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    Default Miss Me a Level 2 spell PEACH

    One of my players is playing a divination wizard and is looking at creating the follow spell

    Tell me what you think of it for balance etc:

    Miss Me
    Level 2 Abjuration (wizard/sorc/warlock list)
    Duration until the end of your next turn.

    Effect causes an immediate reroll of an attack against the caster at disadvantage and all further attacks against the caster until the end of the caster's next turn to be made at disadvantage.

    Divination combat spell which is rare.
    Potentially better than shield to negate a crit.

    Thanks for any feedback.

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    Default Re: Miss Me a Level 2 spell PEACH

    I think that's fair. It's marginally better than Shield, but certainly not OP at level 2.

    It doesn't look like a divination to me, though. Abjuration, probably, or maybe enchantment if you view it like a sort of hex/charm against incoming attacks.
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    Default Re: Miss Me a Level 2 spell PEACH

    I think Divination could fit, because it basically functions as a free Dodge action (since all attacks are disadvantage until end of next turn). However, "Miss Me" doesn't lend itself well to a Divination spell. Too commanding, ya know? If you're going for snarky, you could name it I Knew You Would Do That. For something shorter, maybe call it Predicted Outcome.

    I really like "Predicted Outcome."

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    Default Re: Miss Me a Level 2 spell PEACH

    Balance is pretty good.
    I agree, divination is fine, but maybe a name more fitting to predicting future events.
    Foresee, anticipate, conject, foretell; that sort of thing. But hey, its just flavour! whatever fits your campaign.

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    smile Re: Miss Me a Level 2 spell PEACH

    Thanks all.

    Predicted Outcome sounds good. Or Something snarkier.

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