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    Default Fallen (Template)

    The Fallen
    Azenrale Looked up at the sky, his face filled with loathing and longing, metallic wings gleaming in the light of the new moon.
    Fallen have been cast out of the heavens, almost never to return. As such they tend to hate the gods, and much of their time is spent foiling any plans they hear about.

    Creating A Fallen
    "Fallen" is an acquired template that can be added to any outsider with the good and angel subtypes.
    A fallen uses all the base creature’s statistics and special abilities except as noted here.

    Size and Type
    The creature’s type changes to outsider (evil, native). Do not recalculate base attack bonus, saves, or skill points.

    Armor Class
    The fallen gains a profane bonus to AC equal to its Charisma modifier.

    Special Attacks

    The fallen gains two claw attacks, a bite, and a special 'wing' attack. This represents their transformation as they are thrown to the ground. Use the below damages if the fallen does not have a natural attack. If it does use whichever is best.
    Spoiler: damage
    Size Damage
    Fine 1
    Diminutive 1d2
    Tiny 1d3
    Small 1d4
    Medium 1d6
    Large 1d8
    Huge 2d6
    Gargantuan 2d8
    Colossal 4d6

    Spoiler: Damage

    Size Damage
    Diminutive 1
    Tiny 1d2
    Small 1d3
    Medium 1d4
    Large 1d6
    Huge 1d8
    Gargantuan 2d6
    Colossal 3d6

    Wings: The fallen’s wings turn to adamantine, reducing its flight maneuverability by one step but granting it the ability to attack with these razor sharp wings.
    Spoiler: damage
    Size Damage
    Fine 1d2
    Diminutive 1d3
    Tiny 1d4
    Small 1d6
    Medium 1d8
    Large 2d6
    Huge 3d6
    Gargantuan 4d6
    Colossal 6d6

    They also gain a special attack usable only on charge attacks, allowing them to spread their wings and make a single attack to everyone adjacent along the path of the charge, or he may make a special spinning attack, dealing this damage to everyone in the path of the charge. The Fallen may move up to the usual amount of speed allowed by a charge.

    Corrupted Magic:
    The fallen’s spell like abilities that were good turn to the evil alternate, but if there is not one then they lose it. New spell like abilities: At will: Blasphemy, desecrate, protection from good, unholy blight, unholy aura. (Thanks to D&DPrinceTandem for alternate idea).

    Special Qualities
    A Fallen retains all the special qualities of the base creature and gains those described below.

    Spark of light: Fallen were once some of the highest paragons of good, and still carry some small amount of good, howerver minute, is still entwined with them. They do not suffer negative levels for wielding holy weapons etc, although they still take additional damage. Also they are immune to the effect of holy word. (Thanks again to PrinceT)

    Befouled presence: All auras of the Fallen that would normally affect evil creatures now affect good creatures.

    Holy Interdict: The fallen is barred from traveling to the upper planes, and entering holy places. The fallen can enter holy places with a DC 40 will save but can still not go to the upper planes.

    Corrupted: All spell like abilities and spells used by the Fallen are ‘corrupted’. They gain the evil descriptor, and if they deal damage half is unholy (round down).

    Increase from the base creature as follows: Cha +4

    Fallen have a +8 racial bonus on Bluff, Hide, Move Silently, Sense Motive, and listen checks. Otherwise same as the base creature.

    Fallen gain Dark speech, Combat Reflexes, evil brand, vile natural attack, and Lightning Reflexes, assuming the base creature meets the prerequisites and doesn’t already have these feats.

    Any besides upper planes

    Challenge Rating
    Same as the base creature +3

    Always evil (any).

    By character class, fallen can no longer progress to higher angel types.
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    Default Re: Fallen (Template)

    Well in common lore you are not far off in you assumptions, though i would get rid of the claws. Instead i would give them these abilities

    At/will read thoughts

    [>they are usually portrayed like this in books<]

    Indus thoughts: whenever a fallen reads the thoughts of another being it gains the ability to change upcoming events when. They can even erase memory all together. With this ability to creature is entitled to a will save dc 10+hd+cha or loose/get replaced one specific memory of a creature. This memory could not have been older than 24 hours. The spesics are down to the dm[or the player if the dm is crazy enough to allow the Template for characters]

    Evil expectations: Fallen are evil but were once perfect beings of light, therefore they do not gain any negative effects due to there alignment when stuck with or wielding good aligned weapons

    Accursed Magic: Sla that were intentionally good change to evil [desicrate = consecrate/Unhallow=hallow/ esc.]

    If this helps let me know.
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    Default Re: Fallen (Template)

    I liked your last two suggestions best, worked accursed magic into the pre-existing spell likes and the evil expectations into spark of light. I felt the thoughts worked best into a devil, but then I hold devils seperate from the fallen in my campaign (if they want to become one have to journey to hell, and be initiated by an actual devil, then they aquire some more devilish traits). Of course if most people are going to play as if they are straight out devils, then it would fit… not sure whether to add that… after all at that point it gets closer to the fallen template in book of fiends…
    Homebrew: If it is mine feel free to PEACH and/or use it.

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    Well, it seems that life has deposited me here, yet again. Hopefully this time I get to stay a while, as I intend on revising some old homebrew.

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