I wanted to get everyone's opinion on a new magic item. I was inspired by the Night Angel Trilogy to make the seven Kakari and was going to start with the red. After doing a bit of research about it on their wiki, this is what I have.
The Red Kakari
(Legendary item, Requires Attunement)
This glowing red orb pulses with immense power. It requires attunement by a user that has been chosen by the Kakari itself. This is usually someone who has shown some mastery over the element of fire. While attuned to this item, the user gains a +1-enhancement bonus when casting a spell or using an ability that does fire damage. (This bonus applies to any damage dealt as well as any attack rolls or save DCs required by the spell or ability.)
This item also has 10 charges which can be used to activate certain abilities (listed below). The orb regains 2d6 charges at dawn up to a maximum of 10. If at any time the orb would go above the maximum 10 charges, roll a d20. On a roll of a 20, it reveals the next ability that has not yet been unlocked.
Fangs of the Fire Snake (1 charge)- This ability functions just like the monk ability of the same name (page 81 of the PHB), but it requires no Ki points.
Scorching Ray (2 charges) *
Wall of Fire (4 charges) *
Conjure Elemental (Fire Elementals only) (5 charges) *
Fire Absorption- This item also grants the user immunity to fire damage. If a source would otherwise deal damage to the user, instead, reduce that damage to 0 and add 1/10 of it (rounded down) to the charges of this item. These additional charges cannot cause the item to go above its normal maximum of 10.
*- indicates an ability that must be unlocked.
I have it labeled as a legendary magic item because that's what I think it should be after all of it is unlocked, but before unlocking everything, I would very much label it as low as a higher powered uncommon item.