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    Default Re: 5e Adventure By Me. Yeah. II

    The big drow's first sword glances off a faintly glowing armor as the second one barely hits. Kyo lunges at the big Drow once again trying to bite it, as Jynx sends two more arrows at him.

    That's twice you attacked a spider, Lolth will be even more displeased with you and your house....(in sing song voice)I know three Drow, who are going to be dead soon.

    Spoiler: Rolls
    Kyo's Attack: Bite: (1d20+6)[21] Hit:
    (1d4+3)[7] Posion DMG DC Con Save 11If save 1/2 DMG (2d6)[4]
    Jynx's Attack 1:(1d20+3)[14] Hit: (1d8+3)[6] Hunter's Mark (1d6)[4]
    Attack 2: roll]1d20+3[/roll] Hit: (1d8+3)[6] Hunter's Mark (1d6)[4]
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    Default Re: 5e Adventure By Me. Yeah. II

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    As it seems these drow are less of a threat than Altiui expected, she focuses her energy on trying to minimize the harm the remaining one in view can do and again attempts to chill him.


    Frostbite on drow with two shortswords. DC 15 Con save or takes (2d6)[7] cold damage and disadvantage on their next weapon attack.

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    Default Re: 5e Adventure By Me. Yeah. II

    Between swipes with his hammer, Sembal issues a fierce grin and comments, "Maybe your buddy is more interested in saving his own skin, heh."

    Spoiler: mechanics
    Couple melee attacks.
    (1) (d20+7)[11] to hit, (2d6+4)[11] damage
    (2) (d20+7)[19] to hit, (2d6+4)[11] damage
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    Default Re: 5e Adventure By Me. Yeah. II

    Believing his allies can handle the remaining Drow easily enough, Garrat will move towards the area the other Drow retreated to with his driftglobe to make sure he isnít attempting to flank or sneak attack anyone.
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