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    Default Vestige Patrons #4 - Andras, the Grey Duchess

    Your patron is Andras, once a duchess of the Nine Hells, Andras rode into battle leading the van upon any number of damned steeds as her owl-eyes pierced the ranks of her enemies. Reduced to a vestige of her former self, the only way for her to truly exist is by granting power to mortals ferocious enough to seek her name and carve her sign.

    Spell Level Spells
    1st Protection from Evil and Good, Wrathful Smite
    2nd Crown of Madness, Find Steed
    3rd Blinding Smite, Fear
    4th Confusion, Fire Shield
    5th Dispel Evil and Good, Dominate Person

    Cavalry Charger
    You gain proficiency with medium armor and shields, and with the battleaxe, halberd, lance, and longsword. You have advantage on any check or saving throw you make that would prevent you from being knocked prone or off of a mount.

    Castigating Strike
    Starting at 6th level, whenever you hit with a melee weapon attack you may expend a spell slot to deal bonus psychic damage with your attack equal to 1d6 per slot level of the expended spell slot. If you expend a spell slot and hit a Celestial or Fiend with your attack you deal 2d6 additional psychic damage to the struck creature.

    Sure Blows
    Starting at 10th level, you score a critical hit on attack rolls on a roll of 19 or 20.

    Improved Castigating Strike
    Starting at 14th level, your melee weapon attacks deal 1d6 additional psychic damage.

    Further, whenever you expend a spell slot to use your Castigating Strike feature the struck creature must succeed on a Wisdom saving throw against your spell save DC or be charmed by you for 1 minute. The creature may make a new saving throw at the end of each of its turns to remove the charmed condition, but while it remains charmed by you, you may use a bonus action on your turn to deliver one suggestion to the charmed creature as the Suggestion spell with a duration of 1 round. The charmed creature gets an additional Wisdom saving throw to resist the suggestion, but succeeding on this saving throw does not remove the charmed condition.

    Celestials and Fiends that are normally immune to the charmed condition are not immune to the effects of Improved Castigated Strike.

    Prerequisite: Warlock with a Vestige Patron
    Through your Patron and your own research, you have learned of the existence of a whole pantheon of dead gods, mysterious beings, and lost legends known collectively as Vestiges. You gain the ability to conduct a forbidden ritual to make contact with these powers beyond the fragile veil of reality and bind them to your very soul.

    • You can use the Bind Vestige ritual to replace the abilities and features granted by your Patron with those of any other Vestige Patron. This ritual requires 1 hour of concentration as if you were casting a spell and also verbal and somatic components, as well as Material components valued at 150 gold pieces each time it is performed. Each time you perform this ritual you may choose one of the spells you know and replace it with another spell of the same spell level from the Expanded Spell List offered by the Vestige you are binding yourself to.
    • You must succeed at a Charisma check in order to bind yourself to a Vestige that you have cast aside anytime within the last week. The DC of this check is up to the DM but always increases by at least 5 if you are trying to bind yourself to the Vestige you chose as your Patron at 1st level. Depending on the circumstances of the environment, the Vestige being contacted, and the nature of your plea, your DM may declare your Charisma check to be a Deception or Persuasion check, or grant the check advantage or disadvantage, at his or her wish. If your Charisma check fails, so does the ritual.
    • Whenever you are bound to your Patron Vestige you gain temporary hit points equal to your Charisma modifier. If you have at least six Warlock levels you also gain a +1 bonus to AC. If you have at least ten Warlock levels you also have advantage on saving throws made to resist being charmed, frightened, or stunned.

    Vestige Patrons #1 - Acererak, the Devourer.

    Vestige Patrons #2 - Agares, Truth Betrayed

    Vestige Patrons #3 - Amon, the Void of Compassion
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