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    Default I have a gaming Discord server now

    TL;DR- My gaming discord is here!

    So I've been working on a lot of systems lately because none of the existing ones had the flavor I liked, and the one generic system that was my go to for a decade just really borked themselves in the forums by changing the answer of the question "Hi, I have a question about how I do __________" from "Here's how I would do it:" to "Go buy this product:". That's their prerogative I guess, but it left me lacking in desire to continue dealing with them. It all started when Until Dawn came out and I set about making a horror game about the victims that wasn't a shoot-em-up. Next I decided to do a criminal sandbox based on some games from the Grand Theft Auto and Saints Row series. The Highschool Harem Comedy game by A Rainy Knight, currently being revised by AvatarVecna is a huge part of the reason I decided to go Indie (and responsible for probably the best play by post game I ever ran). That's relevant because when I found Dungeon World, I would become inspired to not just making my own PBtA hacks, but also an entire game inspired by the HSHC. It would grow and evolve past its humble origins into a monstrosity of over 100 pages, and cover subjects unrelated to Highschool and Comedy. All of that can be found on my gaming discord

    TL;DR- My gaming discord is here!
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