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    Default Magic flying monk

    Ok, bare in mind, this class is just crazy funny, not really serious, since I made this with a house rule.
    The point is to make the best spring attack design!
    My ultimate spring attack design: I call it the ‘Magic flying monk’

    level 12, 2d8+7d6+10+1d6 at 110ft a round
    level 20, 3d8+14d6+14+1d6(double damage 3/day) at 140ft a round

    your turn!

    Be a race with a spell cast ability (I chose a lowered ECL pixie)
    Get combat casting starting out
    Take monk 3.0, for evasion and bonus to hit with unarmed attacks
    Next Warlock eldritch blast 1d6, eldritch blow
    //Beg GM to say combat casting makes your concentration +4 for prestige needs
    Enlightened fist for the next ten levels, get flight invocation
    Monks belt, chasuble of fell power necklace greater (+2d6)
    So now your sixth level monk abilities does 2D8 (monk belt)
    Ninth level warlock 7d6 (chasuble)
    Mix in flyby attack feat and vuala!
    You’ve got a crazy flying monk doing 2d8+7d6+STR (+1d6) in and out attacks at level 12. Who moves 110ft a round (good flight 60ft +50ft)
    ::be out of range for most attacks, ‘mighty mouse’ in, swing, and fly out!”::
    I’ve got theories on improving:
    1. Be invisible, flatfooted AND touch attacks makes an AC 10!
    2. Arcane fist allows a touch attack spell into your full attack, so does eldritch blow. quicken SLA do a spell as a free action, eldritch glaive makes the blast last for the whole round, combine and argue your case that these essentially stack, to make your eldritch blast last for the whole round for full round attacks. ‘Chaos Flurry!’ three times a day!


    same as before, but now add quicken SLA, levels of hellfire prestige class,(don't have the book so I can't write all this out) more warlock, with bounding assault feat, expeditious retreat casted and swag to boost str damage. Could be mazimized too!
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