This might be important for a variety of reasons, some of them tech-related, so I thought I should share this article. In brief, there's a growing body of evidence to recommend direct cash payments to the 3rd-world poor, recently made practical thanks to e-banking and the ubiquity of mobile devices, as the single most efficient form of charitable giving. There are also suggestions that advances in automation and AI capabilities could make a guaranteed income floor necessary in future, so an ongoing pilot study on the subject could set a precedent for large-scale public policy.

The charity in question, GiveDirectly, have raised 23.7 million out of a 30-million-dollar funding target, so if you feel inclined you can donate here. (In case you're wondering, and despite the title, data thus far suggests that roughly 0% of recipients leave the workforce.)

Note: I've messaged the mods and got a tentative go-ahead for this thread, but please don't make it unnecessarily political. I'm hoping we can all loosely agree on the importance of people-not-starving, minimising waste, and the virtue of knowing stuff.