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    Default What's the best program

    I am looking for a program to help me construct a campaign world. Preferably something that could function on the Global, continent, regional, city, and district level. Paid is fine, though my limit is probably around $300-400. And I would only pay if it gives a distinct advantage over the various free programs out there. Online is fine, but I would prefer to have something I can work with offline. Any recommendations are welcome, but please give your opinion regarding why you think it's better than the alternatives. Thanks.

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    Default Re: What's the best program

    What do you want the program to do? Construct could mean a lot of different things in this context.

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    Default Re: What's the best program

    Are you looking for a mapping tool or a campaign management tool? For the former you could have a look at Campaign Cartographer, for the latter at Realm Works.

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