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    Default Question about Durokon Vs. Xykon from Start of Darkness

    From what I've read, Durokan was an epic level spell caster, like level 18 or above. Xykon may have been as strong, but lacking in tactical knowledge. So, my question is this. How could Durokan have died? I can understand if he couldn't destroy Xykon, but he had a year to prepare for that battle. Wouldn't an epic level character have a spell ready to automatically teleport him away in case of danger, or something similar? Am I making any sense? Also, the black gem that Xykon carried in his left pocket, wouldn't that have been destroyed to when Roy tossed him in the gate?

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    Default Re: Question about Durokon Vs. Xykon from Start of Darkness

    you may be better asking your questions here

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