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    Default Modern day lovecraft

    I desperately want to run a lovecraft game in modern times but I have absolutely no clue what system to use? My group so far has only ever played pathfinder so what do you all think we should try to do

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    Default Re: Modern day lovecraft

    World of Darknessseems the obvious answers. WoD has a great base game that pretty much screams about how crunchy mortals are. But, they're always working to fight the eldritch abomination, anyways. There's also a smaller system called "Delta Green" that is about a special forces unit called Delta Green which is all about fighting off the Lovecraftian horrors. I've played it myself, and it's pretty solid. It runs off of a percentile system, so that's all you really need to run a game. And, it doesn't have an experience point system, rather offering the chance to improve skills by using them. The better you get with a skill, the harder it is to level up. So

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