hours (Failure); 4 days (creature experiencing the Failure Effect)
    Saving Throw: None
    Spell Resistance: No

    Sometimes the guardians and emissaries of the natural world find it of the utmost urgency that they move swiftly and stealthily in order to accomplish their objectives. This True ritual allows greater ease in accomplishing these needs if they have sufficient advanced warning.

    During the performance of this ritual, all of the casters must make a wisdom check (DC ???) if at least 2/3 of the casters succeed their check (no assists), then the ritual succeeds and grants the Full and Lesser Effects. However, if more than 1/3 of the casters fail their wisdom check, the ritual fails and some of the energy rebounds to cause the Failure affect. If the attempt is dispelled by an antimagic field or dead magic zone results in a failure without any affect, any other dispelling or disruption of the attempted ritual is treated as a failure to succeed the necessary wisdom checks.

    Success Effect
    Upon the successful completion of this spell, the casters, proxies, and all allies in the druid circle receive the benefits of the Air Walk spell and gain Darkvision if they do not already have it. Additionally, the Casters (but not proxies) gain at will invisibility, 4 uses of teleport per day, and a speed multiplier for the next 12 days. Proxies and the casters allies within the Druid circle gain a speed multiplier, concealment on any round they move at least 10 feet, and a total of 6 teleports (max 3 per day) for the next 12 days. In order to determine the speed multipliers provided by this ritual use the chart below Ė the first column is the number of casters (including virtual casters provided by proxies) participating in the ritual, the second column tells you how many d4ís to roll, while the third column tells you how many of the dice will be used. Keep the highest valued dice based on the third column and average them together; this is the speed multiplier for the casters. If the casterís speed multiplier is 1.5 or less, the proxies and allies within the druid circle receive the same speed multiplier; if the casterís speed multiplier is more than 1.5, subtract 1 divide by 2 and add one to determine the speed multiplier for the proxies and allies. (A caster modifier of 2 results in an ally modifier of 1.5; a caster modifier of 4 results in an ally modifier of 2.5).
    Casters D4ís Kept
    6-7 3 2
    8-9 4 2
    10-11 5 3
    12 6 4

    Fail Effect
    If the Ritual fails, then the sentient being closest to the center of the druid circle magically levitates 5 feet off the ground and is magically exhausted for four days. This magical exhaustion does not end and cannot be recovered from by any means until the four days have passed. The sentient being cannot benefit from or participate in any rituals for four days and must be removed from the druid circle in order for it to be used for another ritual during this time (including repeat attempts at this ritual). As this ritual allows for some variation on the position of its participants, the creature affected by the fail effect could be a randomly chosen caster or proxy, a caster of proxy designated in advance, an ally who volunteered to take the risk, a prisoner bound/caged near the center, or an enemy unfortunate enough to be standing in the wrong place when their disruption of the ritual succeeded. Using a prisoner is an evil act.

    All the other casters and proxies must wait 24 hours (including an 8 hour rest) before beginning a new attempt.

    Material Components: An offering of food, a feather, a drop of the leaderís blood (1 point damage, heals normally), and incense worth 1,000 gold pieces is used in the ritual (regardless of success/failure).
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